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    Jian Ghomeshi

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    The world became a darker place when Jian Ghomeshi was born on June 9, 1967. Little did his parents know then that he would grow up to be a a Canadian broadcaster, writer, musician and nationally-lauded sex abuser. Perhaps it's because he was born in London, England, the spawning ground of Jack the Ripper and other famous violent perverts. Now he's best known as a former national on-air personality on CBC Television and CBC Radio, and as the former host of the daily arts program Q on CBC Radio One. On the internet, he's know for maniacally following his personal Facebook and Twitter feeds, and using them as a recruiting ground for girls and women he could beat unmerciful.

    It's probably more than being born in London. His parents were Farhang (Frank) and Azar (Sara) Ghomeshi, both of Iranian descent. So you know what that means. Farhang Ghomeshi is probably thankful that he died 2 weeks before Jian's spectacular public meltdown, as he as able to go to the grave without learning that his celebrity son was about to become a national pariah. Ghomeshi attended York University, where he displayed the early psychopathic tendency of seeking power over others, as he was elected president of the York Federation of Students and graduating with degrees in political science and history, both typical disciplines for egomaniacs.

    Egomaniacs also regularly band, and Jian was no different. Together with Mike Ford, Murray Foster, and Dave Matheson he formed politically satirical folk-pop band Moxy Früvous in 1990, recording seven albums through 2000. In total they managed to ship 500,000 albums in Canada and the United States. As is befitting a self-obsessed asshole, he also released a solo EP in July 2001 and started production company called Jian Ghomeshi Productions Inc.

    Not content silenly passing judgement on his peers by himself, in 2002 he became host of CBC Newsworld's ">play", a show about the arts in Canada and abroad. This ran for three seasons, and gave him the opportunity to further extend his own power of Canada's music and culture scene. A the same time he filed a weekly entertainment report on the Toronto edition of Canada Now, further increasing his clout.

    In 2006, not content with his current status as a D-list player, he produced a documentary series entitled The End, which essentially lashed out at all other television, radio, and print as being beneath his own standards. From fall 2005 until spring 2006, he hosted a program on Radio One called The National Playlist, essentially demanding that the entire country respect and adopt his own banal taste in music as their own.

    Apparently someone in the CBC agreed with him, and so from April 16, 2007 to October 26, 2014, he was the host of "Q", a program on CBC Radio One. The show aired all across Canada at both 10 a.m and 10 p.m. (10:30 in Newfoundland) and in the United States via Public Radio International on over 170 radio stations.

    Billy Bob Thornton was the first celebrity with any heft who tried to take Ghomeshi down a peg. He appeared on Q and was about as combative as a soft-question arts interview subject can be. Ghomeshi was already the Canadian golden boy by that point, however, and when Thornton tried to explain to a raucous crowd that he liked Canadians, but not Ghomeshi he was soundly booed and forced to cancel his band's remaining tour dats in Canada.

    Ghomeshi's tissue of lies finally started to come apart on October 26, 2014 when CBC announced the end of his tenure as host. A CBC spokesman stated that "information came to our attention recently that in CBC's judgment precludes us from continuing our relationship with Jian." That "Information" was a series of videos that Ghomeshi brought into the office and showed his bosses. The videos show the host physically abusing and sexually assaulting a number of his female fans and other female acquaintances. Drunk on his own bravado, Ghomeshi felt that these would somehow clear him of allegations that he was a a violent egomaniac. They failed to have that effect.

    Later that same day, Ghomeshi announced grandiose plans to launch a $50 million lawsuit against the CBC. This was far out of keeping with the regular size of lawsuits in Canada, and also completely illogical since Ghomsehi, as a union employee of the CBC, does not have standing to start such a lawsuit, as such negotiations are to be handled by the union itself. Nevertheless, "claiming general and punitive damages for among other things, breach of confidence and bad faith," he had his lawyers file the suit anyway the following morning.

    Before the suit was even filed, however, Ghomeshi released just about the most rapey press release possible on facebook, using his by-now formidable star power to ensure that absolutely everyone in Canada was immediately aware of what a gigantic douche he was.

    Within minutes of his revelation, the media began exposing fucked he really was. Over the next week, 8 different women recounted stories of abuse at his hands in the commercial media, while social media exploded with anonymous tales from women he had abused over the years. As a result, the Canadian media has been flooded with more coverage about this self-aggrandizing dickhead than ever before. I'm not in the mood to write any more about it, so I'm just going to post the remainder the relevant links at the bottom of this article, for integration into the main text at a later point.

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