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    A more accurate photo of KawaiiNekoGirl
    File:Where is by KawaiiNekoGirl.jpg
    Surely with this masterpiece, KawaiiNekoGirl will become a great mangaka

    KawaiiNekoGirl is one of the many DeviantART belonging to the breed of promising dA mangaka artists. A better name for her is KawaiiNekoBitch, as she's just simply another 16 year old girl, despite the fact she claims to be 18.

    Huge fact about this kid is that she's wapanese. Meaning that when the discussion of anime happens to come along around her, it's best to run for the fucking hills. Her art alone proves that you don't need talent to become a professional artist when it comes to anime. Srsly, drawing anime is like taking a shit, aside from the fact that's what about 95% of all anime is (Naruto, Inuyasha, and Kingdom Hearts inspired OCs, amirite?).

    KawaiiNekoBitch is a part time porn star

    Anime ish very kawaii desu ne ^_^

    If anything, her shit proves that you don't need any talent in drawing anime to get fans. Honestly, at least 100 deviations fly by and she doesn't improve the least bit. An interesting fact about her is that she does not like critique. :( Be sure to drop by her page PERMAB&LOL and give her plenty of love.

    Her future dream is to become a professional mangaka and live in Japan with her boyfriend. =^_^= Of course, never mind talent. When it comes to anime, you don't need any fucking talent. Skillz are for chasethehedgehog and MeleeKirby, not for kawaii desu nekos!

    Won't you please check out her wonderful manga? She wants to accomplish her dream of one day being able to see manga, desu! Nevermind the fact that anatomy is important to learn for art, as anime (though it's hard to believe) is actually somewhat based on realism structure. Even then, anime is looked down upon by quite a lot of studios in the art industry. Wtf is with kids these days and wanting to draw nothing but anime?

    Art of a future mangaka

    You would laugh at the fact some of her art is available for prints. WTF. Never mind the fact it's poorly done art. Okay! You know someone is obviously getting ahead of themselves if they believe their shit is that good.

    As a note for the last masterpiece, she ripped the pose as well as idea. Where, you ask? From the anime Tokyo Mew Mew (some catgirl anime about some catgirls, would've been great if they were kitler girls), another anime brought to you by 4Kids. Be sure to tell fangirls that the dub kicks ass just to piss them off, like with One Piece dubbing and its own fanboys.

    Selling manga, desu!

    She needs to see her imaginary boyfriend in Ohio by selling manga, so she can use all the help she can get.

    Here would be proof that she srsly needs that money to move out. Never mind the fact that if she wants to pay for her own stuff, she can pay for shit like shipping and handling, rather than rely on her own parents for cash like a typical money sucking child would do.

    Inukamiwan: so ur selling manga? xD
    Iryuuzhan: Yesh xD
    Iryuuzhan: Wanna buy? :3 
    Inukamiwan: i duno ;-;
    Inukamiwan: i need money to pay for taxes + shipping and handling. u.u
    Iryuuzhan: I haff stamps for that so you dont haff to
    Iryuuzhan: xD
    Inukamiwan: but i live in canada
    Iryuuzhan: Ahh O_O
    Iryuuzhan: If you were to buy one which would it be?
    Inukamiwan: hmmm vol 2. :3
    Inukamiwan: why :o
    Iryuuzhan: I'll haff my mom pay for the shipping
    Iryuuzhan: XD

    Joke on DeviantART forums

    File:KawaiiNekoBitch Journal.PNG
    Call in the goon squad!
    Because you TOTALLY can't be a moron on the Internet if you have good grades!
    File:KawaNekoGirl Owned.PNG
    The golden memory

    Apparently, people are smart enough to point out her retarded kawaii speech impediments that she uses in an attempt to sound witty, however, failed upon first comment.

    Another tartlet, Kazzra-Chan, continued to challenge Nekobitch and her absurd weeaboo speech, which prompted the Nekocunt to go batshit insane. That's not very kawaii of you, Nekoburger! Nekoburger also believed that showing her report card would justify her retarded speech impediments. Following this logic, you can't be a moron on the Internet if you have good grades. :(

    However, someone has once again mentioned the potential of KawaiiNekoBitch being a joke. As much as other users wish it was true, it is not.

    Nekoburger then chose to do what any other whiny ass tartlet would do: Call upon her peons to stand up for her, because she's clearly too offended to do it herself. This attempted plot failed on the first comment, dished by WatermelonBread, much like how her thread on the forums was thwarted on the first reply.

    Camwhore on the loose!

    She's from MySpace, you'd obviously expect a shitload of pics that are of low quality and lack any artist merit and inspiration. Yeah, she might be a porn star. We all knew that. Just be sure to go through her wonderful gallery and tell her that her camwhore pics are pretty poor. Or something like that.

    RIP Lucy ;_;

    Remember, if a butterfly is dying, you HAVE to care!

    With a new journal entry, you would expect something a little less redundant. However, Nekoburger has wasted roughly about one or two hours of her life crying over a butterfly. I shit you not, a butterfly. It makes you wonder what the hell she would be doing if it were a fly, right?

    The dramatic ending of her relationship with her boyfwiend

    Yes folks, while we don't have a nice, lulzy blog entry about her emoing about it and claiming that they were "destined to be together" or some shit like that, we can assure that you'll see vague, but apparently true, hints due to her friends being her mandatory hugbox with such comments like:

    Dont worrie jen, just remember what i said oka, u have tons of friends right here with u who are always here.

    And even:

    I'm sorry Jen. ;_; <3

    Does that scream hugbox or what? I don't know about you, but I can assure you that the "Status: Divorced" bit on her profile is an obvious sign as well... That, and she made her entire MySpace emo. The dumb bitch.

    But wait, what's this? A new boyfriend? Oh, how fun. Her latest victim is the administrator of her new home. The poor guy doesn't realize that all she's doing is using him for personal gain, because after all, the only place she can go is up. But, she has him wrapped around her finger as Code Dragon will b&hammer someone the SECOND they say the slightest negative thing about her. Well the second they say something and he takes a break from fapping to her, anyway.

    Apparently, her father has caught her with her internets boyfriend. Whether she will take the situation to court, it is unknown, but all we know is that she means serious fucking business.

    Discovery of her ED article

    KawaiiNekoGirl means serious business
    File:KawaiiNekoBitch Is An Hero.png
    KawaiiNekoBitch attempting to become an hero

    She means serious fucking business with this article. Much lulz is ensued to this action, because a huge contradiction is that she whines about people making judgements about her, not knowing her, yet she has clearly judged ED users when she does not know them herself. Irony at its best!

    She claims to believe that all Japanese are racist, much to the fact she claims she wishes to move to Japan and become a great mangaka. Nice way of generalizing people, douche.

    Claiming she does not liek Japan, she states that she would like to live in Quebec and learn French. Nevermind that the Quebecois don't give a fuck about this American bitch.

    Yes Men Attack!

    Major lulz here, because it shows Nekobitch can't fight her own battles and resorts to having her peons do all the work. Recent log of 1/27/07, FO REALZ. Also might be a little bit of spite since this yes man seems to take this article very seriously

    Go here to view conversation

    Return to devianTART

    KawaiiNekoBurger has, after "trolling" Amuria, FINALLY gotten the big b&hammer. Good night, sweet princess.

    Nekoburger has returned to devianTART as of recent. Don't be surprised she returned though-- most tartlets do that, which destroys all credibility they have... Well, if they had any to begin with, anyway. Point being, she's back and you all know what to do! Send some love her way!


    lul. She hasn't learned.

    After an investigation I was able to track down KawaiiNekoBitch's new account! It wasn't hard to spot it with the obvious clues. Everyone make an account to Spam the Help Desk and report CloudCandy (KawaiiNekoGirl) for avoiding a ban. We need to stop this bitch from coming back!

    Or, do nothing for additional lulz.

    Memorable Quotes


    Some nobody decided one day to tell Kawaiinecrofeliacbitch she's a fucktard, her art sucks, and that she should accept critique. She got butthurt and decided to try to offer HER critique. LOL.

    The rest of the conversation was hidden.

    [1] WTF.

    Her Theme Song

    The EDSingers do it AGAIN!

    i can't help the fact that I think that I am so kawaii

    (no no)

    When I grow up I want to be a manga - ka and live in japan with my boyfriend

    Yes, I am completly original Yes, i've never been ban hammered So you see,I know whats kawaii

    Fat necks and pink girls and cat ears and my self OF COURSE!

    Sooo you see, thats me, nekogirl so kawaii Did I mention that I know how to speak wapanese?

    And yes I know! That i'm hated all over the net no matter how many times I try to delete it!


    And just like many others I follow their foot steps quitting the internets forever

    (Go! Go!)

    I like neopets and being a camwhore when I fail at manga I'll just become a stripper

    I cry over stupid things likebutterflies and i'm horrible at trolling but you see, I know whats kawaii like

    Fat necks and pink girls and cat ears and my self OF COURSE!

    Sooo you see, thats me, nekogirl so kawaii Did I mention that I know how to speak wapanese?

    And yes I know! That i'm hated all over the net no matter how many times I try to delete it!


    Sooo you see, thats me, nekogirl so kawaii Did I mention that I know how to speak wapanese?

    And yes I know! That i'm hated all over the net no matter how many times I try to delete it!

    Sooo you see, thats me, nekogirl so kawaii Did I mention that I know how to speak wapanese?

    And yes I know! That i'm hated all over the net no matter how many times I try to delete it!


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