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    John Best Junior

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    Watch Out! Thumb ltd a189.gif This faggot waits for the child to make the first move in a sexual situation.
    You can help by contacting Federal Authorities and alerting Chris Hansen.
    Atomic.gif Warning!
    This article may result in legal threats. You can help by raping anyone who calls in the Attorney at lol
    Meet my cousin!
    John Best on fucking everything!
    John Best Junior's second son

    John Best Junior (aka JB, Foresam, and bettwice33) is a fifty-something year old blogger, who has a son with autism. He is part of the "Mercury Militia," a group of parents who believe that autism is caused by mercury poisoning and want to bring back horrible dieases like smallpox, mumps, measles, and polio. As a result, he has dedicated his life to lashing out in rage against neurodiversity, a belief that autism should be accepted and not cured. To JB, neurodiversity includes anyone and everyone who does not believe as firmly as he does in the autism-mercury connection, including mainstream organizations such as Autism Speaks.

    JB is proud to be a troll and an e-bully. He constantly starts flame wars on his own blog just for a laugh. The Rational Response Squad have him on their hit list due to his homophobia and recently claiming that some other person defamed God.

    JB hates autism and gays so much because he probably has severe undiagnosed Asperger syndrome and is a faggot, in addition to being a gambling addict who swears he goes to the races just for the betting. He fistfights with an autistic child in hopes of getting imprisoned so he can bee ass raped the way he likes it. He plans to make bets about who will be the first to climax when he is anally raped. The good news is that during his fun happytime activity he will probably catch AIDS and die. No one will miss this worthless sack of shit. He jacks off to pictures of Ron Paul.

    JB rejects his own traits with denial and stalks anyone who dares to disagree with his opinions. This is proven by his avoidance of psychologists and trying to be an e-psychiatrist himself. He borrows tactics from Crossmack and has a degree from the Internet University of Doctorism. He also loves monkeys.

    Numerous attempts have been made to shut his blog down, including a number of legal threats. This man is an Internet tough guy who treated such threats as coming from suck up attorneys. It has been said that his sense of humour may be welcome on ED. But his pechant for stalking children with Autism in particular borders on paedophilia, so he would be raped very quickly.

    Butthurt, this faggot tried to blank this page and suffered the banhammer until last Thursday. More recently he started the process to a final solution by deleting a lot of messages from his blog because he was butthurt by the banhammer from a Yahoo Group.

    He bought a new website because he was further butthurt by Google putting restrictions on his blog to web searches further proving his faggotry. But someone running for office shit on the site and wrecked it. He was butthurt again and sold up.

    An hero?

    On August 6, 2008, John Best Junior called for the compulsory culling of all Autistic Asspie kids, making them all an hero to their mummies.

    If nobody has a better idea, and nobody wants to help, let's just start the lethal injections...nobody deserves life without parole at age 14.


    —Legal heroes!!

    War on Washington

    John Best Junior has been further butthurt by a threat to conscript his Asspie son to national service. Now suffering badly from USI he has used freedom of speech to call for the arrest of The Man. All because he misses Monica Lewinsky and the other whores interning.

    You are not going to take my 11 year old son and force him to do anything.


    —You want him to yourself? Ewwwwww!

    The Military and the Police must now recognize their duty. They are members of We the People as well our servants. For the Military to allow this Constitutional Treason by Congress is a violation of their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC!!!.



    He even quoted the oath he says he took "30 years ago". Trolling his blog has proven he is a hipocrite with no First Amendment for anyone who proves him wrong in anything, unless you don't follow the Fifth Amendment.

    Ways to Troll John Best Junior

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