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    Jodie Gater and Stephanie Gestier

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    Lose an iPod?

    This page contains an hero.
    Jodie and Stephanie's last moments. Is it just me or do they look disturbingly like Tatu?

    Jodie Gater and Stephanie Gestier, were two homosexual lovers and incredibly terrible 16-year-old musicians who were students at Melbourne's Upwey High School. They were missing for a week before their maggoty decomposing bodies were found on Sunday the 22 of April 2007, hanging from a tree in the Dandenong Ranges National Park and thus quit IRL becoming an heroes. It is possible that they died on an hero day but probably died MUCH earlier if the gut-wrenching stench emanating from their bodies is any indication. Apparently both girls hugged each other like lesbians, thought "what the hell" and held hands, probably to make people think were dykes, which they probably were, which may have been another reason for the suicide.

    I blame... THE INTERNETS!

    As in the case of every suicide it is never the responsibility of family or friends to make sure their 16 year old girl doesn't want to hang herself from a tree. In this case the internets are to blame and even the Prime Minister of Australia has been questioned on the matter. It is assumed that because the girls spent hours chatting on the internets and posting horrible things there this made them want to die. As newspapers always tell the truth, it is expected that EVERY editor of ED will soon be swinging from a tree like a black person in lynching season. The suicides triggered a $5.9 billion investigation of MySpace.com which yielded no other suicide threats.

    I blame... EMOS!

    Newspapers across Australia went on a blaming rampage firstly with the internets then with the emo culture. There is, however, evidence that Stephanie wasn't even an emo, just a retarded 16 year old girl following fashion trends.

    Use scrollbar to see the full image

    Steph's now deleted Vampire Freaks page, (attained via the Wayback machine) states what her favorite bands were. Ummm...like what emo sane human would admit to liking Paris Hilton and Gwen Stefani? Fucking none. In conclusion the media is fucking retarded.

    The warning signs their friends and family ignored

    It is not known how the family and friends of these noble an heroes were so stupid as to miss the blatantly obvious warning signs of their imminent suicide, or maybe they just didn't give a shit. The latter is the most probable scenario. It is highly likely that if the two miserable bitches had run down the street naked screaming "I AM THE ANTICHRIST! I WILL MEET MY DARK SAVIOR TONIGHT WHEN I FUCKING KILL MYSELF!" their retarded so called friends would not have noticed.

    It's over for me, I can't take it! I hear it over and over again, it feels like it always rains.


    —Jodie Gater, on the Australian drought.

    Jodie's friends didn't seem to care, either that or they were too stupid to realize what was going on, which isn't that hard to believe.

    dude where r ya i saw ur pic in the paper... even tho it didnt look like you but still. u beta be at work on satday other wise itl be no fun wit out u il be all like hey im boyd and u wont be there to pretend ur boyd wit my bage. but yeah come back where r ya?


    — .:boyd:.

    Internets Phail Site

    A tribute site popped up to commemorate Stephanie Gestier's death, but not Jodie Gater's death as nobody liked her anyway apparently. This site is what happens when you feel guilty about letting your friend die alone. After /b/ was notified of its existence the site was promptly trolled into the ground and deleted. OMG NEVAR FORGET!111


    The Wiki trusting whore that is Today Tonight talks shit about emo kids.
    Today Tonight is the Aboriginal equivalent of reliable Faux News broadcasts


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