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    Wearing all those bracelets must make her super cool. Everyone wants to be like KAM!

    Kamilya lives in Columbus, Ohio, has the voice of a prepubescent crack whore, and attends AnthroCon every year to hang out with "friends" like Zeriara who actually hate her and laugh at her behind her back. She spreads lies to start drama all over the net, and yells at people she knows in real life for not calling her "Huskie".

    Oh god... I could go on and on about Kamilya... we used to be friends then one day she told everyone (COMPLETELY randomly) that I stole all my characters - which have been published in novels and my earliest work about them goes back to like '96... She then sent me a picture of the one she pointed out most because she didn't know I knew what she was telling everyone...

    She also stalks Huskie and used to copy her artwork even though she says it looks like shit. She told me that the only way to get "well known" in the art world is to "use other artists as stepping stones, everyone does it!" (I remember her saying that exactly). And then she called me a loser when I told her I wasn't the kind of person who would be willing to do that.


    —anonymous coward

    She also claims not to be a furry or into vore, and she says she's afraid of penises, but she sure draws an awful lot of all three.

    At AnthroCon 05, she caused a massive shit storm which gave her her nickname "Cokehead Kami".


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