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    Kevin Trudeau

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    What? This article needs moar history of his faggotry.
    You can help by adding moar history of his faggotry.
    NO! I've never seen you on TV!
    Google image search says this is him, and Google is never wrong. Never.

    Jew, who was born at least 100 years ago but is immortal due to his natural "cures", is a successful scam artist. Flip on your TV to a number of channels past 10pm and you can find him selling something, but not for money to buy more mansions, but for the greater good of the people. He is a convicted felon; convicted of larceny, credit card fraud, check fraud, and rape. He has also been charged large fines by the FTC on numerous occasions. He thinks that the drug companies are all out to get him and are "attacking" him via the media. Also, he is a fucking Sci-Fag. Also he's not a Sci-Fag but he has been exposed to Scientology.

    Stuff He Has Sold

    As of April 13th, 2007. This list may be out of date by tomorrow.

    • Dietary Supplements
    • Pr0n
    • Cure of Aids
    • Coral Calcium
    • Books on Real Estate Investment
    • Super Memory
    • Mega Reading
    • Superman-Like Strength in just two days
    • Natural "Cures" for everything from strains to replacing limbs
    Read THIS before you read his books
    • Some follow up on the Natural "Cures" so he could make more money
    • Something to do with Quantum Physics
    • More Porn
    • Do-it-Yourself Sex Change(Which he claims to use himself)
    • Non-surgical Facelift
    • "Roll Dat Weed in 3 Easy Steps"
    • Most likely something about losing weight
    • Most likely something about how to quit smoking
    • A bunch of other Faggotry everyone has now forgotten about.

    Stuff He Can Cure


    • No real training in the medical field, other then impersonating a doctor in the early 90's.
    • No proof. Unless you mean proof that gathering other peoples information and putting it into a pile and then mis-leading people so they will buy it make you money, well yes, he has proof of that.
    • In Chapter 6 of his book Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About he states without reason of a doubt that Scientology/Dianetics is the best approach to be cured of all diseases.

    What Kevin Trudeau Doesn't Want you to Know

    • Just about everything is this article thus far
    • Kevin has made billions trillions quadrillions off of stupid people like you
    • He is best friends with Al Sharpton
    • Has been to jail numerous times, and would be in jail now if he didn't make enough money off of you to pay his numerous settlements.
    • Is known to hit it and quit it
    • Steals other peoples work for profit

    John Stossel Exposes Kevin Trudeau

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