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    Hey! Big Thumbs Up.jpg This article isn't lulz just yet, but its coverage can spark a lollercoaster.
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    Note the 'felines' and 'canines' under the feeding list. I don't think fapping to dead puppies and kittens will gain you much points in the popularity department, Jonah

    JonahsVore likes reptiles. I mean, really likes reptiles, especially snakes. But even more so than that, JonahsVore likes, um, vore. Oh yes, and animal feces. Let's not forget about that one.

    In typical internet asshole fashion, JonahsVore decided that it would a great idea to post videos of his snakes, posing as a reptile feeding husbandry channel. Never mind that he uses the same exact username at vore fetish sites where he beats his meat to the screams and squeals of dying animals.

    Like so many other very interesting individuals before him, JonahsVore seems to have confused page views with popularity, believing that others actually like his videos. Of course, what he doesn't realize that the majority of people would probably strangle him if the ever met him in RL.

    Typical Reactions to JonahsVore YouTube Page


    Bye bye chick your going down the pussy hole of sexyness


    DampCube Closed

    What Jonah's fantards do


    oh good fuck ur self those r little animals that can't do anything to defend them self and ur letting them get eaten whats wrong with u god damn I hope all of those stupid pets of urs eat u when ur sleepy and choke on ur bones

    btw u sound like a kkk member u stupid red neck!!!




    People are weak, and try to push their weaknesses on you by demanding you remove your videos. I love your work here - reptiles are wonderful creatures, and displaying the reality of their eating habits shouldn't be hidden so that feminine sensibilities can be preserved.



    What Jonah's haters are full of.

    Internet Tough Guy

    You are one sick bastard.

    If i ever fucking saw that and you were recording. I would seirously grab a fucking knife and fucking kill you to fucking death. You sick bastard. How could you feed poor innicent animals. I will kill you my fucking self.



    Animal's Rights Activist

    your going to HELL for this!!!!!!!!!!!! You make me sick!!!! as a animal lover i fuckin  hate you BITCH how would u enjoy watching this shit IF I COULD ILL FUCK U UP BITCH ILL BITCH SLAP U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE U LIKE EVERYONE DOES AND PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT THIS FUCK U TO BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    foxtrotter510 Closed

    Just guess where his other hand is at...

    The E-Savvy

    I bet you tape all the shit your snake eats so you can later jerk off to it.



    Lol Wut

    Feeding live isn't natural because its a man munipulated situation.

    also Chicks are not part of a Snake's natural diet, all Wild Chickens are extinct.



    Truly An Artist At Heart

    What everyone else hopes will happen to Jonah.

    By later that afternoon Seth awoke to the feeling of pressure inside his lower bowels. "Hold on, Rosie." The dragon hurriedly climbed out of bed and padded across the room. He entered inside the bathroom and quickly turned, swinging his large tail to the side as he straddled the dragon-sized toilet and lowered himself down. It was just in time, he gave out a loud grunt as his scaled vent began to slowly pucker open. Seating comfortably over the bowl, a log of shit begun to mound out from of his puckered asshole. "Ahh," he sighed, as a heavy mass of crap squeezed out and plopped nosily into the water. Strands of dark colored hair clung from his scaled vent.

    An explosion of intestinal gas erupted noisily spraying dark fecal matter onto the inside porcelain wall. A second gaseous outburst sputtered out watery globs of white colored ooze into the toilet. The dragon grunted as he worked to expel the remaining mass of human debris. Slowly mounding out, his asshole puckered open showing the pink flesh of his anal sphincter. A large, heavy mound of shit crowned outward. Suddenly several feet of dragon dung slid out of his gaping anus. Plop! The water splashed up like a fountain as the massive log smashed against the bottom of the toilet with a soft thud.

    The dragon felt more pressure build inside his rectum. He reached down, his talons rapped across the porcelain wall as they grasped the toilet's rim. Clenching his eyes shut he tilted his head upwards as spurts of gas fluttered past his anal vent. It puckered outward. A mound of moist, plump dragon shit slowly descended from his dilated anus. The heavy log of crap hit the water with a loud plop and sunk to the bottom toppling over black and brownish colored shit. Seth breathed out as several watery white lumps splattered into the toilet. With his anus gaped open, the pink flesh of his dilated sphincter seemingly eyed its expelled soupy contents below. Strings of human hair were entwined inside clumps of dragon shit, protruding, waving and swirling around in the foul water like strands of seaweed dancing passively in a strong current.

    Feeling relieved of his intestinal burden, Seth squeezed his vent closed. He reached down between his legs and gently grasped his large penis as it protruded from its scaled sheath. Slowly breathing out in a long sigh, the dragon relaxed his bladder as a trickle, and then a heavy stream of hot urine whooshed from the end of his cock. The yellow piss gushed into the toilet as it splattered noisily into water. It mixed in his feces in with what appeared to be a dense, mushy fungus floating in a watery stew. A froth formed where the hot urine mixed with the soupy fecal debris. The strong odor of saurian piss wafted up as gallons of hot, liquid waste gushed from his body. A strong, foul stench filled the air inside the bathroom. The strong musk of urine combined with the fetor of dragon shit. A few moments later the large torrent was reduced to a sputtering trickle. The dragon tilted his head up and breathed in deeply, he took in the smell of his human prey's eliminated body.

    Seth stood up from the toilet. He turned around and looked at the volume of shit inside the frothy water. Proud at having reduced a human to an odorous muck of dragon shit, he reached over and grabbed a clawful of paper towels and carefully rubbed them around his scaled anal vent removing long strands of hair and other fecal debris. He tossed the soiled clump of paper into the toilet and smirked contemptuously as he saw it float above the foul excrement.

    He reached over and grabbed a large metal lever. Pulling it downward, a rapid flood of water circled inside the oversized toilet. The heavy contents spun around and slowly descended downward into the whirl of water. A loud gush was heard as the fetid contents were sucked down the toilet into the plumbing below. The remains traveled to a large underground cesspit and dumped inside.

    What remained of her body: the hair, some fingernails and teeth ? all that was preserved in Seth's powerful digestion ? blended inside a giant buried cesspit of dragon waste. Remains of her digested body sent underground, its mired parts suspended forever in a fetor of dragon muck. It was a proper burial for Rosie he thought. She would always be with him.

    In conclusion,

    D: D: D: D: D: D: D:
    Bunnies must have molested him as a child :(