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    File:Id by kidavi.jpg
    The whore herself. With a chin that rivals Pixyteri

    Kidavi, also known as Metanomoly, Fuckyes/Forcryingoutloud or Jesus christ, will you just fucking kill yourself already, is a famous Tartlet who whores herself out on DeviantART, Livejournal, y!Gallery, and her own personal site, for extra lulz. She like to put rude words in her aliases, because she so dark and edgy. And if you're offended by this, you're just a close-minded hater with no life. Like any other lulzy Tartlet, Kidavi draws in Animu style, kisses up to the popular kids, does anything for attention, and of course responds to critique extremely well. Oh, and remember gaiz. It's her style.

    How the fuck can she not draw anatomy when there's a fucking artist's dummy right next to her

    Popularity Leech

    Kidavi- oops. I mean Metanomonolopoly has a tendency to leech off the popularity of others. She enters whatever fandom is currently going to get her the most attenshun at the time, and has to rape it. She can't just enter it. She beats it like a dead horse and squeezes every last drop of praise, asspats, and love out of it until it is nothing but a small shriveled pile of shit on the pile of old, soggy trends.

    File:39785 10150233208110594 515135593 13853351 3707275 n.jpg
    Because she couldn't just, you know, thank her on MSN. She has to let the world know she's friends with the most popular artist in the fandom.

    This however has backfired on her, more than once. Last Thursday when she was EVER1 LOOKIT MAI ART NOW WATCH ME DRAW I R SO AMYZING11111desu Livestreaming, she decided she would stop drawing, and let everyone know she was talking to Doubleleaf (arguably the most popular artist in the fandom) on MSN. Her entire chatbox shat itself, comments blasted at her left and right, faster than her tiny Azn eyes could handle, asking her to talk to Doubleleaf for them. This resulted in everyone getting the Ban Hammer, but not before saying "uhh don't tell me what to say to my friend", and promptly shutting off the Stream without warning.

    Kidavi, on being a total fucking hypocrite


    Waaa!!! You're all so mean!!!11

    Unless you're constantly giving her praise and asspats, you're doing it wrong. Kidavi is such an amazing, talented artist, with an incredible grasp on anatomy, color theory, perspective, and other crap, that you don't dare critique her, lest she send her rabid fans after you.

    So, I suppose -as human beings- we naturally like to float towards those that remind us most like how we view ourselves. Whether this be age, talent, economic stand point, sexual orientation, or situational context, we always seem to filter ourselves into clicks.

    This seems to be no different in fandoms. Especially popular fandoms.

    You have your clicks that feel that the fandom's going downhill because it's becoming popular and that -in some way- THEY'RE more important because they were 'the first ones'.

    Kinda like those that say 'I loved Leonardo da Vinci before Assassin's Creed II'. Well, that's nice : P Just don't judge those that happen to love Ubisoft's recreation of Leonardo da Vinci more than that fugly portrait he did of himself so many years ago.

    This click relates to artists and authors. Those few that wrote and drew for a small fandom, only to see it explode around them. They'd naturally gravitate towards each other instead of mixing with the 'newbies' that they deem immature and incapable of understanding their position. They're 'not worth the time'.

    And thus their art and stories are put on display for the budding fandom to see, but they keep to themselves, basking in the glow given off by their admirers without respecting them. It's a click that I most despise.

    When one reaches a level within a fandom that's almost legendary -when one's art and words are recognizable without a name being on the picture- I believe that one assumes a responsibility to the admirers to make one's self available, to a certain degree.

    And... that's all I'm gonna say. Also... if I ever become so popular that I shut certain people out, I want someone near to me to give me a good shake and let me realize it. I never want to shut out those that made me what I am. I love all of my viewers/watchers, even if I have only a few <3 <3

    I'll never belittle any of you.


    —ToshiyaNeko, on Truth

    Don't you dare critique me! About missing Pics
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    Oh great. She's also a Jew

    The note that started it all
    It wasn't my fault u gaiz!!1

    As if it couldn't get any worse amirite? Well you're wrong! Kiderpi is not only all of the above, but she's also a Jew folks! She decided to make a flash doll of Ezio and accept donashuns in order for her to add other outfits. What a cunt. She doesn't seem to understand that this really isn't how art works. One does not upload an unfinished piece and say "it won't be finished until you give me money"- but she did it, only to have someone report her directly to Ubisoft. Oh the lulz. Never has a bigger brick been shat, she promptly bawwwleted it, and refunded those who donated, followed up by a tl;dr journal filled with bawws and her blaming it on her having a hard life. Quick! Someone call the waaaaambulance. But it doesn't stop there. Her fans quickly rushed to the side of their fallen queen. Assuring her it was OK, and that whoever did it was a total baka desu and had no right as she wasn't doing anything wrong. Shockingly, none of them seem to understand the concept of copyrights. Because making money off of copyrighted characters is, you know. Against the law. But it doesn't matter, because she has over 100,000 pageviews!!


    I realized something about myself. Chances are much higher for your request to be filled if it's kinky / smutty / filthy / sexy.



    —I'm sure your husband loves you

    x_x I am not into incest between the brothers OTL



    —But Great Grandfather incest is awwwwwright!

    I mostly draw super lame video game fanart and make dumb little graphics for DA use.



    —No one else is allowed to say that though. Nope.

    Fan Art

    Drawn by her dedicated fans About missing Pics
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    Lulzy Sreencaps

    It just keeps getting better About missing Pics
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