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File:Great state of kansas.jpg
This image will trigger Kansasfags by reminding them Kansas City and therefor everything good associated with the word Kansas isn't even in the state

Kansas is a "state" (if you can even call it that) in the Heartland of America. Located just south of its equally retarded corn chucking neighbor, Nebraska, it is an equally unremarkable state. Chances are good You've flown over Kansas at some point in your life while going from an interesting place on the west coast to an interesting place on the east coast and vice-versa. However it is extremely unlikely you've ever actually stepped foot in it.


Kansas first became a lolcow in the JEW.S.A. in the 1850s. During this time things were heating up with slavery division was being sewn between the Racist southern states and the closeted racist northern states. The question of rather or not the territories of Kansas and Nebraska should become slave states. The balance of slave to free states was even up until that point. So this was bound to break the balance (unless they made one a slave state and one a free state but whatever...).

The President at the time, Franklin Pierce, didn't want to deal with this shit, so he decided to just let them decide with the Kansas-Nebraska Act. When passed in 1854 it caused a lot of drama has Pro Slavery People and Anti-Slavery People flocked to the state to help swing the vote. This turned into violence in an act called Bleeding Kansas, as both sides tried armed themselves and killed each other.

Flash Forward about a hundred years and Kansas is once again at the center of some race based controversy. Like many states that value their education system's quality Kansas didn't allow blacks to go to school with whites. Origionally upheld by the Supreme Court after Plessy V. Ferguson a new suit was brought up against the Topeka Board of Education. Named Brown vs. The Board of Education of Topeka it created through the help of NAACP Lawyers an end to school segregation. This created much butthurt amongst pro segregation southerners who fought the ruling for over 15 fucking years not desegregating some school until into the early 1970s. Virginia I'm looking at you.


Flatter than Kennedy Kressler's tits the state offer very little in terms of shit to look at. With the tallest tree in the state still shorter than most NBA Black Guys theres not much to look at here folks. Move along.


File:P homes.jpg
An estimated 75-90% /Sp/astics in Kansas Fap to this image

Recently the Kansas City Chiefs broke their 50 years Superbowl drought with a victory in Superbowl 54 in 2020 over the San Francisco 49ers. It's not hard to see why with a Quarterback like Patrick Mahomes a lightskinned black he's the perfect combination of athletic ability and intelligence. Not to mention their future Hall of Fame Coach Andy Re...

Oh wait they play in Kansas City, Missouri. Mot in the actual state of Kansas.

And the Royals?

Yep Kansas hasn't got shit. lol.

Famous People from this Shithole

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