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We don't fuck about!


—The Kersal Massive

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The Kersal Massive (-1, lol)

Kersal Massive was a video/YouTube meme that was started by three poor, young UK chav faggots named MC Mack, Little Fuckin' Kev and Ginger Joe. They became internet famous in the UK by being known as the first rappers that the Younger Woolwich Boyz were scared to have a rap battle with. While they were quickly laughed off the internets forever, their shitty rap was played over and over again on British radio; which caused bullied teens and comedians across Britian to make videos taking the piss out of them. Originating from the sunny land of Kersal (somewhere between Isengard and Manchester) they are hoping for the big break by making cheap videos on their mobile phones; and uploading them for the lulz. The English Accent Makes Them Sound Gay!

YouTube Favicon.png The Kersal Massive

The Crew

C Mack: An albino thing that has FAS, and huffs jenkem because his pot dealer is swimming with the fish. He is a neo-Nazi and gloryhole expert because of his thin snake lips.

Little Fuckin’ Kev: A crying midget who appears as if he has been ass fucked by the Younger Woolich Boyz on a daily basis. With a constant regretful, ill-favoured look on his face that says “All I wanted was an iPod"; his face is beet red due to the high concentration of AIDS and cider running through his veins.

Ginger Joe: A FUCKING GINGER KIKE who can’t rap.


(C Mack) "This is the Kersal mandem, C Mack, yeah, featurin' Little Fuckin' Kev, yeah. Over there in that corner is our boy Ginger Joe, yeah. We don't fuck about. Kick it, Kev."

(Little Fuckin' Kev) "Got on tha bus with me day saver. Smoked a reefer in da corner. Laid low, did a Grand Theft Auto."

(C Mack) "In a '05 V6 Clio Twin Turbo, y'know how we roll with them backseat hoes; on we go H.S.B.C we do them grafts, an' we got the money, cos we know how to rap! Yeah, an' that's a fuckin other one and we don't fuck about. Levenshulme ain't got shit on us, yeah."

(Little Fuckin' Kev) "Shit on us, pimpin! You know that fuckin... Tell 'em, Joe, how the fuck it is, man."

(Ginger Joe) "Yeah man, yeah man."

(C Mack) "Levenshulme can go fuck that shit, yeah, cos we know how to do it. Kersal Massive, you know that, Fuck. Peace."

Fan Videos

A challenger appears, The Persil Massive!! Owned by Az & Bo from PVC Manz MOAR YES! they have returned! The record deals will pour in!!

People who want to join KM

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