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In this arbchat, ravyncrow aka JuggaletteJenny.

ravyncrow aka JuggaletteJenny joined the chat room.
[7:57pm] ravyncrow: fin ally..geez
[7:58pm] ravyncrow: you think mirc would be simple
[7:58pm] ravyncrow: im here
[7:58pm] kit4cat: hi
[7:58pm] ravyncrow: i have no clue how to do this so please bare that in mind
[7:59pm] subseven: you'll be fine
[7:59pm] SSCash: hello
[7:59pm] kit4cat: welcome
[8:00pm] kit4cat: ravyn, what happened to your yt account?
[8:00pm] ravyncrow: look..i never knew you guys even was around..i had no clue there was honestly trolls and anon and all this..i just want to go back to being myself and to be not attacked..
[8:00pm] ravyncrow: it got suspended
[8:01pm] ravyncrow: ravyn crow
[8:01pm] subseven: CLOSE ENOUGH NIGGER
[8:02pm] ravyncrow: am i allowed to ask questions?
[8:02pm] subseven: YOUR LAWLYER
[8:02pm] MewS-13: oh hay
[8:02pm] MewS-13 is now known as BURK.
[8:02pm] BURK: well
[8:03pm] subseven:        BURK    
[8:03pm] MudCrippin4Lyf: hello
[8:03pm] BURK: for the purposes of this chat
[8:03pm] BURK is now known as FUBUXGEAR.
[8:03pm] You are now known as ODB.
[8:03pm] ODB: the court should appoint him an lawyer
[8:03pm] FUBUXGEAR: hmm
[8:03pm] subseven: BURK YOU'LL REPRESENT HIM?
[8:03pm] FUBUXGEAR: how about kitty
[8:03pm] FUBUXGEAR: since she knows the most about him
[8:04pm] ODB: signed
[8:04pm] SSCash: I have confidence in Kitty's talent in arbitration
[8:04pm] Raskinok joined the chat room.
[8:04pm] FUBUXGEAR: ya kitty is good
[8:04pm] FUBUXGEAR: lol and i dont?
[8:04pm] kit4cat: i'm in love
[8:04pm] FUBUXGEAR: in that case how about odb
[8:04pm] subseven: no ur the fairest man i know
[8:04pm] kit4cat: lust actually
[8:04pm] FUBUXGEAR: hot
[8:04pm] FUBUXGEAR: cloaca rubbing?
[8:05pm] subseven: kitty do you want to defend ravyn?
[8:05pm] kit4cat: okay, your honor
[8:05pm] subseven: okay
[8:05pm] FUBUXGEAR: ok
[8:06pm] kit4cat: WHERE'S THE KNIFE
[8:06pm] subseven: ODB would you mind taking ove the gavel so i can represent our hallowed ED?
[8:06pm] ODB: otay
[8:06pm] ODB: ops plox
[8:06pm] FUBUXGEAR: id like to be a prosecutor, since i have juices 
[8:06pm] You were promoted to operator by subseven.
[8:06pm] ODB: ty
[8:06pm] subseven was granted voice by subseven.
[8:06pm] subseven was demoted from operator by subseven.
[8:06pm] ravyncrow: may i ask that you bare with me..IRL calls for a moment..
[8:06pm] • ODB bangs gavel
[8:06pm] ODB: oh jeez
[8:07pm] Latin_Slowkings joined the chat room.
[8:07pm] Latin_Slowkings is now known as weev.
[8:07pm] ODB: 3 minutes or you'll be jailed for contemp
[8:07pm] weev: Hello
[8:07pm] FUBUXGEAR: hold until sherrod gets in here
[8:07pm] weev: Ops.
[8:07pm] ODB: weev is now the judge
[8:07pm] FUBUXGEAR: yes
[8:07pm] weev was promoted to operator by you.
[8:07pm] subseven: excellent
[8:07pm] FUBUXGEAR: ravyncrow you should feel proud
[8:07pm] ODB: just as it should b
[8:07pm] subseven: you won't get a fairer trial than that
[8:07pm] FUBUXGEAR: your getting the first arbchat ina  long time
[8:07pm] FUBUXGEAR: and getting the best judge
[8:07pm] weev: This is the Honorable Andrew R. Weevlos presiding
[8:08pm] weev: Arbchat is a long and valuable tradition, and is the core of ED user conflict resolution
[8:08pm] subseven: i beleive kitty would like to step down from ravyns defense your honor
[8:08pm] weev: I will not have a mockery made of my courtroom.
[8:08pm] SSCash: ravyncrow may I suggest that irl communications be temporarily ceased for a fairly concise and smooth trial
[8:08pm] • ravyncrow back
[8:08pm] weev: So
[8:08pm] weev: Who is the plaintiff?
[8:08pm] subseven:        ravyncrow    
[8:08pm] ravyncrow: will be hard seeing as my dad needs my help at times
[8:08pm] ravyncrow was granted voice by weev.
[8:08pm] ODB: aka juggalettjenny
[8:08pm] weev: Do they have representation?
[8:09pm] FUBUXGEAR: kitty aka kit4cat
[8:09pm] subseven: his representation dismissed herself
[8:09pm] FUBUXGEAR: oh
[8:09pm] weev: okay
[8:09pm] weev made this room moderated for normal users.
[8:09pm] weev: ravyncrow: I want you to state explicitly and clearly
[8:09pm] weev: the articles on ED you have a problem with
[8:09pm] weev: what you want done to them
[8:10pm] weev: and on what grounds you feel it is necessary that they be altered
[8:10pm] ravyncrow: I actually did not want the whole thing puts my family in danger and worst off now i have to deal with my ex wife because of my child's pic being up
[8:10pm] Raskinok left the chat room. ([anonymuncule.irc] Local kill by NeoLobster (unfunny))
[8:10pm] weev: okay notice the order that i stated the question in
[8:10pm] weev: 22:58 <@weev> ravyncrow: I want you to state explicitly and clearly
[8:10pm] weev: 22:58 <@weev> the articles on ED you have a problem with
[8:10pm] weev: 22:58 <@weev> what you want done to them
[8:10pm] weev: 22:58 <@weev> and on what grounds you feel it is necessary that they be altered
[8:11pm] weev: what whole thing?
[8:11pm] weev: i am not familiar wtih your case
[8:11pm] Raskinok joined the chat room.
[8:11pm] ODB: in three words or less
[8:11pm] weev: give me URLs
[8:11pm] ravyncrow: juggalettejenny and my childs picture..
[8:11pm] ODB: i have the munchies
[8:11pm] subseven: OBJECTION thoe aren't URLs
[8:12pm] weev: good enough
[8:12pm] weev: so
[8:12pm] weev: ravyncrow.
[8:12pm] ravyncrow: look new to this..ive never been thru this
[8:12pm] ODB: shut up
[8:12pm] weev: ODB: please remain civil
[8:12pm] weev: this is a civil arbitration chamber
[8:12pm] ODB: or it will be a lot more...
[8:12pm] ODB: okay weev
[8:12pm] weev: its ED's way of coming to an agreement
[8:12pm] weev: you don't have to like someone, but everyone must be civil
[8:13pm] weev: now
[8:13pm] ODB: it's like arbitration
[8:13pm] weev: ravyncrow: do you have evidence of this?
[8:13pm] ravyncrow: may i speak for a moment your you all understand what is going on?
[8:13pm] weev: re: your ex wife, your "family in danger"
[8:14pm] weev: i don't see how an article on the internet
[8:14pm] weev: puts your family in danger
[8:14pm] weev: i mean i fail to see how text can somehow become lethal
[8:14pm] weev: unless maybe you hardened printer toner in the sun
[8:14pm] weev: and then carved a shiv out of it
[8:14pm] ravyncrow: seeing as i did not give anyone permission to post my pics of me and my child up..
[8:15pm] weev: ravyncrow: are you familiar with the term "fair use"
[8:15pm] ravyncrow: and my child being not able to defend self and my ex giving me shit over this
[8:15pm] ravyncrow: it maybe seem fair use but its my pics..i dont want anyone having them..they are all i got as is since my divorce
[8:15pm] weev: Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 17 U.S.C.  106 and 17 U.S.C.  106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.
[8:15pm] weev:        for purposes such as criticism,    
[8:16pm] subseven: thats the lawl
[8:16pm] weev: would you not disagree that your article is criticism of you?
[8:16pm] ravyncrow: what i dont understand is why atack me for..all im trying to do is make vids on youtube and then suddenly..i get and article up for no reason because i am just trying to be me..
[8:17pm] weev: okay
[8:17pm] weev: well
[8:17pm] weev: i have been informed
[8:17pm] weev: that you once claimed that Joseph Evers purchases child slave prostitutes
[8:17pm] ravyncrow: had i known back then you all was around..i would had not even came to tube
[8:17pm] weev: if you have read Joseph Ever's ED article
[8:17pm] weev: you would know
[8:17pm] weev: he is my dear friend
[8:17pm] weev: he has been to my house
[8:17pm] weev: he has beaten up my girlfriend in a drunken rage
[8:18pm] ravyncrow: well seeing as i was given this and told this was true..then what you expect..
[8:18pm] subseven: your honor i have quite an extensive list of the defendents crimes whenever it pleases the court
[8:18pm] NeoLobster joined the chat room.
[8:18pm] NeoLobster was promoted to operator by ChanServ.
[8:18pm] weev made this room no longer moderated for normal users.
[8:18pm] weev: we will now take comments and opinions from the public
[8:18pm] weev: ravyncrow: basically
[8:18pm] weev: it comes down to this
[8:18pm] weev: everything you've stated right now
[8:19pm] weev: is
[8:19pm] weev: well
[8:19pm] weev: "your problem"
[8:19pm] weev: as in
[8:19pm] weev: "not my problem"
[8:19pm] weev: what do you have to offer us?
[8:19pm] Raskinok: If this is the child's picture in question...
[8:19pm] FUBUXGEAR: i would like to know why ravyncrow felt it neccissary to attack and defame and slander girlvinyl and how his marital problems are our responsibility
[8:19pm] weev: you want us to do something for you
[8:19pm] ODB: also...the internet is serious business
[8:19pm] weev: and you offer nothing
[8:19pm] NeoLobster: not even tits?
[8:19pm] ravyncrow: i mean..guys..all this seem silly to be doing court..i just want to get back to my life and not be bothered with this stuff you have on me..
[8:19pm] SSCash: I demand proof how people's lives are endangered because of ED
[8:19pm] FUBUXGEAR: ravyncrow you should have thought about that before you threatend to hack and destroy our fair website
[8:20pm] ODB: why so syrys ravyncrow
[8:20pm] ravyncrow: how would you feel if your attacked verbally like me..put the shoe on the other foot..
[8:20pm] subseven: this man has made image macros dropping docs on other's children
[8:20pm] subseven: a baby
[8:20pm] NeoLobster: ravyncrow: You've obviously never been in #ed
[8:20pm] FUBUXGEAR: neo ravyn is from youtube
[8:20pm] FUBUXGEAR: and is a transvestite
[8:20pm] FUBUXGEAR: one that has stubble
[8:20pm] NeoLobster: tits and dicks?
[8:20pm] ODB: you didn't prepare for the gravest test of your life?
[8:20pm] ravyncrow: so im suppose to let you all verbally attack me and do nothing
[8:20pm] SSCash: As an active contributor to ED, having people imply that I am a degenerate and would-be murderer is upsetting. Ravyn, can you justify yourself?
[8:20pm] NeoLobster: Sounds like a dream
[8:21pm] subseven: no he has a small penis that wants to chop of
[8:21pm] FUBUXGEAR: its basically a clit already
[8:21pm] ravyncrow left the chat room.
[8:21pm] subseven: yes
[8:21pm] ODB: you can hit us with e-lasers
[8:21pm] FUBUXGEAR: aww
[8:21pm] Raskinok: Hahahaha
[8:21pm] SSCash: pusssss
[8:21pm] kit4cat: this is unfair to the homeless
[8:21pm] FUBUXGEAR: someone forcejoin him
[8:21pm] Raskinok: Was that a guy or a girl?
[8:21pm] weev: get him back here
[8:21pm] SSCash: he bailed
[8:21pm] NeoLobster: he disconnected
[8:21pm] FUBUXGEAR: shit
[8:21pm] FUBUXGEAR: motherfucker
[8:21pm] Raskinok: him... OH SHI-
[8:21pm] ODB: a guy who's very ugly wimmin
[8:22pm] Raskinok: This was epic, I knew #ed wouldn't be boring tonight...
[8:22pm] ODB: i gave up a how date for this
[8:22pm] FUBUXGEAR: that wasnt very epic
[8:22pm] ODB: *hawt
[8:22pm] SSCash: at all
[8:22pm] subseven: hold on i think we can get him back
[8:22pm] FUBUXGEAR: it was veyr short
[8:22pm] FUBUXGEAR: ya
[8:22pm] ODB: bummer
[8:22pm] SSCash: though, seriously
[8:22pm] Raskinok: it was epc
[8:22pm] SSCash: weev that was fucking funny
[8:22pm] FUBUXGEAR: tell him we have his dox and this can all go away with a simple ihbt vid
[8:22pm] ODB: not really
[8:22pm] weev: thats not a very good one
[8:22pm] ODB: no
[8:23pm] weev: he packed up his shit and went home too early
[8:23pm] FUBUXGEAR: ya
[8:23pm] ODB: but it whet my appetite
[8:23pm] weev: [[GoddessMillenia]]'s arbchat
[8:23pm] NeoLobster: weev: did you have a chance to tell him about jews?
[8:23pm] weev: is the funniest ive ever done i think
[8:23pm] FUBUXGEAR: oh man
[8:23pm] weev: or DukeOtterland
[8:23pm] ODB: yeah weev
[8:23pm] weev: both of those were really really good shining examples
[8:23pm] weev: of the arbchat medium
[8:23pm] SSCash: that c/p with laws and shit.
[8:23pm] ODB: i was reading that earlier
[8:23pm] FUBUXGEAR: freeza is in love with her
[8:23pm] Raskinok: Yeah, this was really boring compared to the DukeOtterland chatlog
[8:23pm] FUBUXGEAR: just in another demension
[8:23pm] FUBUXGEAR: anyway ya
[8:23pm] FUBUXGEAR: subs see what you can do
[8:23pm] ODB: and bravesgirl5's #ed arbchat
[8:24pm] SSCash: I think jj was just expecting something civil, and the fight or flight response kicked over to flight
[8:24pm] FUBUXGEAR: he ran away to cry basically
[8:24pm] SSCash: can we coax him over to another medium
[8:24pm] subseven: i think he just hit the wrong "x"
[8:24pm] FUBUXGEAR: i wanted to get him to admit lying about aushock
[8:24pm] ODB: he prolly thought this was SERIOUS BUSINESS
[8:24pm] subseven: he's not very bright
[8:24pm] SSCash: what about a conf call
[8:24pm] Raskinok: he was clithurt
[8:24pm] ODB: obviously
[8:25pm] SSCash: if we can get him to agree to a strictly moderated conf call would this be awesome y/n
[8:25pm] subseven: we need the record of lulz
[8:25pm] Raskinok: No opinion
[8:25pm] SSCash: subseven: that's what .mp3s are for
[8:25pm] Raskinok: I don't want to know what that shemale's voice sounds like.
[8:25pm] kit4cat: Ravyn Crow
[8:25pm] kit4cat: 12/13/08 8:23 PM
[8:25pm] kit4cat: what so i can have then throw me in internet jail..
[8:25pm] kit4cat: devilkitty411
[8:25pm] kit4cat: 12/13/08 8:23 PM
[8:25pm] kit4cat: there is a lot wrong here
[8:25pm] kit4cat: Ravyn Crow
[8:25pm] kit4cat: 12/13/08 8:24 PM
[8:25pm] kit4cat: they aint going to get rid of the article
[8:25pm] SSCash: Raskinok: you should hear his kermit impersonation
[8:26pm] subseven: tell him its his last chance before its front paged tomorrwo
[8:26pm] ODB: wow, /b/ is actually tolerable right now
[8:26pm] SSCash: [email protected]
[8:27pm] FUBUXGEAR: and his dox are linked
[8:27pm] subseven: weev the defendent wants to come back
[8:27pm] subseven: but he wants the audience thinned out
[8:27pm] FUBUXGEAR: req voice as prosecutor
[8:28pm] weev: hey
[8:28pm] FUBUXGEAR: or just kick out everyone not involved, like mescalito penni-piper raskinok sscash
[8:28pm] weev: tell him to come back
[8:28pm] weev: that i am quite willing to take down peoples articles
[8:28pm] weev: that ive done it a bunch in the past
[8:28pm] weev: but that i refuse to change arbchat as an open discussion medium
[8:28pm] FUBUXGEAR: tru the lulz must not be inhibited
[8:28pm] SSCash: can we keep it +m at least for a while longer?
[8:28pm] subseven: dems da rules
[8:28pm] weev: yeah
[8:29pm] ODB: BRING HIM ON
[8:29pm] SSCash: lump this buster out
[8:30pm] Raskinok: ED vio-lates bullshit, folks... 
[8:30pm] SSCash: lump THIS ^^^^ buster out
[8:32pm] ODB: tick tock tick tock
[8:33pm] FUBUXGEAR: front page it with that pic of him and his kid on the front
[8:33pm] ravyncrow joined the chat room.
[8:33pm] subseven: lol
[8:33pm] FUBUXGEAR: wow
[8:33pm] FUBUXGEAR: just in time lols
[8:33pm] kit4cat: hi ravyn
[8:33pm] ravyncrow: damn stupid updates..
[8:33pm] kit4cat: welcome back
[8:33pm] subseven: that darned technology
[8:34pm] ravyncrow: sorry..that was my computer doing updating
[8:34pm] kit4cat: this is the time you voice your concerns, ravyn
[8:34pm] FUBUXGEAR: ok weev: arbchat back in session?
[8:34pm] ravyncrow: can we do this without some court thingy
[8:34pm] FUBUXGEAR: its an internet court
[8:34pm] FUBUXGEAR: we take the lulz very seriously
[8:34pm] subseven: this hallowed institution is our way
[8:34pm] ravyncrow: why? i dont see why do that..
[8:34pm] FUBUXGEAR: becuase it is the rules
[8:35pm] subseven: werd
[8:35pm] FUBUXGEAR: it doesnt matter what YOU see understand, this is how ed works
[8:35pm] ravyncrow: told you all that this whole thing was never heard of til i came to youtube
[8:35pm] FUBUXGEAR: ok
[8:35pm] subseven: thats understood ravyn
[8:35pm] FUBUXGEAR: ravyn may i ask you a question
[8:36pm] FUBUXGEAR: if that pleases the court
[8:36pm] ODB:    
[8:36pm] weev: ravyncrow: 23:09 <+ravyncrow> how would you feel if your attacked verbally like me..put the shoe on the other foot..
[8:36pm] ODB: oops
[8:36pm] weev: listen dude
[8:36pm] ravyncrow: look...i understand that you like picking on me..but why me..why all this on me..what is so special about obsession to me
[8:36pm] weev: the new york times published a smear article on me
[8:36pm] FUBUXGEAR: ya
[8:36pm] weev: you know how many people hate me on the internet?
[8:37pm] FUBUXGEAR: pretty much everyone in this room has been the target of a smear campaign, though not to weev
[8:37pm] ravyncrow: look at me..i make vids and i get attacked and made fun of for what..cause im outspoken?
[8:37pm] FUBUXGEAR: 's extent
[8:37pm] FUBUXGEAR: ravyncrow i would like to know why you felt it neccissary to claim you wouldhack and destroy a website without even bothering to request the article be removed
[8:37pm] subseven: wait a minute ravyn...u made some attacks yourself buddy
[8:37pm] ravyncrow: i was trying to fight back..because some of you all backed me into that position to fight..thats all i know how to do..i fight to survive
[8:37pm] ODB: because you're a milker ravyncrow
[8:38pm] FUBUXGEAR: to survive what
[8:38pm] ODB: ^OBJECTIO
[8:38pm] ODB: lol
[8:38pm] Raskinok: judgment day?
[8:38pm] subseven: with your knife and your poolstick amirite
[8:38pm] ravyncrow: then what would i have to do to finally get peace back on youtube
[8:38pm] ODB: ^OBJECTION
[8:38pm] weev: ravyncrow: well
[8:38pm] weev: you want me to do something for you
[8:38pm] weev: i can accomplish anything
[8:38pm] weev: anything on ED
[8:38pm] kit4cat: give pizza chance
[8:38pm] FUBUXGEAR: its true
[8:38pm] weev: you want your article gone?
[8:38pm] weev: all i have to do
[8:38pm] weev: is click a button
[8:39pm] FUBUXGEAR: and poof
[8:39pm] ODB: what kind of pizza kit4cat?
[8:39pm] weev: but i want to see like
[8:39pm] ODB: money?
[8:39pm] weev: a return
[8:39pm] weev: not even money
[8:39pm] weev: i just want to know what he has to offer
[8:39pm] FUBUXGEAR: a vid perhaps?
[8:39pm] ODB: this thing is fucking golden weev
[8:39pm] weev: yeah
[8:39pm] ravyncrow: sorry..truely i knew nothing of you guys..if i knew then i wouldnt have acted so defensive
[8:40pm] subseven: wait a minute
[8:40pm] FUBUXGEAR: so you think you can bully people becasue you dont know they are hardcore interneters?
[8:40pm] subseven: weren't you just saying that you were going to "end" me?
[8:41pm] weev: ravyncrow: i want you to make a video of you denouncing the jews as tyrants and expressing interest in killing ben bear nain key.
[8:41pm] ODB: "I've got this thing and it's f------ golden, and uh, uh, I'm just not giving it up for f------' nothing. I'm not gonna do it,"
[8:41pm] ravyncrow: what do you guys do? you do the same
[8:41pm] ODB: "I've got this thing and it's f------ golden, and uh, uh, I'm just not giving it up for f------' nothing. I'm not gonna do it,"
[8:41pm] ODB: "I've got this thing and it's f------ golden, and uh, uh, I'm just not giving it up for f------' nothing. I'm not gonna do it,"
[8:41pm] Raskinok: Blagospam
[8:41pm] ravyncrow: look at irish282
[8:41pm] FUBUXGEAR: ya
[8:41pm] FUBUXGEAR: look at him
[8:41pm] ODB: no thx
[8:41pm] subseven: PEDOPHILE
[8:41pm] FUBUXGEAR: hes a fucking pedophile
[8:41pm] ravyncrow was granted voice by weev.
[8:41pm] FUBUXGEAR: he has a harem of little kid socks
[8:41pm] weev: irish282 is a fucking pedophile
[8:41pm] weev: a sick fuck
[8:41pm] weev: just like you
[8:41pm] weev: you fucking tranny degenerate
[8:41pm] Raskinok: irish282's article is hilarious!
[8:41pm] weev: now
[8:42pm] weev: ravyncrow: i want you to make a video of you denouncing the jews as tyrants and expressing interest in killing ben bear nain key.
[8:42pm] weev: ravyncrow: i want you to make a video of you denouncing the jews as tyrants and expressing interest in killing ben bear nain key.
[8:42pm] weev: i will write a script for you
[8:42pm] weev: and you will read it
[8:42pm] FUBUXGEAR: this is a moral obligation for your homeland ravyn
[8:42pm] weev: with passion
[8:42pm] weev: do you agree?
[8:42pm] ravyncrow: i knew irish282 was sick like that..but im one that doesnt judge for past
[8:42pm] weev: if so
[8:42pm] subseven: your a watermark for our purposes can we have that slightly modified?
[8:42pm] weev: i will take your ED article down
[8:43pm] Raskinok: Denounce the jews as tyrants and name Rod Blagojewvich as an example.
[8:43pm] weev: Raskinok: shut up
[8:43pm] weev set a ban on *!*[email protected]*
[8:43pm] Raskinok was kicked from the chat room by weev. (weev)
[8:44pm] weev: ravyncrow: i want you to make a video of you denouncing the jews as tyrants and expressing interest in killing ben bear nain key.
[8:44pm] weev: this is how you can have this shit end
[8:44pm] weev: is reading a script
[8:44pm] weev: are you willing to do it?
[8:44pm] ravyncrow: can i ask why?
[8:44pm] FUBUXGEAR: because the jews are tyrants
[8:45pm] ravyncrow: but why me..
[8:45pm] subseven: i'd like to suggest to the court that the defendent make said video with a sign that says "IHBTBED" so we can be sure its him and not some editting trickery
[8:45pm] weev: ravyncrow: we make everyone denounce the jews
[8:45pm] weev: who wants shit from us
[8:45pm] FUBUXGEAR: yes
[8:45pm] weev: ravyncrow: are you a fuckin jew?
[8:45pm] weev: do you love the jews or something?
[8:45pm] FUBUXGEAR: and they typically hold ihbt signs as well, goddessmellinia for instance
[8:45pm] FUBUXGEAR: he could be a jew
[8:45pm] FUBUXGEAR: he is a degenerate
[8:45pm] ravyncrow: can you explain that...this whole deal of what im doing
[8:45pm] weev: well
[8:46pm] weev: theres a dude on the internet
[8:46pm] weev: called benn bear nain key
[8:46pm] weev: he's a fucking jew
[8:46pm] weev: i hate him
[8:46pm] weev: if you make a video talking about how you hate jews
[8:46pm] weev: and how hitler was right
[8:46pm] weev: and how you want them all to die
[8:46pm] weev: and you are sick of them running world governments and international banking cartels
[8:46pm] weev: and you talk about how you're going to kill benn bear nain key
[8:46pm] weev: well
[8:46pm] ODB: do you have a foreskin ravyncrow?
[8:46pm] weev: i'll forgive you for being a fucking disgusting tranny degenerate
[8:47pm] ODB: it is the moral obligation for all gentiles to reclaim their foreskins
[8:47pm] FUBUXGEAR: yes
[8:47pm] FUBUXGEAR: this is for your country
[8:47pm] FUBUXGEAR: that is controlled by zog infiltraitors
[8:47pm] weev: and take down your article
[8:47pm] weev: forever
[8:47pm] ravyncrow: in the usa
[8:47pm] FUBUXGEAR: this is what i ment when i said you are unamerican
[8:47pm] weev: dont worry about it
[8:47pm] ODB: lol wut
[8:47pm] weev: will you make the video?
[8:47pm] weev: everyone shut up
[8:47pm] weev: i want his answer
[8:48pm] ravyncrow: how am i unamerican...explain..
[8:48pm] FUBUXGEAR: answer weev
[8:48pm] weev: ravyncrow: listen
[8:48pm] weev: i want to go eat at a really expensive restaraunt i newport beach
[8:48pm] weev: and youre eating up my valuable time
[8:48pm] ravyncrow: how am i going to do that if i got suspended
[8:48pm] weev: every second that passes is 1 more that makes me think
[8:48pm] weev: i should post your address everywhere
[8:49pm] weev: and have people ruin your life
[8:49pm] weev: ravyncrow: you record a new video
[8:49pm] weev: and post it to a new account
[8:49pm] weev: we can end this now
[8:49pm] weev: i can take down your article
[8:49pm] weev: but you have to agree to give us what we want in return
[8:49pm] ravyncrow: fine i will...
[8:49pm] weev: alright.
[8:49pm] weev: whats your email address?
[8:49pm] kit4cat: i'll make you a new yt acct
[8:49pm] ravyncrow:        [email protected]    
[8:49pm] weev: actually
[8:49pm] weev: lets take this to message
[8:50pm] weev: okay
[8:51pm] Topic changed to "Juggalettejenny arbchat concluded. The article will be taken down and trolling will cease pending fulfillment of his end of the arbchat contract." by weev.
[8:52pm] subseven: you did the right thing ravyn
[8:53pm] FUBUXGEAR is now known as BURK.
[8:53pm] ODB:    
[8:53pm] ODB: oops
[8:53pm] BURK: you did the right thing for your race and nation brother
[8:54pm] ODB: amen
[8:54pm] kit4cat: we need more countrymen like ravyn
[8:54pm] ODB: AMEN
[8:59pm] ravyncrow: what was it about me that you all had to attack me like that
[9:00pm] BURK: shhhh
[9:00pm] BURK: its over now
[9:00pm] You are now known as MudCrippin.
[9:00pm] BURK: just listen to weev
[9:00pm] BURK: and all will be well friend
[9:00pm] BURK is now known as MewS-13.
[9:01pm] ravyncrow: can i leave now
[9:01pm] MewS-13: do you have all of weevs contact info
[9:01pm] MewS-13: so he can send you the script
[9:01pm] ravyncrow: he has my email to send it to
[9:02pm] MewS-13: ok, if that fails we can contact you via skype
[9:02pm] ravyncrow: k
[9:02pm] MewS-13: kitty should also have a account for you shortly
[9:02pm] MewS-13: weev anything else or can he leave?
[9:02pm] ravyncrow: i told her i would make new account..
[9:02pm] subseven: they might have baned your ip
[9:02pm] ravyncrow: since im pulling what you all do for socks
[9:02pm] kit4cat: ravyn, don't worry about that
[9:03pm] MewS-13: doubtful
[9:03pm] weev: he can leave
[9:03pm] ravyncrow left the chat room.
[9:03pm] MewS-13: yt never bans ip at least not these days
[9:03pm] SSCash: ahahahaha
[9:03pm] MudCrippin: not bad
[9:03pm] subseven:                          
[9:03pm] SSCash: that was a great turnaround
[9:03pm] MewS-13: this could be the lulziest arbchat resolution ever
[9:03pm] MudCrippin: it turned from a C- to a B-
[9:03pm] MewS-13: having far reaching social consequences
[9:03pm] kit4cat: you know the jews are going to jump my shit and i will be in jail right
[9:03pm] subseven: holy shit
[9:04pm] MewS-13: kit4cat not ur shit
[9:04pm] MewS-13: ravyns tho lols
[9:04pm] MudCrippin: you need you some armour pajamas kit4cat
[9:04pm] MewS-13: hes gonna get stuffed in a black van and taken far far away
[9:04pm] kit4cat: that's what he just told me, burk
[9:04pm] MewS-13: oh
[9:04pm] MewS-13: lols
[9:04pm] subseven: lol
[9:04pm] kit4cat: inorite
[9:05pm] MewS-13: tell him its all just a joke and that theres nothing to worry about except what will happen if he doesnt make the vid
[9:05pm] MudCrippin: i can't believe it
[9:05pm] subseven: rolld up by the hasidics
[9:05pm] kit4cat: he's making the vid
[9:05pm] MewS-13: oh man
[9:05pm] MudCrippin:  /b/ is actually good right now
[9:05pm] MewS-13: we need to rip that shit
[9:05pm] MewS-13: and upload it everywhere
[9:05pm] MewS-13: as soon as he posts it
[9:05pm] MudCrippin: i posted a thread about nothing that lasted 35 minutes
[9:05pm] MewS-13: and run refreshers on it
[9:05pm] MewS-13: so it jumps to most discussed
[9:06pm] MewS-13: lol shit i may make a sock just to drop it to nordicjawa
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