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    Joanna Rutkowska

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    Joanna Rutkowska is actually a man IRL.

    Enjoy your cock!   8====D (_(__)

    Joanna Rutkowska (formerly Jan Rutkowski) is a Polish security faggot, primarily known for her research on tranny trap installation and hiding techniques. She's widely renowned for being the first transvestite to admit her condition on a security faggotry conference.

    Other faggots with computer security knowledge consider him to be hot and feminine. Dan Kaminsky is currently engaged to Mr. Rutkowski.


    The trap

    Rutkowski transformed himself into Rutkowska using a special technique called Blue Pill. She claimed at BlackHat 2006 that Blue Pill was completely undetectable, so in 2007 two researchers challenged her to prove her claim in real-world testing. Rutkowska responded that she would agree under a modified set of conditions:[1]

    The researchers declined her proposed conditions.

    How to detect the trap

    Admiral Ackbar: "IT'S A TRAP" at Defcon 2007.

    This entire section is dedicated to help security faggots and unsuspecting passengers, for detecting the Blue Pill installed on Joanna Rutkowska. Shall you encounter this rare specimen of rootkit, beware.

    • The chin is a big danger sign saying: root kit.
    • The thing around his neck contains Blue Pill. It will instantly turn the penis into a fake vagina ready to lurk for poor virgin security faggots. People with real sex experience will obviously note the difference of touch and wetting and panic almost instantly.
    • The TPI Industrial radioactive particle emitter is used to increase estrogen levels. This helps to convert the man boobs into small realistic-looking tits. Don't be fooled, they are more fake than your moms.
    • The wig sticks to the head thanks to some chewing gum compound mixed with whale semen. It's highly nutritious for the skin and slows down the balding process.
    • Use Red Pill

    I has stealz malware

    Joanna has claimed to have stealth hax that sends Mudkipz and Splinter Rapes to your mom. It was later proven wrong by master faggots Thomas Ptacek and his overweight family. Fail.

    Engaged to Dan

    Joanna and Dan Kaminsky have been engaged since 100 years ago.


    Stealth malware can distract people from my chin!


    Joanna Rutkowska asking for it

    Joanna Rutkowska is part of a series on Security Faggots

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