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The Joker Movie is another craptastic prequel in the Batverse that was designed to show how he became him and excuse his behavior as the Joker. It's whole 120 minute purpose is to show how the Joker came about growing up as a neglected child of society that was tied to radiators and abused by his mother's boyfriends, having a batshit insane mother and keeps getting himself into bad situations because he has Pseudobulbar Affect and laughs at the wrong times. It's supposed to be a character analysis film that spectacularly fails to do even that.

Trying to be Taxi Driver it tries (badly) and fails to show rather a man letting go and becoming his true persona that is in insanity rather than the descent into it.

The movie takes place in what seems the 1970s New York City (they didn't even try to make it look like Gotham City). As a failed comedian, Arthur Fleck/The Joker doesn't get noticed until he becomes a pre-internet meme, when his standup routine is shown on a late night talk show where he is standing at the mic laughing and badly telling jokes.

During this, The Joker, Arthur Fleck, winds up starting a movement against the rich by doing a Bernie Goetz on a subway killing 3 Wall-Street power brokers who decided to kick the shit out of him because he was laughing when they were throwing French Fries at a lonely woman on a train.

The movie climaxes, finally, when he shoots late night talk show host Murray Franklin on live TV as the punchline to a joke and goes on a tirade where it is the societal system that defines what is right and wrong and kills Murray because his goal was to make fun of him.

The plot is extremely weak and full of cringe one liners. The movie tries to deal with serious issues but obviously neither the writer nor the director have enough skills to handle them. So the film tries to be everything but eventually ends up being nothing. It has no one driving theme. Instead it tries to cover as many different themes as it can but only slightly, making it very shallow and superficial and focusing more on aesthetics than substance. This is evident by constant smoking scenes and Joker's dancing scenes that really have no meaning whatsoever.

The movie is very contradictory of itself. It dabbles in politics, portraying The Joker as a rebellious leader who goes against society, then The Joker outright states that it’s not political. It tries to show The Joker as an unlikable character but at the same time forces the audience to sympathize with him and even justifies his actions.

Noteworthy is the director, Todd Phillips, a talentless boomer who constantly cries about how nobody is allowing him to make his shitty jokes because people find them offensive and they hurt their feelings. The director uses Joker as his insert character in a few instances. For example during the TV show part when the old lady tells Arthur “you can’t joke about that!” (needles to say how distasteful it is) or when Arthur tells the therapist at the end of the movie that she will not get a joke. Ironically, in the movie, The Joker kills people because they hurt his feelings. This makes him seem like a pathetic sad man rather than some smart unhinged psychopath.

Some commenters see a parallel between The Joker and Trump: a lonely outsider who comes with a promise to go against the elites. This argument greatly contributed to the movie's viral marketing as thousands of alt-righters started praising it on the social media just because of this and making it an instant hit amongst incel demography. But at the end the film delivers nothing. If anything, the movie itself is for Hollywood what the Trump administration is for America: a symptom of distastefulness and stagnation.

This movie is all about creating the appearance of being something deep. In other words, it's basically the film equivalent to Clickbait: it's a run-of-the-mill artsy bullshit movie with no real substance that only gained any attention and fame because of viral marketing, brand recognition, and a big picture of The Joker on the thumbnail trailer.



The movie spends 120 minutes trying to show The Joker's acceptance of what he truly is, a batshit insane, psychopathic killing machine. That's basically it. No surprises, no twists, no character development, no likable characters, no interesting characters, no fun characters, no engaging plot elements, no interesting plot elements, no fun plot elements, no real plot at all, but it's deep, man! If you still want to see it after reading that, just watch Falling Down and call it a day: it's the exact same movie except, you know, entertaining.

For the most part it fails because it waits to do a reveal at the end of the movie that what he thought was a relationship with the nigress down the hall was all a hallucination.

To put it simply it sux because if you haven't seen movies like Taxi Driver then you miss the subtle nuances of him talking to himself for some type of attention.


Name Description Picture
Arthur Fleck/The Joker Sees his killing of the brokers as people starting to notice him. All around, an uninteresting character until the end of the movie when he causes a riot in Gotham City by murdering Murray Franklin. Was adopted by Penny Fleck but she tells him he is the bastard son of Thomas Wayne because she is playing with a deck of 51 and has no solid grasp on reality. Gets his name The Joker from Murray Franklin who used the name to describe his bad standup routine where all he did was stand there and laugh. Lives in a world where everyone is cruel, rude, stand offish and willing to fight at any moment. What the movie tries to do is make him a victim of society by showing the mental health cuts during the 1970s when he is actually a product of the home where he was beat, starved and tied to radiators as a child. when he finally accepts the Joker persona he murders his adoptive mother, Penny Fleck in her hospital bed by smothering her.
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Penny Fleck The Whorish mother of Arthur that is delusional and believes that she had an affair with Thomas Wayne, Batman's Father. was arrested and placed in Arkham Asylum because she abused Arthur and was mentally incompetent, suffering from illnesses like narcissism. Through most of the movie, Arthur is stuck taking care of her while she writes letters to Thomas Wayne thinking that he will rescue her from her situation because of the alleged history they have. Dies when Arthur accepts his being insane and the Joker. Is smothered to death in a hospital bed.
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Thomas Wayne If you're new to the Batman universe or have lived on Mars for the last 10,000 years then you need to be told that he dies in an alleyway after leaving a movie early. This time it's in an alleyway during the riot the Joker causes after murdering Murray Franklin on live TV and admitting to murdering the 3 Wall street men. Arthur hates Thomas Wayne because in his words, "The lives of 3 rich men have value where, if he was dying on the sidewalk - Thomas would just step over him and continue on his way". Ironically calls people that hide behind masks cowards.
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Murray Franklin An asshole late night talk show host that is supposed to be a cross between Johnny Carson and David Letterman. Introduces the Joker to the world when he is shot dead on National tv by him. Served as a surrogate father for Arthur as he watched him every night and had fantasies of Murray Franklin accepting him as the son he never had.
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