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Joey The Autist

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Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

Joey Morales Ward was a 13 year old boy who suffered from extreme levels of assburgers, and rose to fame after starring in one of several of Louis Theroux's documentaries, due to the humorous and bizarre autistic screeching and mannerisms expressed by the child. Footage was originally recorded in 2012, but was posted online where it slwoly kicked off and reached millions of views in 2014. Trolls were quick to make mods and soundboards of Joey, while his parents battled to shut shit down.

Welcome to the internet, bitch.


After the original video reached 4 million views, the parents contacted Discovery and asked for their video to be pulled from the channel. They've been attacking a lot of content generated about Joey, so make sure to mirror what you find.

Current Whereabouts

Joey is believed to be in his late teens now, and has become so retard-strong that he had to have been moved from his cozy New Jersey suburb to a top-secret military fortress where he is kept under strict supervision and control. Rumor has it that he might break out and rampage across the nation, inflicting thousands of casualties before he is eventually taken out through nuclear justice.


Thousands have reacted to Joey the Autist by dishing in their $0.02 in the comment section of the videos. We've cherry-picked the most entertaining ones for you to enjoy.

those are demonic spirits acting a fool with him, it's most definitely not him or his fault!! It's a hard thing for parents, but trust me, correct deliverance is key!! P.S sorry for the people who will be rude and say how what I said is stupid, but it's a free country and I will say what I see fits ! Thank you



—Stacey H, describing how Joey is being possessed by demons.

Why doesn't the father straight up throw that piece of shit off a god damn cliff? It'd be more useful as bird feed than whatever the fuck future has in store for it.



—thereisnospoon, lol.

I have autism i don't do that



—Julia Baker, weighing in.

God did not make him like that. Think back to when he changed and you will remember that it was just after vaccination. ASD has many forms of brain and gut damage, ranging from slight to severe. Now with the newborn vaccination of Hep B, you will never know when the damaged started, because now they are vaccinating pregnant women as well. The vaccine agenda is totally insane "tradition" similar to the offering of children on the alter to false gods in ancient times. This time the false god is BIG PHARMA and we will look back in history and be ashamed and astounded at our gullibility and brainwash.



—Wewillwin777, going into tl;dr conspiratard mode.

1:23 was the moment he tried to transmit information to the autism aliens







—dylan dellingers gaming channel, demonstrating ALL CAPS.

Average 4chan user



—Gonzalo Lopez



Top 10 hotest sanic boys

Another remix

Shitty MLG parody

Christfag Soccermom Conspiratard's take.


Joey goes well with whimsical chiptune songs. Try these out, for example:


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