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    KDE is an artifact from an older time, a time when the internets were just starting out, a time when the internets were not jam packed with morons and assclowns. Simply put: a time when there was a lull in the lulz.

    Typical Kermit users. Notice the speech bubbles; nerds had to communicate solely through text back in ancient internet times.

    Back before Al Gore performed his magic, one had to use a modem to get online. This would normally be accomplished by dialing in to a BBS. Once there and eager to download porn, the basement dweller would select a protocol to deliver his porn. At the time the most common protocols were X-Modem, Z-Modem, and Kermit. Kermit was the most popularest since it had advanced features such as error correction, allowing a higher number of ungarbled tits per hour. KDE actually stood for 'Kermit Duplication Error'. It occurred when the user was too busy masturbating to realize that they had already begun downloading an image and initiated another image transfer. Kermit, being created before multitasking had been discovered, could not deal gracefully with this two-transfer scenario and the streams would became crossed. After the files finished downloading Kermit would regain its composure and alert the user that this error had occurred. Sadly, all the hours spent waiting for porn were done so in vain as the anticipated porn actually consisted of disjointed blocks of non-flesh tones strewn about the monitor randomly. Many fearless nerds would masturbate to these images in an act of pure desperation, thus creating the field of Abstract Art.

    In the modern era, the aforementioned usage of KDE has become archaic. Thus when a bunch of foreigners began using the term to refer to their rip-off of Windows no one noticed or cared. The only people who realize that KDE even exists are the people behind GNOME, who are just pissed that they were unable to copy Microsoft first.

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