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    Karmafist is a notorious Wikipedophile who is so easily butthurt by internet drama that he is the source of shitloads of lulz.

    GTFO Wikipedia

    Karmafist is the source of many lulz as he is a candid critic of Wikipedia administrators who abuse their power and so has been banned at least 100 times.


    In August 2006, on The Wikipedia Review, he stupidly told people he planned to vandalize Wikipedia with bullshit which even pissed off Everyking.

    WTF did you say about TOW???

    Since August 30, 2006, he has been permabanned from TOW for being mean to the poor helpless nerds. Moar importantly however he spread links to two subpages of his userpage the first of which was his manifesto that on how to end abuses on Wikipedia which includes a petition that received over one hundred signatures. The second of which was his "wikiphilosophies" page about his ideas on how wikis, especially Wikipedia, should be run and how his ideas can improve them.


    Karmafist was first made an administrator on October, 11 2005 after his request for adminship (RFA) had 53 support votes and two oppose votes. One was from Boothy443 who with his high moral standards and Satanist values, told every RFA at that time to oppose because he thought many of the administrators were abusive. The second was from the supremely butthurt Fadix who was really sad Karmafist was a big meanie to an administrator when he called him a "jerk."

    Blocking Rampage

    On Christmas Day, 2005, Karmafist wrongly judged the administrator Mailer Diablo to be a sockpuppet and accordingly blocked him.[1] Mailer Diablo closes shitloads of votes for deletion every day and a user who created the fucktarded name Regforafd nominated some articles for deletion at least 100 of these were accordingly deleted by Mailer Diablo who also coincidentally just happened to welcome Regforafd. Mailer Diablo was later proven innocent of sockpuppeting.

    Do NOT challenge King Jimbo

    In February 2006, King Jimbo of Wales blocked an editor who was then unblocked by Karmafist resulting in Jimbo desysopping him. Wikipedia's arbitration committee, being blatant ass kissers, decided that Karmafist would have run again for adminship again if he to be a sysop.

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