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    Pretty right?
    She's coming for your sweet testicles. You wish!
    Mr. James E. Mead
    Tilt your Head one way...
    ...Then the Other
    Atomic.gif Warning!
    IT'S A TRAP!

    Jokestress (a.k.a. Andrea James, née James E. Mead, a.k.a. Ann Coulter) is a wikipedophile and lantern-jawed transsexual who admits to have been an advisor for the movie TransAmerica. She is Lynn Conway's goon and an advocate for trans fats.


    Jokestress considers wikipedia the most important thing currently happening on the internets and has made thousands of edits. She hates red links and has made over 9000 new articles. Jokestress also uses the Wikipedia as a platform for promoting her businesses.

    Recently, he got pwnd by ArbCom and topic-banned from all his favorite articles after constantly arguing with a faggot named James Cantor.[1]

    Other Shit

    Jokestress claims to have coached Felicity Huffman (a woman) for her role (pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman) in Transamerica and appears very briefly at the beginning of the film. He is also in a shitload of cheap documentaries that noone would ever watch and runs several websites about consumer issues including her website The TS Roadmap which has much information on weird medical procedures for advanced fantasists.

    Jokestress evidently has a penchant for attacking young children, calling a nine year old girl a "cock-starved exhibitionist" and a five year old boy a "precious womb turd." Despite being out as a transsexual, for some reason, he has repeatedly had his birth name, "James E. Mead" removed from wikipedia, by his transsexual wikipedia buddies. Undoubtedly because James E. Mead accomplished some great things while genitals were still intact.

    Jokestress transitioned for the lulz, and in order to have a "hot" (if you call fake cone tits and a mangled genital region "hot" - sure) female body to play around with to satisfy his sexual fetishes.

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