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    No wonder she decided to be a man

    Kasai - also known as tylociraptor, dicelion, and many, MANY more pseudonyms - is an animal abuser, art / money thief and all-around Tumblr queen / insane psychopath. She has recently claimed to have her real name changed from 'Natasha Arseneau' to 'Tyler Avery'. She lives in Saint John, New Brunswick. She claims to be genderqueer, but as in the past she has also stated that she is a proud and empowered woman as well as a gay male, it's clear that she's making any claim she can for attention. Kasai is know for her outrageous claims, violent outbursts and then of course turning around and deleting all her comments later so people can't prove she said anything, and then if you have screenshots she will start crying that she 'fears for her safety'. She is also a notorious internet stalker, to the point that she has had legal orders brought against her by several people for death threats.

    Kasai Cares About Animals

    File:Kasai Dead scorp1.jpg
    File:Kasai Humanelykilled.jpg
    Killin' rats, FOR HUMANITY

    Kasai is a back-yard breeder of spiders and snakes. That's perfectly OK though because Kasai just LURVES animals! She had rats... but then she dumped them because they were 'too much work'[1]. Then she got more, but she killed them. Then, she decided it was just easier to breed them to FEED TO HER SNAKES. Much in the vein of Zeriara, she's a death sentence for anything that comes into her care. After the death of her pet scorpion she promptly went to wank in her Livejournal about how terribly torn up she was over it's death. It was later revealed that she had SAT ON IT, crushing the life out of it's poor little body with her massive assbulk.

    Oh, but why does she want to rehome them? She's not attached to them (but she loves them! DON'T YOU DARE FORGET THAT!) and she wants to start breeding her tarantulas. Um. But doesn't that take space? She's already admitted to having a "smaller than average bedroom" and hardly enough room for the small, one-level rabbit cage that the rats are in ... I really fail to compute how exactly you can add HUNDREDS of tarantulas in such a space.

    ...relevant screenshots.


    She's also a regular topic on StupidFree, as can be seen here, here, and here. Lately she's also been a topic on SF-Drama, here as Alacricity.

    Every reptile that comes into her care seems to die, and most recently she has moved from pythons to corn snakes. She has also recently began keeping fish, and now goes around Tumblr like some kind of fish social justice warrior, even though she quite moronically put a beta in a 20g tank. Suddenly there was no further mention of said beta, and... oh, look, she got some oscars. Great fish parent, huh? Just like with all those snakes, arachnids, and various other reptiles and small mammals.

    Restraining Order

    File:Kasai PoliceReport.jpg
    Police Report filed by Banrai due to harassment.

    In 2006, Kasai went batshit on a furry artist named Banrai. Her harassment got so bad that Banrai filed for a restraining order against her - but that didn't stop Kasai, oh no! Ever since she has made it her personal goal to stalk and harass Banrai wherever she can, despite multiple blocks.

    Fortunately, Kasai has enough crazy to go around and has spread her bugnuttery to other people as well. Her victims include:

    • Bastek - who she stole her character then claimed it was her own
    • Synchra - the victim of an attack after making 'Angleroo' avatars on Secondlife
    • Zeriara - ...Oh, who are we kidding, Zur is never a victim. None the less, Kasai was BFF with her until Zer cut off all contact because Kasai was too batshit for even her, triggering an epic meltdown (including hateart).

    As it stands, any person that dares to put a glowy bit on a character can well anticipate that they will get an angry letter from her, informing them how butthurt she is that they dare infringe her copyrights!

    Commission Thefts

    Just another commissioner, calling her out.

    One of Kasai's favorite pastimes is popping up on a new account, taking commissions for hundreds of dollars, and then running. Her current total is well over $1000 stolen from commissioners, with many other people having been stole from that have not reported totals. She jumps ship faster than rats off the Titanic in most cases, and then will turn back up after a few months on a 'totally new' account and pretend to be a different person, even though her shitty art is always the same.

    In August 2010, Kora_Atlas made a post to Artists_Beware about Kasai, stating that After being posted about on Artists Beware, she went on a massive rage spree and then deleted the entire thing, earning herself a massive banhammer on all of her over 9000 accounts.

    Tumblr Superstar

    Kasai would NEVER draw bestiality. Never!

    After being banned from Artists Beware on Livejournal, Kasai took her song and dance to Tumblr, where she now hosts a variety of blogs. Her favorite topics include telling other people how to keep their snakes and reptiles, harassing indigenous peoples, and of course bitching about art. Beware, herp and arachnid owners: she will tell you how to crush your precious pets to death.

    Name Originality

    Dicelion dicewolf.jpg

    One of Kasai's favorite things to bitch about is people stealing her ideas. It's quite funny, then, to see her stealing a naming schema from her ex-friend Aido aka Aidosaur, going around calling her self "Tylociraptor". She can't even come up with an original way to nickname herself and has to leech off of people far more creative than herself, which is pathetic and disappointing. Further thefts include one of her newest nicknames, "Tentacleface", which is a clear reference to the individual that filed a restraining order against her - Banrai - who's character is a monster with - you guessed it - tentacles that come out of her face/mouth. It's clear that Kasai doesn't have one single drop of originality in her body and is nothing but a pathetic bottom feeder. It has also come to light that the name she has been using for a few years now, "DiceLion" is an unoriginal ripoff of the long-well-known furry, "DiceWolf".

    B& From FA (again) (and again)

    Stellar business practices.

    During the great [rape] crisis of 2014, Kasai decided to go balls deep into the drama, and as a result was banned from Furaffinity briefly. This caused a massive explosion of drama which was recounted on Something Awfulby poster [b]Small Frozen Thing[/b]. A full transcript of the events is unfortunately not available as Kasai has, as usual, baawleted part of her tweets. Some parts were captured, however, such as where she tries to claim that she of course isn't "Tealizard" and is being mistaken for "Teahound", and of course she doesn't have shady business practices you guies! She also loves to get mad and delete her entire gallery over random artists that draw beastiality.... which of course we all know she would never, ever, neverever draw. Oh no, never. Of course not.

    [[File:Banevade.jpg|right]thumb|just that you're a thief of thousands of dollars of commission money. Nicely played.]At some point she came back once again, and at this point was using the alias "DiceLion"... The only thing is that she was still technically permabanned from Furaffinity. Her claim is that Dragoneer "forgave" her but seeing as how now once again she is banned, that claim is clearly bullshit.

    The Cintiq Theft

    At some point in the summer of 2014 Kasai's Wacom Cintiq tablet kicked the bucket and she threw a massive fit on FA. Because clearly a more expensive tablet will improve her laughably awful anatomy, right? RIGHT? Somehow she managed to extort a random furfag named Chakat Deirdre into funding the purchase of an entire new Cintiq 24HD tablet for a sum of around $2500.00 USD. There was a supposed "contract" but, as in the past, no one expects that Kasai will honor any part of it. Seeing as she is now once again banned from Furaffinity, this is most likely her prime opportunity to weasel out of doing any art she owes this person. Amusingly, while lamenting publicly on her FA about her lack of a tablet and funds, on her private Twitter account Kasai continued to talk about purchasing many other items, up to and including a new aquarium and supplies, two new snakes, and many other luxury items that an unemployed, do nothing fatass that lives off of their parents would of course blow all of their money on and then cry about how poor they are.

    This situation is still developing, so expect super drama meltdown soon.


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    • tentacleface

    Messenger Handles

    If she messages you, LOG THE CONVERSATION.

    If you brag about being native and you don't look like you are, then you clearly aren't!


    • krimson_katt


    • Teh Krimson Katt
    • RadicalRAVEed
    • t3chqr0wm4nc3r
    • DJ T4C0
    • Orange Baboon T
    • tylociraptor


    LJ Socks

    Twitter Socks



    Her most recent attempt to duck out on her commissions and steal everyone's money.

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