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What you see... *puke*

The newest weapon in KFC's eugenics program against the poor, the KFC Double Down (otherwise known as the KFC Niggerkill on the combo menu) was released in April 2010. Featuring: bacon, cheese, the Colonel's secret sauce, and two fried chicken patties used as buns; this disgusting creation has already had its share of internet drama as the the same people make the same heart attack jokes.

Diabetics like it because of its lack of carbs. Because when God tells you to quit eating like shit, just eat a different kind of shit.

The Double Down sandwich gives me a heart attack just thinking about it.


—Naomi_Jay, expect to see this joke a lot

Dear God. It's terrible and glorious at the same time! Like.....eating Cthulhu.


—Some fucktard

Points of View

this sandwich is possibly the greatest creation of all time. not only does it manage to fashion buns out of chicken, it causes the peta freaks to scream bloody murder like a pack of 18th century french revolutionists. also, i think i heard some eco-conservationists bitching about it the other day, due to the fact that all of the various meats on it are "resource intensive." god, if you hear these people talk, they think that farmers pour diesel fuel on cows to make them bigger, plumper, and more tasty...also they feed other livestock with feed made out of pure plutonium. all in all, i will never eat one of these sandwiches because i'm not a fan of fast food (but holy shit i am a huge fan of their ideas) and because the idea is just so outrageously grand. honestly, it is a "grand scale-outside of the box-big thinking sandwich" that deserves total respect. also, it has bacon on it. who wouldn't poison their own grandmother for bacon...if there is a man or woman such as this out there, i would like to meat them, because i just cannot wrap my mind around the fact that people think that bacon is unethical. if i were ever to meet such a person, i would make a boxing glove out of prosciutto and fist them with it. i might even wrap my cock in Bresaola and rape them.



This will be great for my diabetes because other than the breading on the chicken it's practically carb free!!!!!!!!!! ;-)


—Rick K., on flipping off God [1]

Yuck. I imagine the chicken can't really make a good bun, so all that colonel's sauce, cheese, and bacon would begin to start dripping all over the place... Plus, holding on to this fried chicken would either make your hands, or the napkin all greasy. This is really quite gross.



Wow. Just...wow. That looks disgusting. Or maybe awesome. How about awesomely disgusting?



I can't wait to feed this to my young children! They're going to love it. They are 4 and 5 years old respectively and they can't get enough of stuff like this! We'll probably be having this 3 or 4 times a week!


— Some asshole.

Since they only serve the Double Down in the South, and I'm not allowed back there, I've decided to recreate it with two chicken breasts, some bubble tape, and gravy. Mmm... you can really taste the bones.


— Michael Swaim [4]

"4 double downs and 3 cokes please!" "Oh yes, of course I want potato wedges with that! Thanks!"



Double Down - what a name! Does that refer to the sandwich or how deep they are going to bury you after you eat it?



Foods like these DO NOT cause heart disease and obesity. High-carb foods do, as do vegitable oils. I do not like this sandwhcih because it is most likely extremely salty, and has been fried in said vegitable oils. It may even contain trans fat, and I would bet my life the bacon contains nitrates/nitrites. Plus, the colonels sauce is sure to be full of sugar and artificial flavors. But I love the basic idea, and may make a homemade, all-natural version sometime. According to my sources, the thing packs 1200 calories as KFC prepares it so, unless you are extremely active, you should probably skip it.



In case you're thinking of trying it, consider this: Reports by the UK's Daily Mail claim that the estimated 540 calories in the sandwich is a gross under-exaggeration, and it could actually have up to 1,228 calories -- about the same as two Big Macs or eight donuts.



Sigh, America.


Fuck you too buddy

I'd like to know the nutrition, or should I say lack of it, information


Yes yes very funny

KFC Causes PETA Attention Whoring

Who dieded?

PETA, the animal loving organization, declared war on the Double Down. This wouldn't normally be interesting, but PETA seem to be fanning the flames by going on a "Hearse Tour" in order to spread awareness of the dangers of this nigga cuisine.

You are what you eat

So as KFC debuts its artery plug on a sans bun, PETA will begin touring the country with our anti-KFC hearse, which will make its first stop in KFC's hometown, Louisville, Kentucky.



PETA Member's Two Cents

Don't forget the mayonnaise-based sauce (made from eggs). That makes FOUR animal-based ingredients, so it truly IS "quadruple"-cruelty!



KFC's hometown is Corbin, KY. Im from corbin, and thats where the original KFC is... so I think that should be the first stop. I think this is such a good idea


—Elizabeth, proof that PETA even fails at Googling

It's also 4 times the contribution to global warming. If people have to eat meat, then it should only be 3-4 times a week... not 3-4 times a day. I hope this revolting concoction doesn't travel the pond to here in the UK.


Jean, on failing elementary maths.

wow, 4 animal products in one burger? my question - why? Why has no-one made a vegan fast-food option? PETA, do you have enough funds do start a chain or is anyone interested in starting one? If you can't start one in America, why not Australia?


—keira, still believes in hitler

I love this idea, it's wonderful! This kind of work should be done with the other fast food restaurants like Mcdonnalds, burger king, wendys etc...there should be a law banning these kinds of places!



I agree, great idea! Two breast are better than one.



I admit it, I can't wait until this starts killing people. Someday we shall read in the newspaper, and in this very blog, that people are dying from this very sandwich, and then its sales will triple because a vast majority of Americans are mentally retarded.

And when a sandwich causes a death spree, that will be the time to strike. Come to think of it, how come I don't see your PSAs everywhere like the anti-drug ones?


—Jacob, he came

PETA Trolling

These people are doing it right:

is KFC the only company selling chickens?? (purdue ,popeyes,bell&evans, and a thousand others ?)



That sandwich, or whatever it is, sounds like it would taste so good! I am going to go out and get one right now... two pieces of chicken with bacon and cheese... mmm... bacon is the best. I think this site is good though, there are nicer ways to kill chickens.




Evidently, the world isn't satisfied with just one type of disgusting "sandwich", so now we've got a handful of variations on the Double Down. The variations range from DO NOT WANT to lol wut:

KFC & Krispy Kreme Fried Chicken Luther Double Down Sandwich: The guys that build food (amongst other things) over at Topcultured put together this train wreck. It consists of all the usual trimmings of a Double Down, but with additional features, including: extra Colonel's sauce and two "Krispy Kreme Donuts". However, most see this as a "wasted opportunity", as they didn't add an ingredient, which is truly uneatable.

The Arugula D.D. Double Down: Co-founder of Diabetes Daily created this variation as a healthier option for people with or without Diabetes. The recipe for this lightweight can be found here, as well as instructions on how to prepare it. This variation has a sufficiently lower calorie and sodium count at 381 and 310mg, respectively.

The Marinara D.D. Double Down: This version of the Double Down was created by the same person behind the Arugula D.D. Rather than advising people to stay the fuck away from this food, she's went and created another healthy alternative, now with Marinara and cheese. The recipe can be found here, if you fancy cooking this shit.


Health Power Up (NOM NOM NOM)

Typical White Mans reaction upon discovering KFC Double Down

How to video guide on purchasing and eating the Double Down

Delicious coverage on the Double Down,

brought to you by TYT Cracker News

Actual nutritional information

Also note you can get the grilled version to make it healthier, but that's like dropping an atom bomb because it kills less people than an H-bomb.

  • Calories: 540 (about the equivalent of a Big Mac or a 6 inch sub at Subway, 1/4 of your day)
  • Fat: 32g (half of your day)
  • Sodium: 1380mg (half of your day, this goes up when switching to grilled)

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