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    A k-line (aka "kill") is the penultimate IRC ban, booting a user from an entire IRC server. K-lines are only a half-step under the dreaded G-line (Global-line) ban, which bans you from the entire network, and one can only assume it was named K-line because the nerd that wrote IRC was seriously dyslexic. (Spoilers: K-Line = "Kill Line". G-Line = Global Kill Line)

    K-lined for real

    K-lines are only passed out by the IRC server's operators (called IRCops), but they are generally too busy eating donuts at the IRCoffeeShop, or playing #MW2 in their IRCondo to really police the place the way that a website's message board moderators do. Essentially, unlike perma-bans, it's impossible to say something so stupid, inflamitory, or spiteful that the IRCops will ever notice you. In order to actually get them to IRCapYoAss, you have to do something extraordinarily trollish (even for IRC), like DCC spam the IRCops personally with furry porn or dDoS the network, or be from a foreign country!

    Since anyone can change their ident on IRC to escape a lazy IRCop's k-line (or change their IP, if their ISP has dynamic IP adresses), many resort to simply k-lining entire ISPs, like AOL or entire countries. This is because IRCops are too fucking stupid to just use a type 2 banmask (*!*@some.cawk.shit.4chan.org), thinking that they can show off their 1337 IRC skills to their fuckbuddies and improve their e-penis by using an ident ban. I mean, I'm pretty sure every single person in Brazil was in on that DOS attack, anyway!

    If you have k-line abilities on bantown, make sure you k-line JViz as much as possible.

    Mass Kill's

    File:Cho hammertime.jpg
    IRL IRCop bout to mass kill/jupe a channels inhabitants

    A mass kill is when a raged oper just says 'fuck it' and bans most of or an entire room. Mass kills are common on EFnet. Freenode and Rizon have them but much less often.

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