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    Kami Boh

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    Escorting Ad Photo
    Future Pornstar
    Vibrating her Dark Bean
    Riding Ed Powers

    Kami Boh is another bimbo who lacks the cognitive ability to flip burgers, so instead works in pr0n. Her hole starred in at least ten interracial porn videos as well as Azn porn. She was born Polang Khlang to two Cambodian parents and grew up, as all Cambodians, poor as fuck. Desperate for money, she began practicing the Ninja-art of handjobs at the age of 6 for Uncle Bad-touch. She attended Ocean View High School, in Huntington Beach, California from 1991 to 1995 where she skillfully masturbated, sucked, and fucked her way to graduation and went on to become a not-so-successful import-model under the name of Pauline Kien. Modeling gave the delusion that she was actually hot to the ronery azns. She became infatuated with money. Her gold-digging came to a whole new level when she decided to start escorting. She knew it was more than just a date, there was a lot of money involved and for the right price she was bought. She escorted till her early twenties when she decided she might as well get paid for one rendezvous, all the time, in the form of pornographic movies.

    She met a grimy, nerd with celebrity status and a massive, non-Asian wang (as in penis, not a name) named Ed Powers. This is where Pauline became Kami Boh, the semen soaked, clitoris-licking, masturbating, dick-in-the-ass Asian porn star.

    She has a tramp stamp.

    Boh is now a mother of twin daughters named Sage and Aubrey Kien who were born in 2009.

    The only scene I have of Kamis is an Ed Powers scene. She's a pretty dead lay.



    I remember watching the Ed Powers video of Kami Boh, boy she was bored. HE really sucks the life out of everything with his loud breathing and god he is ugly. It's too bad that she didn't do any videos besides Powers and Steed.




    No emotion at all from the WHORE : just FUCK ME , CUM and leave !!




    This is one of Ed Power's paid fucks. Her porn nam is Kami Boh but her real name is Pauline. She's Cambodian and from Garden Grove. CA.



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