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Katie Hopkins

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Lucifer herself pierces your soul!

Katie Hopkins is a talking head in the United Kingdom, the result of an holy union between Satan and Encyclopaedia Dramatica. Originally from the apprentice she now sells herself as the one and only candidate to have said no to Sir Alan, and thus nearly killing him. She spews vitriol constantly through a newspaper column, twitter and television. Her scope is not limited and all people/groups are fair game.

Katie Hopkins on Ferguson

Katie Hopkins on fat people

Katie Hopkins having put on weight.
Regenerated as Julian Clary

One enduring saga is her attitude to fat people in her opinion are worse than Hitler. She continually rages at them and tells them how useless they're e.t.c. In an attempt to show what lazy beggars they're, she recently put on forty stone to show how easy it is to burn fat, this had the unfortunate effect of fat men lusting after her new love handles.


These are some of Katie Hopkins favourite targets, but not limited to:

New Career Direction

Katie Hopkins used to never about politics, her claim to fame has always been from insulting cancer patients, fat people etc. in an extremely vicious and nasty way. This was always the sort of gimmick she had when she came on tv shows, she would never talk about politics, despite jokingly running for an election many years ago. Chatshows allowed her on because she was "the person people love to hate", literally a professional troll.

At first she thought immigrants were the same thing, she would just come on and turn her usual trick of offending them as outrageously as possible. Then around the time she turned 40, she noticed that she was getting more praise when she bashed immigrants than her usual fat people, cancer-afflicted, blind people hate, and there were some intelligent people agreeing with her, not a bunch of crazy retards. The cogwheels in Katie Hopkins mind started turning and before you knew it she was some sort of political expert and alt-right "representative" appearing on the likes of CNN and writing in the likes of the Daily Mail about politics.

A total poser. Never a part of the alt-right movement, just hopping on the bandwagon.

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