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    Kibble is yet another dog-fucking, child raping furfag residing in Perrysburg, Ohio. He's best known for starting shitstorms of drama due to his inability to tell the truth and sleeping around with basically anyone who will have him. He lives in his own little fantasy world where dog-fucking is okay. Did we mention he fucks dogs?


    Criminal Record

    Kibble's story behind his criminal record is that it was all a frame job, because everyone knows that kibble is such an honest person! he was originally charged with one count of pander material involving a minor because apparently he'd had a bad break up with an ex who put a kiddie porn pic on his laptop and called the police. OR some have also heard him say it was a feud with a lesbian couple whom he let borrow the laptop, and they were the ones who planted the kiddie porn and called the cops. AND THEN he states that the reason the CP was planted was because someone got upset at him for having cub art on his computer. Regardless, according to Ohio state law, you don't get put on the sex offender registry for ONE COUNT of child pornography, yet, there he is! Because it's actually SEVEN.

    You heard it here!

    The story gets better and better when apparently he was placed on probation with community service for the CP charge, he decided to leave the state and fuck goats or visit an ex or something like that, and was caught and placed on house arrest. He then proceeded to take a picture of his ankle bracelet and post his butthurt on FA. (the picture was later removed from his gallery before he was banned from FA).

    I swears massa! i ain'ta goin nowhurr!!

    THEN after his 90 days house arrest was up, a "friend and former coworker" came to Kibble to ask if he could store some car parts in his garage because his business had just gone under. It turns out the car parts were stolen and the friend ratted him out for holding the stolen property for him, getting our dear animal unfer 18 months in prison.

    Upon release from prison, Kibble was placed on probation, though he still made frequent trips to other states to screw around with other furfags and fagettes, smoking pot, and drinking without ever being caught. How did he accomplish this? by telling his family he was staying at a friend's and just not telling his probation officer anything. How do you know for sure he left the state? the dumbass registered for several cons he had attended that were located outside of Ohio while still under probation, including Anthrocon (pedo-con) and Furry Connection North (drunkfurfag-con).

    File:Kibble ac.JPG
    Pittsburgh is part of Ohio now, is it?

    Isn't it funny that whenever being a registered sex offender is brought up he denies it, and then when someone shows him the page with his name on it on the Ohio Sex Offender Registry he changes his story? Something about getting his record wiped clean because he says he didn't do it? Is he SERIOUS?!

    File:Sex registry.JPG
    so -not- true!!


    When Kibble was arrested for kiddie porn, he states that the police confiscated all of his computer hardware, CDs, DVDs, flash drives, the whole bit. Since Kibble is a furfag, he had tons of fur pronz on his hard drive just like every other fur so his computer crap was turned over to the Humane Society where he was investigated by, according to him, the same people who had investigated Michael Vick at a later date.

    After two long weeks of investigation, the Humane Society gave back all of his computer stuff because they couldn't find a way to charge him for beastiality even though he had pictures of himself engaged in acts of not only dog-fucking, but plush-fucking and even goat-fucking on his computer. These pictures were also shown to his parents who promptly took the dog he then owned from him and sold him away.

    Upon returning from his stint in prison, he somehow convinced his family that he was cured of his dirty, sinful animal humping, which in turn got him an -intact- malamute husky that his parents let him keep in his room where he could do whatever he wanted with the animal while still maintaining to his family that he was cured and bragging about all the hot dog lovins he was getting to his furfag friends.

    Bestiality is not illegal in the state of Ohio neither is having images pertaining to it where as most states its illegal to even have cartoon images coughs*furart*coughs of the act of an animal in gauged in sex with a human or human type creature. So it's perfectly legal to do as you wish in Ohio with an animal so long as you are causing physical harm/pain/damage to the animal. -Probably Kibble Himself


    If it's not illegal where he's from, why does he keep insisting that he doesn't fuck dogs unless he's ashamed or afraid of getting in trouble?


    One day, some butt-hurt furfag decided to out him as the zoophile that he was and still is by posting pictures of Kibble in various compromising pics, some even with his face in them. A riot ensued in that forum of other furs criticizing him, and yes, some defending him. Kibble would say things both in the thread and on his FurAffinity that could be contradicted, and right away he would change his story or just ignore the evidence piled against him and just continue to defend other portions of his story, and have "friends" come to his aid in the lulz thread POSTING UNDER THE SAME NAME AS HIM.

    Since defending himself on lulz obviously wasn't working, he decided to turn to his FurAffinity page, writing a journal to try to defend himself there where he was met with more criticism by furs, leading him to erase his page shouts, as well as the journal entry itself and the pic he had posted of his ankle bracelet. Shortly after, poor, innocent little Kibble was banned from FA for openly talking about having sex with animals which violated FA's rules.

    File:Screen shota.JPG
    Police officers like shota?

    Kibble's banning from FurAffinity caused even more butthurt with his dog-fucking friends as "he hadn't done anything to deserve being banned!" One of his friend's journal entries reads as follows:

    With all of these wonderful people picking on Kibble, it makes me wonder. Chewfox probably went through something like this BEFORE her Tyra incident. If I had gone through what Kibble is going through right now, with all of this chastising DIRECTLY FROM THE FUCKING FURRY COMMUNITY, I would probably go on national TV and say that every single furry is a pedophile rapist with aids. If we are supposed to be a 'subculture' or even to be called so much as a mere grouping of people with common interests, then why the hell are we attacking one another like this? So fucking what. Kibble did some things that he's not particularly proud of. He paid his price, which has already been set and done. THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE GODDAMNED END OF IT. Now someone is digging it up, and all of these 'furries' are ripping into him as if he killed their mother. Seriously, guys. Lay the fuck off already. It's not your place to be so cruel to one of your own, and it's sure as shit not a great idea to have something as damaging as this toward the community in general made even more widely known than it already is.

    Let's see where this goes. Kibble got banned from FA, and HE NEVER BROKE A FUCKING RULE. -ShiroElex


    Comments following the journal accuse both the writer and the writer's girlfriend of being dog-fuckers as well, even accusing them of looking at animal porn at a con with a bunch of people in May. Meanwhile the friends still maintain that they do no condone animal-sex, and Kibble hasn't done it since he got out of prison even though anyone who actually knows Kibble knows that this is far from the truth and even trying to deny it is sheer stupidity on his part.


    As well as fucking around with known carriers of AIDS, Kibble has a preference for younger sex partners as most could probably tell due to the kiddie porn charges. His latest is a 15 year old girl in Michigan whom he also apparently smokes pot with and talks about fursuits and dog-raping and such. His former conquest was none other than furfag celebrity, Diamondwing, whom he had had as a "pet" for four years prior, even though the boy didn't turn 18 until last year (2009). What a surprise to dump someone he'd had around for four years right after their 18th birthday. Oh, and let's not forget his porn-star beau who, apparently, didn't learn his lesson about dating stupid people after breaking things off with fellow whore and ED furfag whore, Typhoid Taryn.


    Kibble (as many of his friends past and present can tell you) is a pathological liar and is one of the most unreliable people you will ever meet. Though some think that the drama surrounding him is unfair, most will say that's just a day in the life of Kibble as he is usually surrounded by some sort of drama that he's caused or made worse; and that it is more than likely his own fault for getting himself into these sort of messes in the first place. Though he may pass the blame onto others, that doesn't change the fact that he's a dog-fucker.

    Contact Info

    FurAffinity (banned): Kibblepup

    Furaffinity of the 15 year old girl he's diddling: Jailbait

    Furaffinity of Diamondwing: Art Whore Fixed

    Livejournal: "KibblePuppies thoughts and crap" ... crap is right

    AIM: kibblepuppy

    YIM: kibblepuppy83

    Email:[email protected]

    AN ALTERNATE EMAIL (that he uses for setting up meetings with other dog fuckers: [email protected]

    Ohio Sex Offender Registry Page: Yep! It exists!

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