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    File:Kaz boy107.jpg
    Shit Fetishist, much?

    Kazakai, now known as Joji Victor Grey, real name Ayla Chisler, is a 20-something-year-old DeviantARTlet, and a previous MySpace and Livejournal whore.

    Kazakai, extremely butthurt by the fact that her Aunt had to adopt her because her real mother can't keep her legs shut (and, in fact, has put up at least two other children for adoption), claims to be half Azn. She is also a self-proclaimed transsexual that is NOT on testosterone or had any treatment whatsoever. She is also a self-proclaimed J-Rock superstar and sometimes claims to live in Tokyo when in fact she resides in Bumfuck, Ohio.

    She's still unemployed and lives with her parents, nor does she seem to have the ability to drive.

    Dorrie Drama

    The Kazbeast, like all good tartlets, cannot simply enter a fandom. She has to rape it. Due to her Azn origins, the Kazbeast entered the Dollfie fandom. The Kazbeast is dirt poor (as evidenced by her refined mannerisms), so how could she have entered a fandom that costs so much money? Well, we’ll tell you…

    Kaz first gathered attention after joining the primary place of Dollfie worship and commerce, Den of Angels. The clueless hoards of dollfie fans provided the perfect culture for Kaz's scamming ventures.

    For starters, Kazakai trolled a 14-year-old girl into selling her a $500 dollfie for $50. The kid was such a push-over that when everyone else on the forums kicked off about it, she kindly asked everyone to drop it. Pussy.

    One of her more well-known scamming feats was to try to sell a doll that had yellowed and claimed it was in "omg-perfect condition" (See: Jew). After everyone pointed out she had posted proof of the doll being yellow through her photos and after their butthurt reactions she decided not to sell the doll.

    File:ENJOY YOUR AIDS.jpg
    This doll was srsly painted with blood and now has the AIDS. Has your dorrie been tested?

    However, a few days later she posted up photos of the same doll, COVERED IN HER OWN GAY MENSTRUAL BLOOD claiming

    you can’t tell its yellow now! Can you bitches?




    Even after dozens of previous outbursts and accusations of fraud, the Kaz continued to scam members of Den of Angels out of their dolls and money. She placed an order for two doll heads (someone else paid, expecting to get one head and paid back for the second head [See: dipshit.]) She eventually received partial payment back - but had to post a scammer alert up on Den of Angels before she finally got the head that she paid for. After that thread was started, others eventually stepped up to post about their bad market experiences with Kazakai too.

    Kazakai continued to scam, lie, and be a general ass for a further 3 months, and in total she scammed over $2000 worth of dolls, clothes and accessories, to the point of finally getting herself totally b&hammer'd from Den of Angels.

    Even after being IP b& from Den of Angels, she made a second account using her buddy Celebare’s computer. Celebare was caught and IP-b& for assisting a b& member in accessing Den of Angels.

    Kaz's less-than-sneaky attempt to get back into the doll community was foiled. The conversations she had with Celebare were suspicious enough, and people are aware that the two were best friends. Though recent speculation is that no one sane can be friends with someone as Batshit crazy as Kazakai-- unless they're getting some sex out of it.

    During this time the Kazbeast tried to open up a shop to customize dolls - but didn't mention the whole "use of bodily fluids" in her sales pitch. Despite Celebare's grief and frustration with getting banned, Kaz showed no remorse for her friend. Instead, she tried to make it sound like a victory on her livejournal.

    "bakubaku aka Celebare just got banned from DOA.




    Celebare then posted about it in her livejournal, and many people came to give her their input on her unhealthy relationship with Kaz. Kaz, eager to be the center of attention, then jumped into the middle, shit-flinging jewels like

    "go fucking choke whore."



    Kaz even did a little victory dance when she found out that she just terminated the friendship between the poster she just insulted and Celebare. All of this would just be a sad, sad, story shit nobody cares about - but we dig deeper for the true lulz.


    Once again a foolish trusting doll owner (any average doll owner, amirite?) gave money/property to Kazakai and is now howling about her losses on Livejournal and apparently she has officially pressed charges against the Kaz. Days after being informed of this, the dolls miraculously appeared on their owner's doorstep, in groce condition and with $160 of accessories and shit still missing. The owner put so much pressure on Celebare (The Kaz's pussy whipped room mate) that she kicked her out of their two bedroom apartment and is now scrambling to get in a one bedroom without breaking her lease.

    My Best Friend Billy

    If I cover my mouth you can't see me!

    Meanwhile, Kaz is roaming homeless around the Columbus, OH area trying to find a new victim she can leech resources from and trying to gain sympathy by claiming-

    “one of my best friends hung himself. he’s in the hospital... they said he’s completely braindead. Billie. who I grew up with is dying. I’m really not ok. so I don’t think ill be updating for a bit”



    This will surely win her at least 6 months room and board plus $500 in loads of colourful garbage for Kaz to festoon her podgy body with. Some people say she should forget killing her imaginary friend and become an hero herself. Remember Kazakai- it's up the road, not across the street. Do it right and make it count!

    Yet Billie has a Myspace profile that looks suspiciously like the Kazbeast's.

    From Kaz's myspace-

    "☆☆fAc3-b0t☆☆ Year FOUR: Phase ONE: all viruses intact

    Male 94 years old nowhere again, Ohio United States Last Login: 10/17/2007"



    From "Billie’s" Myspace-

    "Billie x__We'll do some drugs, fall in love, get fucked up while the world just shrugs__x

    Female 99 years old Transsexual, Transylvania, Romania Last Login: 10/17/2007"



    Most damning of all is "Billie's" profile picture. Rainbow scarves totally hide your real identity from the internets, even when you do stupid identifiable shit like shave your eyebrows and look a helluva lot like Boy George.

    Possibly because Kaz got sick of trying to mantain an alternate profile where she couldn't camwhore constantly, Billie was soon killed off and Kaz posted a cheesey-ass fairwell notice on 'his' profile..


    R.I.P. billie I miss you Billie. Ryan Culver was born on August 29,1992. He died at Akron Children's hospital on October 21,2007. He was 15 years old when he decided to commit suicide.

    I can't tell you to not kill yourself. I cant tell you itll be ok in the morning... But i CAN tell you how suicide affects the ones you care the most about (and care the most about you) I can barely look at that picture without tearing up. its been 7 months and i still cant fathom hes gone.

    You have to live life, love, breathe, feel, laugh, give, cry, hate....

    you have to live for those who would live for you.

    I will never get over Billie's death, its shaken my very soul and theres a chunk of my heart that will never heal.

    It made me realize that death should never be glamourized and SUICIDE IS NOT A TREND.

    i wish him only the best in his next life...and pray that he knows i loved him just as much as he said he loved me. r.i.p. billie. we all miss you.



    I'm a REAL BOI!

    Kazakai has no balls. She has no penis. She has boobs. She has a vagina. She is a woman, but tells people she is a man. She may not be taking any hormones, but she is a boy. And until she was about 20, she made no effort to look even remotely masculine, unless you count chopping off all your hair and dying it candy pink and mint green as masculine.

    Furthermore, she does not plan to get any of this changed. No therapy, no testosterone, nothing. She has occasionally alluded to top surgury and hormones. She hasn't worked and saved for the "trans" part of transman. Instead, as soon as she gets her stubby fingers on some money, she immediately blows it on clothes, make-up, or more recently, a tonuge split.

    From her Myspace-

    "BEFORE YOU ASK. YES I AM MALE. IM SIMPLY AN AAMAAAZZINNG DRAG QUEEN BABYDOLLS~!! I love japanese cyberfashion plastick and dress up quite frequently when I have a reason. goin to Japan here soon..like next year methinks. gunbelivingthere>3"



    ...and so is my BoIfRiEnD!

    This was Kazakai's boifriend. Look at those hooters!

    Her first ~*BoIfRiEnD*~ is Ruu, aka kaoru aka diminia, a girl who also claims to be a boi. She has huge tittays and is underweight and badly aged, much like a crack whore.

    "i sincerely hope i am wrong about this, and if i am kindly disregard all ranting but if i'm not... i'm SO sorry your damn OUTFIT was wasted over the DEATH of my cousin. i'm SO SORRY he did that to YOU. wow.... come along to the funeral and spit on his grave why don't you. what kind of boyfriend, let alone that, what kind of PERSON are you?! TELL ME I'M WORNG! you better fucking tell me i'm wrong."


    ——From diminia's Livejournal

    Kazakai knows how to treat his boy/girlfriends really well!

    After breaking up and getting back together over 9000 times, Kaz finally moved onto a new 'boyfriend', Irry, who has a 99.99% chance of being IS another emo 'transman', standing at about 4'11 and over 9000 pounds.


    Kaz a Public Admission to being female

    on this GOTHIC Myspace rip-off

    I am a Famous Azn DJ

    Nothing alike at all.

    It's obvious to all, except the Kazbeast herself, that she gets all her “inspiration” from the Azn DJ, SiSeN. She even goes as far as to copy his poses and clothes to a T.

    Of course if you mention to Kaz that she looks like SiSeN, she gets immediately butthurt and goes batshit crazy, often posting whiney Journals on DeviantART and live journal about how she’s sick of people calling her SiSeN, and how he isn’t even a good DJ, even though he has millions of followers all over Japan and his own club… yep defiantly not a good DJ.

    She even goes as far as to set out her user information and page layout in the same way as SiSeN’s

    From Kaz's myspace-


    Male 94 years old nowhere again, Ohio

    United States



    From SiSeN’s Myspace-


    Male 88 years old Tokyo Japan



    Of course compared to the mighty Kazbeast, DJ SiSeN just pales in comparison. I mean, who wants, money, success, a house, and career? He’s blatantly copying the almighty Kazakai’s dress sense. And according to Kaz:


    Just because I’m AZN, and he’s AZN and we both dress cyber does NOT MEAN that I look ANYTHING like him! Are you fucking blind! He’s not even that great of a DJ and dear lord his make-up has SUCKED BALLS lately.”



    She forgot to add, “and Just because I copy his poses, and his user information, and just because I pretend to be a boi, and copy his clothes, and his accessories, it DOESN’T make me ANYTHING like SiSeN!! lies.

    Gallery of FUG


    DEAR GOD! The Kazbeast is doing video diarys now... Listen to her Manly voice

    Screen Shots of her fucktardery

    Animal Abuse

    As if that wasn't enough, Kaz has a history of animal abuse as well. Her Walmart residence is currently home to an obese Samoyed. The dog has gotten so fat it can hardly get up to take a shit. Kaz often locks the dog outside for hours without water because it has fleas, and she can't be arsed to get it a flea collar. Some theorize that the dog caught its severe case of fleas from Kaz, herself, when it got too close to the hot-pink rat's nest she stores on top of her head.

    In 2007, Kaz acquired a gawf black kitten from a neighbour, claiming that it was feral, and that she was "Omg amazing!!11!" with cats for being able to tame it. Later, the kitten in question reputedly befriended six other people, three cats, a dog, a llama, and the entire Persian army. The kitten might've suffered the same fate as Kaz's dog, if not for the intervention of her former room-mate, Celebare. According to posts in her livejournal, Celebare kept the kitten for fear of Kaz using it as an impromptu dildo.

    Most recently, Kaz acquired a fatass mutt, who when she first got actually started camwhoring the dog as well. In light of the fact that, even though Kaz does not have a job and is an adult, neglected to train or housebreak the dog properly, now wants to get rid of it. Unfortunately, the prospect of anyone talking this untrained fleabag seems unlikely.

    Hilarious Quotes

    From her LJ-

    "really mixed feelings... I got a modelling shoot. no pay but prints of the pics. what makes me so questionable is he’s an erotic photographer. I told him no nudity because one, my gender issues and two, I have more respect than that for myself. he agreed and we talked idea and atmosphere... he’s into darker, weirder things... he said that his idea for pictures is to make them SEEM erotic without them actually being erotic. it should be interesting... He has some amazing shots of his wife he showed me (who is lovely XD) I need someone to go with me.. we are gonna hunt down a creepy old motel in Akron or Fairlawn and take photos there. its just a safety thing that I take someone with me...itll be within two weeks..."



    From her Collarme-

    "I am a very needy domme. I demand degrading tasks and complete servitude from my PETS.

    submission to me is a very personal thing, its not about sex or physical things, its about connection on a personal level to understand your Mistress' needs and wants. if you cannot understand who I am, how the hell do you expect to please me? I cross dress as a male from time to time and I am a GOD of androgyny and adore that trait about myself."



    Sex with Ruki

    According to Kazakai, she has also reputedly slept with Gazette Band Member Ruki while attending an unnamed convention somewhere between her boy-vag and Sexy AZN body. It was while attending said convention where said member of Gazette approached her and groped her ass from under her skirt several times before finally he followed her back to her room and proceeded to have Kimky-hardcore-anal-rape. There was said to be vomit spewing from every known hole in all of the universe.

    "He asked me not to say anything because, I mean obviously it would cause problems if the public knew he were out sleeping with transvestite boys. God he was so huge though, and did he ever know hot to use it. I rode him so hard."



    Vandalising cemetery

    Link to news report re-found!! http://www.the-daily-record.com/news/article/1531322

    Judge Robert J. Brown notes Nelson maintains "after all we've gone through, you really want this court to believe this was the work of an enraged 14-year-old girl. That's just hard to believe.

    "Sixteen monuments vandalized, 20 flags burned -- I don't see how one enraged 14-year-old girl could do that." Nelson told Brown he attempted to take the girl away from the cemetery where they and several others had gathered to drink after he discovered she had started to cause damage.


    ——Judge Robert J. Brown

    Shame that 2 weeks after the attack, Kaz was seen spamming her LJ, MySpaz and DeviantART pages, with photos of the vandalized graves.


    A startling new incident! #2

    HAI GAIZ! seems that the KazBeast is going to get her E-lawyer to E-sue us! lock up your paypal accounts! and by E-lawyer we of course mean her "Brother"/"manager"/"Lover" (Akaribiernot). After leaving her DA account after being flamed by the BJD community over stolen goods, Kaz reappeared 3 months later posting up this journal:

    As usual much trolling ensued, Only this time around Kaz didn't retaliate instead she once again left her DA page unattended. Instead moving her face-ache onto the "femme_ftm" Trans community, once again the Dollfie's followed her and much lulz and flaming was had. Kaz finally reacted by posting this little gem:

    Then this DA entry:

    The dollies didn't stop their evil evil unwarranted and untrue accusations

    So now the KazBeast is loading the big guns and is preparing to sue the trolls that harassed her as well as the editors of this article. Be afraid we might end up in E-Court, but fear not! we can always use the excuse that we have "small statures" so couldn't possibly have the strength to push the keys on our keyboards.


    Akaribiernot - The Beasts Manager

    Akaribiernot is the KazBeast's supposed adoptive sister, who just so happens to be FTM to! and also just happens to not only be Kazs manager, her photographer and lead singer of Kaz's band but is also named after Kaz's RP character.

    I'm 17. I'm a FTM. (Female-to-male, for those who don't know.) My passion & ambition are what makes me an extreme individual. I am the great-grandson of a Miss America. (It's pretty ironic since I am so clumsy.) I can be your best or worst nightmare. The decision lies in your hands. I tend to burn down everything around me and start over, constantly. I am addicted to change. Possibly why I am obsessed with piercings, hair dye, bleach, and tattoos. I live to face my fears and because of that I stay awake for days in a row and have extreme anxiety because of it. I may say I'm sleeping, but really I can't.


    ——Sound familiar?

    What's especially scary about this individual is that they claim to be related to Kaz, and then in the same sentence expresses their undying love for Kazakai And often is quoted on several websites as saying that she is "in love" with her sister/Brother.

    I have a brother everyone!

    Before you go any further, you should know this. The boy in the picture above basically owns me. I'm not ashamed of it either. Especially because he's made me a different person, and made me a changed boy. I won't stand for you bad-mouthing him. I really do love him, (even if I don't always show it XD), and he's here to stay.



    But mysteriously Kaz will either spam her Sister/brother around her various accounts or deny the fact that they are even related... Even though we can prove they are.

    I don't have a brother everyone!

    some have even come to the conclusion that Akari is either just a deluded fan or Kazakai in a wig, which Akari strongly denies in a very mature and composed LJ post

    I'm being...burned by the doll community. And I never even got into it. Wow. Go you doll community. And an ex-roomate of Kai's. Oooohhh~ I'm so impressed by you all. Because I'm totally Kai in a wig. *tries to pull his hair off of his head* ... Fail. XD .


    ——Akari not grasping the concept of butthurt.

    Some have even said that Akari is in fact 3 people, Kaz, her sister and CorsetCorrode, or that Akari and CorsetCorrode are the same person as they all bare an uncanny resemblance to each other, as well as the deceased best friend Billy.

    they're watching me O_O

    As usual it seems that Kazakai has really landed on her feet again, Akari is trying to make all the "bad press" go away, by actually trying to return stolen items to there rightful owners. Kazakai however seems convinced that her made up E-lawyer will take to court all the meanie people calling her out over her bad transactions.

    If the E-lawyer doesn't work she can always just kill off another member of her family. Maybe even kill of Akari? thus covering her tracks if Akari really is just kaz in a wig, or for added lulz maybe the KazBeast will kill herself off? and continue to live her life as Akaribiernot.

    'A tale of Incest and woe' Akari's Gallery

    Troll Artwork

    See also

    External links Kazakai & Akaribiernot

    • Her phone number no less: 330-620-3656
    • Where to send "Fan Mail" to: P.O. Box 342 Rittman, Ohio 44270
    • x-king-queer-x - Another Livejournal account.
    • candy-striped36 - Livejournal account, which is full of emo-poetry.
    • gutterfacebento - Yet another Livejournal account, where we put nasty spaghetti in bento boxes and call it art.

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