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For the pedophile also known as Kero, see
Sick Fuck.png This person is a sick fuck!

They should never be trusted by anyone!

Possible side-effects will include at least one of these:
2. Bestiality
3. Cuckoldry

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I did not have sexual relations with that roadkill!


—Kero The Wolf trying to defend himself, but failing miserably.

Kero The Wolf/Yami The Wolf
Real name Joshua Hoffman
Nationality American  MiniflagUSA.png
Current residence Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Former aliases Yami The Wolf
YouTube YouTube Favicon.png Kero The Wolf
Twitter Twitter-favicon.png KerotheWolf
Twitch Twitchtv-favicon.png Kero_The_Wolf
Kiwi Farms Thread Kiwi Farms Favicon.png 48033

Kero The Wolf (Powerword: Joshua Hoffman), formerly known as Yami The Wolf, is a Furfag YouTuber who decided fucking his dog would be a great idea. He was generally regarded as a respected member of the Furry community until info leaked from his Twitter account, indicating that he practised zoophilia and necrophilia as well as having a vore fetish. There has even been talk of Kero's alleged involvement in pedophilia. You do the math.

His dog Koda recently died of kidney failure, and Kero had no problem with admitting that he raped his dog on a regular basis. In the now infamous Telegram chat he expressed concern about his friends raping and dismembering his dog THEN killing it. His "friends" assured that they would never do that without his permission.

Before YouTube

Kero started out as any other typical furry would. He lived the average life of a DeviantArt furry, by sucking neetbuxs from downy Furries. He was also a user on FurAffinity and Telegram where he went by the name of Yami The Wolf. At some point in his Internet life, Yami changed his name to Kero, as he is known today. As is to be expected of most all furries, Kero spent – and continued to spend – most of his time enthusiastically talking about raping animals in graphic detail and rping with other equally-degenerate furfags on Telegram, and he never once thought that this could be incriminating.

His Days on YouTube

The History

On July 7 2013, Kero started his Jewtube channel which was dedicated to "Doing things differently". And different they were, most furries don't actually fuck dogs (Or get caught). HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT I CHOKE ON KNOTS. Kero did what most furfags do on youtube. Live streams, advice about the fandom, and of course shit like that.

Kero discussing the loss of his "boyfriend" to drugs.
Kero talks about one of his past jobs.
Discussing about Lights for some reason.
Kero shows you how to become a "meme". (You have to watch it on YouTube itself as Kero disabled embedding on this video.)
Full of complete lies as usual.
Kero doing a Q&A in his fursuit. And fucking dabs in the thumbnail

Videos others made featuring him

As with most other "furtubers", Kero also did collaborations with other furries including Majira Strawberry who is considered the god of the furry fandom. He was generally viewed as nothing more than another "innocent" furry youtuber when of course we all know that was a big flat out lie.

Majira Strawberry's Exclusive Furry Interview with Kero
When furries have free time (Ft. Majira and Kero)
Someone made a compilation of Kero moaning for some fucking reason.
Kero talks to some random guy on Omegle.

His rise to fame

On July 6, 2017 following several years of no one giving a shit about Kero, Shane Dawson chose to do an interview with him over how the furry community was "supposedly" like. This was the result of YouTube Favicon.png Ashley Zoe Fox, a friend of Kero discussing about furries to Shane and paying him to do the interview after Kero agreed to do it. During the interview, Kero talked about his so called "lifestyle" and his job at Applebee's and other shit nobody cares about.

Of course, there was no mention of Kero fucking his dog as this info was kept hidden and we all know that Kero didn't want anyone finding out this secret about him. As a result of the video, Kero went from having 10,000 subscribers to 90,000 subscribers. Kero also decided to start doing YouTube full-time and quit his job at Applebee's shortly after. By the earlier parts of 2018, Kero had reached over 100,000 subscribers but this "victory" was very short lived. Shortly after the initial leaks of Kero being a zoophile came out, however, Shane privatized his video with Kero which indicates that he knows about what happened.

Weird Side of YouTube: Furries Reaction
Shane Dawson Experience

The Leakening

Getting Caught

Kero pointing to his nipples to prove his "innocence".

In September of 2018, leaked screencaps of Kero's private Telegram conversations were posted onto Twitter by a zoophile using the handle 'Zoodonym', as part of a massive leak exposing a depraved zoosadist-pedophile sex ring within the furry community, a group which Kero just happened to be a part of. Rather than properly turning the info over to the police, Zoodonym decided to create some lulz instead. After people saw the leaked screencaps, millions commented, wondering what the fuck was going on. Although some of the initial pictures of what appeared to be Kero with tattoos on his body fucking a dog were proven to be someone else, later proof would come out that would show how fucked up Kero really was. In the process of all of this happening Mister Metokur uploaded two videos regarding the leaks that came out, explaining that even if Kero was guilty or not furries were responsible for fucking with the animals present in the evidence provided.

In his initial statements to the public, Kero denied having any involvement with the zoosadist network which the leaks had implicated him in. He claimed not only that all the messages attributed to him – appearing in conversations spanning a period of about two years – were completely faked, but that his Telegram account was also hijacked by Iranian superhackers from Iran, a country where Telegram has banned since June last year. In a bid to prove his innocence, Kero uploaded a screenshot to Twitter, showing "his" active sessions history on Telegram; a story which was believed right up until the very next screenshot he posted, where an icon indicating an active VPN connection is seen in his phone's status bar. He would later go on to admit that he simply pulled the image off of Google in an interview with an morbidly-obese man wearing a Rick and Morty T-shirt, where Kero would also backpedal on statements he had given mere hours earlier, completely changing up his entire story for the camera.

The typical fan of Kero trying to defend this sick fuck.
Kero & The Zoo Crew
A Man And His Dog

The Truth comes out

As people waited for the whole truth regarding Kero to come out, he arranged a couple of interviews with YouTube Favicon.png Kothorix and Ashley Zoe Fox, in a bid to clear his good name from all the animal rape accusations. In the video he did with Ashley Zoe Fox, Kero offers his latest revision of the truth, stating that his involvement with the Zoo Crew was limited to an interest in "feral artwork", and that about 95% of the conversations shown in the leaks are fabricated. This still suggests that at least some percentage of the logs are in fact real. Oops.

The pathetic truth is that Kero's fellow zoosadist "SnakeThing™" had simply decided to give away his login details to a complete stranger (archived: ArchiveToday-favicon.png1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2), without ever thinking of the life-changing consequences for the fellow perverts he had been exchanging messages with.

Below are a few screenshots of the many, many fucked up things Kero said on Telegram:

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]
YouTube Favicon.png Kothorix talks about the truth behind Kero and the chatlogs. Notice what Kero says here and compare that to his interview with Ashley Zoe Fox
Pkrussl tries to "reason" about the Kero situation. Even though it's obvious Kero is guilty.
Ashley Zoe Fox does a botched interview with Kero where he once again lies about shit.

Accusations Begin

Following several weeks of lulzy filled fighting in the furry community, many were shocked in horror when tweets consisting of side-by-side comparisons between Kero's garage and the garage in one of the videos of an animal being sexually abused were posted. The location was also discovered to be one of the places that Kero's now dead dog, Koda was seen in. Aside from that, chatlogs revealed that Kero admitted to the logs being real and that the conversations between him and Snakething, the leader of the zoosadist group did take place. He also admitted to someone on Telegram that he went by several names in the zoo community including Yami, Azzoen, and Smoll.

Following this, Kero put his Twitter account in lockdown out of butthurt in knowing that he was fucked. He also disabled comments on his Instagram because he doesn't want to admit that he was in reality a zoophile. Evidence of Kero being involved on an animal abuse site by the name "ZooX18" started showing up where he went under the name NeroZero04. Kero later reopened his Twitter account only to lock it down again shortly afterwards. Kiwi Farms has documented the accusations against Kero with many of the members wanting him to be imprisoned.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Current Status

Kero The Wolf blames everyone but himself for his actions.

No justice for Kero

Despite major amounts of backlash from even within the Furry community itself, Kero is still being able to live free without justice or retribution for his crimes. A group of furries who formerly called themselves "Furvengers" have sent the evidence to police. They already managed to get the leader of the group Snakething (Powerword: Levi Simmons) and Cuban counterpart Woof (Powerword: Rubén Marrero Pernas) arrested. Charges for Snakething, however, were dropped for now due to the statute of limitations. While it is only momentarily that Kero himself is arrested, It shows just how slow the American Justice System really is.

The law steps in

On November 8, 2018, however, Kero did admit on Twitter that he was now under police investigation and has stated to be "taking the situation seriously". He has issued an apology for essentially fucking over an entire fandom and "promises" the truth and explanation once the investigation is over. Kero currently is ignoring the situation and not cooperating with police. He is also blocking those who want him to come clean and turn himself in. YouTube Favicon.png Voice Of Reason, one of the few remaining defenders of Kero states that he is under legal advisement not to be posting anything publicy. We hope sooner or later that this sick fuck ends up in prison, but only time will tell.

Kero "leaves" the fandom

After a two month hiatus in which Kero was absent from all social media he announced on January 30, 2019 that he was "leaving" the fandom. According to his long ass statement on Twitter, he states that the "toxic mindsets" and "witch hunts" against him in the community were primarily the reasons behind him leaving. He also stated that while he'll delete most of his social media, he would keep his YouTube channel up because "it brings great joy to some". Despite what he's said, however, he continues to be active on Twitter while purging much of his tweets in the process.


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Kero's furhead. The four red stripes signify the four dogs whose eyesockets he screwed

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