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    Jonathan Kendrick Lewis

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    This page contains an hero.

    Santa Monica Police Department

    Jonathan Kendrick Lewis
    Place of Birth Los Angeles, Killafornia
    Nationality Americunt
    D.O.B. October 29, 1983
    An Hero'd September 26, 2012
    Occupation Actor
    Years Active 2000-2012

    Jonathan Kendrick Lewis (October 29, 1983 – September 26, 2012) was an emaciated Americunt shit-stain who validated his faggotrous existence and crippling chemical dependency by entering into the world of show-business and gargling the hot salty emissions of numerous casting-directors. Best known for appearing as the half-retarded US Army reject with one testicle in FX's Sons of Anarchy Lewis also appeared in a number of lamentable films including Alien vs. Predator: Requiem and The Runaways.

    And so it begins...

    Having had the misfortune to be born into to a Scientologist family Lewis appeared in a number of propaganda films and was a sponsor of the Scientology drug rehabilitation front group Narconon, laughably his photograph appeared in promotional materials on the group’s website right up until last Thursday. Lewis was eventually expelled from the church in his early 20s after senior figures reached the inevitable conclusion that he was nothing more than a useless drug-addled faggot well on his way to giving them a bad name... which is really saying something.

    Lewis began fagging up the domestic screens in his late teens with roles in a number of shit television shows, his debut feature film performance premiered in 2004. It was unsurprisingly shit.

    After entering into a relationship with popular semen-depository Katy Perry in 2006, Lewis is believed to have contracted Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease which some argue only served to further his already rapid descent into all-encompassing madness.

    Acts of Faggotry

    Lewis was arrested three times between 2011 and 2012. In January, 2012 he hit two men in the head with a bottle rather than act like a man while engaged in a fight. He pleaded no contest to charges of assault with a deadly weapon in the case. His second arrest came approximately six weeks later when he was accused of attempting to break into a domestic residence. He pleaded no contest in that case as well.

    Delusional and Oppositional.


    —JKL as described by his attorney in April 2012

    Considering the cases, a probation official expressed that he was "very concerned for the well-being of not only the community but that of the defendant", that he suffered from mental health issues as well as chemical dependency, and that Lewis would "continue to be a threat to any community he may reside". Lewis was released from the warm embrace of Bubba in mid-September, 2012.

    The Final Curtain

    On September 26, 2012 Lewis and an 81-year-old woman, Catherine Davis, were found dead at a home in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles, California. Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department found the body of Lewis on the home's driveway. Davis was found dead inside the dwelling, which appeared to have been ransacked. Broken glass and a dead cat were found in the home as well. Davis' death is being investigated as a homicide, in which Lewis is a suspect. According to multiple reports, police were called to the scene after neighbors heard the 81-year-old woman screaming.

    "blunt-force trauma and manual strangulation."


    —the opinion of the LAPD & county coroner

    Neighbors told police they saw a man jump the fence on the Davis property, assault a homeowner and painter next door, then jump back over the fence. According to the LAPD, Lewis then either fell or jumped from the home's roof, garage, or patio.

    Law enforcement sources told TMZ Lewis may have been on drugs at the time of his death, “either PCP or meth” and that after allegedly killing the woman, the actor returned to cowardly form while fighting with two men for around four minutes utilising a “2x4 to attack them”. Others are citing the emergence of a new and even more awesome drug with the street-name of "Smiles" as being responsible.


    File:Killing old women.JPG
    The first two rows of results if you Google pictures of "Killing old women".

    Johnny Lewis, I love you deeply and madly and always. My heart is broken in a million little pieces. I will miss you every day... (He) was one of my best friends. He was very, very ill. His actions were a despicable result of that. It was not who he was.


    Twitter-favicon.png shannonwoodward BALEETED

    After removing the post Woodward later tweeted her condolences for the elderly victim... which was big of her, the stupid twot.

    Industry sources state that Katy Perry has yet to publicly comment on the death however claim she has been “devastated” by the news. A friend told US Weekly:

    She is devastated. She had to separate from him to get ahead and focus on her career. He was in trouble then and she couldn't help him. A lot of her songs were partially inspired by him.


    —Highlighting yet another reason to despise the cunt



    Raise Your Voice (2004) • Pretty Persuasion (2005) • Underclassman (2005) • Alien vs. Predator: Requiem (2007) • Palo Alto (2007) • One Missed Call (2008) • Felon (2008) • The Runaways (2010) • Magic Valley (2011) • Lovely Molly (2012)


    7th Heaven (2000) • Malcolm in the Middle (2000) • Judging Amy (2001) • Undressed (2001) • Boston Public (2001-2003) • The Guardian (2002) • Yes, Dear (2002) • The Sausage Factory (aka: MTV's Now What?) (2002) • American Dreams (2003–2004) • Drake & Josh (2004) • Quintuplets (2004-2005) • Smallville (2005) • The O.C. (2005-2006) • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2006) • Eight Days a Week (2007) • Bones (2007) • Shark (2007) • Cold Case (2008) • Sons of Anarchy (2008-2009) • Criminal Minds (2009)

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