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    Hey! Big Thumbs Up.jpg This article isn't lulz just yet, but its coverage can spark a lollercoaster.
    You can help by reverting people who delete shit, and vandalizing their user pages.
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    justflyakite's MS paint LOL avatar on DevianTART


    BANNED FROM deviantTART! HA HA! Disregard that. Fucker sucked a cock to get unbanned.

    File:Deviantart-favicon.png justflyakite, (aka Daniel Araujo; JFAK; Kite;spic; beaner; that wannabe emofaggot) a popular DevianTARTlet and huge inspiration to all artists, newfag magnet, beaner part of the cancer killing /b/ and the creator of the shitty webcomic DinoSaurs. Some of his other work includes the short-comic series entitled The Whimsical Adventures of Randy & Nigel and ...that's about it. His ideas lack substance, and his comics are reminicent of jokes from yesterday. Even his MySpace (defunct) and web domain (defunct) are devoid of material. In a nutshell, JFAK is the living embodiment of Rule 47.

    JFAK was blissfully unaware of his own ED page's existence until moments ago, a mere 10 minutes after it was created. Rumour has it he both wrote the whole thing himself, and at the same time denies its existence. Unbeknownst to many, Mr. Araujo's mother was having an affair with 4chan's /b/ at the time of his conception, and as a result, he is 4chan's butt-baby.

    While JFAK does a number of gay things, such as abusing mudkips with his mouth, he has also done a number of things to help reduce the overall fail-ness of DevianTART in his own mind. By providing his large fan base of 16-year-old girls and furfags with polls about /b/'s state of affairs, mudkip abuse (See figure 1)

    Figure 1, proving his abuse of teh moodkipz.

    , or wars against Fanart, JFAK's e-penis is in a constant state of stimulation.

    JFAK's popularity has led him to make a tutorial teaching how to draw his characters, which was soon bahleeted because File:Deviantart-favicon.png elithesporkdisapproved.

    JFAK has also been sighted brandishing his kite on YouTube Favicon.png justflyakite and AnimeMusicVideos.org. Real-Life Example: (Warning, this is a severe dramatization of JFaK's nonexistent magical powers that he believes he possesses. Under no circumstances should he be agreed with.)

    JFAK is noted for his abuse of 4chan memes, his abusive chatroom, his ability to make the front page of DeviantART with scribbles your mom wouldn't post on the fridge, and for his tendency to start crusades in otherwise peaceful web-communities. Trademark insignia include a box cap with skull logo, black tie and white collared shirt, emo haircut, and his original language. Examples include:

    JFaK on Himself

    Daniel prefers Dani. not Danni. Danni is a girls name . Dani.



    JFAK only has one accomplishment, and that's the ability to force young girls onto his penis for personal gain.


    It is completely unsurprising that JFaK loves MONIES, and often faps to the idea of having moar. Because of this, JFaK is plotting to overthrow Fort Cocks, america's largest cock repository, using a book of his lame-ass comics and low-quality attempts at art.

    In fact, JFaK got so tingly in his no-no place at the thought of all that delicious cashola that he decided to use his non-existant artistic talent to create graphic t-shirts promoting his comics. (See Figure 3)

    Figure 3, JFaK's beautiful shirt design.

    In all truthfulness, that T-shirt design was probably the best thing JFAK ever created. Surely, he framed the masterpiece and put it next to the Daily Devimatation the DevianTART staff awarded him for his ability to generate web traffic on their site.

    Teh Great Anti-Fanart Campaign!!!11

    In late 2007, JFAK waged war against fanart and the fanartists within devianTART that create it. By pimping stamps and writing countless journal entries that targeted equally pathetic artists, he threatened to take out the fanart fanbase single-handedly. This needed to be done because because fanart is unoriginal, whereas countless pictures of identical rabbit things and cookie-cutter comics is a-okay. His personal army of devoted fans spammed the living shit out of his journal updates the pages of his targets. Eventually, after enduring days of his antics, even JFAK's loyal minions turned on him and demanded a ceasefire.

    Someone at DeviantART with have half a brain finally decided to step in, because his stamp was removed from the site due to 'infringing upon copyrights'. This stamp featured the DevianTART avatars of two fairly prominent fanartists on the site whose permission JFaK had not obtained before uploading the stamp. Ironically, the deviantART staff did not clarify whether or not the stamp was in violation of the rights of the fanartists, or of the companies that originally created the characters portrayed by the fanartists. The world may never know. People might be dipshits but there's a little lulz in all of us. (See Figure 4 for the stamp)

    Figure 4, JFaK's anti-fanart stamp.

    An attempt at winrar, but only to fail, is his the stolen "I <3 ED! stamp" displayed proudly on his devianTART site. The lowest form of cocksucking is probably flattery, and ED is not amused. (See Figure 5)

    Figure 5, Cocksuckery: A Cross Sectioning.


    Though JFAK refuses to comment, half of his Pokemon fanart tends to hint at broadening the horizons of 13 year old girls. His drawings of Pokemon's newest little slut includes her showing off her developing features and flaunting her childlike persona. He also shows interest in that Lucky Star moe trash which only strengthens the pedophilia case against him. His obsession with the Pokemon and Naruto fanbase and the fact that it easily lures preteen girls must be awfully convenient.

    On top of this, JFaK's devianTART chatroom (lovingly renamed from #SupJFAK to #KiteArmy) is filled with fans with nothing better to do than provide him with tons of loli porn from 7chonz's /cake/ and 12chan's /everything/.

    Apparently, JFak's chatrooms got banned because they were spamming it with @[email protected], harassing other chatrooms, and other forms of spam.

    Figure 6, Delicious flat ches-- oh shit.
    File:Jfak pedo.jpg
    Figure 7, JFAK has no shame when it comes to thinking preteens are hot.

    JustFAK Off: Whining & Bitching

    As a lulzcow of the highest caliber, it comes as no surprise to anyone when JFAK goes on a tirade against those who criticize his work. Anyone who openly disagrees with JFAK finds themself on the receiving end of attacks from his legion of fans. In exchange for photos of him cross-dressing or eating Pokemon, they will maturely approach dissenters with well thought-out arguments, and ban hammers (See Figure 9 & 10).

    Figure 9, Don't steal his artworkz
    Figure 10, Abandon all hope, ye who enter here

    Even his slutty little hoe of a "spouse"'s SHIT get's onto the frontpage. Bet if he posted a pic of his cock it'd get 1million favorites & a truck load of fappin teens chasing after him. What a fagbag.

    JFAK encourages e-drama, and only hopes that those who attack him do so in a witty or amusing manner. Raped English or insults from 13 year old boys usually result in making him 'laff' or even a ban from his chatroom.

    Among friends and admirers, he strokes his ego by any means possible. Fishing for compliments on his artwork, or trying to garner support for his forthcoming book are commonplace actions. Turns out the hot-shot is also self-conscious about his figure. (See Figure 11)

    File:Fat 20081008.jpg
    Figure 11, Too many mudkips, perhaps?

    Sources tell ED that JFAK was so desperate for attention that he orchestrated the creation his own ED article. If not for more bitching and moaning in his horrible dA chatroom, none of this furfaggotry would have ever happened.

    People really are dipshits.

    Reportedly, he also edits and updates his page personally. But because he is not a geinous, he finds others to edit and write this article for him. At times, he has even bribed others to help make him look good. (See Figure 12)

    Figure 12, Kung-fu tryhard.

    NAO CUTE ANIMALS styles are EXCLUSIVELY Justfuckashits!!11

    Shit man, cause CUTE ANIMALZ are SO ORIGINAL Because he's so famous, it seems, is that NO ONE CAN COPY HIS STYLE! of course his minions will follow him to the end of the earth because they are faithful!

    On another note, perhaps his ego is to make up what he's lacking.

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