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    Jew Lieberman

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    Connecticut Republican Joe Leeberman
    Jew Leeberman's fursona, Droopy
    Sen. Leeberman (transl. Loverman) and President Bush share a tender moment.
    Leeberman and Bush have been chastised for their frequent public displays of affection on the Senate floor. High resolution.

    Joe Leeberman is the epitome of old meme. An independent Connecticuter Senator in the United States Senate, Leeberman left the Democratic Party after losing his 2006 primary bid against upstart anti-war candidate Ned Lamont at the hands of communist bloggers such as Daily Kos, Wonkette, and the so-called "netroots" movement including anarchist groups such as MoveOn. Joenertia's defeat in the 2006 summer primary may be the first election of national importance in which Internets drama have played an important role.

    He was the Vice Presidential running mate of unsuccessful Presidential candidate Al Gore, who together formed the most boring Presidential ticket in United States history. In revenge for their electoral defeat, culminating on September 11, 2001, Leeberman orchestrated a series of attacks against the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and Capitol Hill.

    Alongside his ex-wife, Hillary Clinton, he is currently on a crusade to outlaw every game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

    Joe H4XX0R3D

    Joe reaching out to the blogosphere.

    All the above is unfunny by definition. But, on the DAY of the election, Leeberman's web site went down. His campaign immediately ran to the old media claiming that h4x0rz from his opponent's campaign had pwned the site with a denial of service attack. A federal investigation was promptly launched.

    The e-investigation

    Lulz ensued as Wonkette went all e-detective, digging through public filings of Lieberman's campaign expenses and deducing that he had paid $1500 to 2 Dog Media for "web hosting and web changes." Wonkette further revealed that Joenertia's campaign site was on a shared server with as many as 72 other clients hosted by MyHostCamp.com, and that ALL those clients were down because the entire hosting company had blown its shared bandwidth allotment. Whoops!

    From 2 Dog Media's crappy web site:

    "2Dog Media has had many experiences with bad hosting companies. From sites not being available to e-mails getting lost, we know the hardships of finding a good hosting company. You lose money, clients, and credibility during those times. That’s why we do the worrying for you and make sure your website is constantly accessible with our hosting product."


    Even better, after Wonkette's posting of the juicy details, the owner of 2 Dog Media contacted Wonkette and threatened an Internet lawsuit after claiming that 2 Dog had not hosted joe2006.com for 3 months, since Sean Smith, a Leeberman campaign manager, decided to go with some guy he knows for hosting.

    Late on election day, Joe's campaign team mustered up some serious Joementum and switched his site to $3.99/month GoDaddy hosting — another decision rich with irony, as GoDaddy's Superbowl ad featured a cheerleader having a "wardrobe malfunction" in front of a crusty panel of government censors. Leeberman has in the past been quite the crusader against sex on TV.

    Further snubs

    During the initial debacle, Leeberman's opponent Ned Lamont offered to foot the bill for his own web team to solve the problem.

    Late in August, still plagued by over two weeks of downtime and outages, Leeberman's campaign offered $300K to Blue State Digital, a web development company serving Democratic campaigns. Blue State refused, stating, "Unfortunately, we cannot be of service to the Leeberman campaign. We work exclusively with Democratic candidates."

    Blue State Digital is Ned Lamont's web team — the same one he offered to pay to help Leeberman out when Leeberman's campaign was making the h4x0r accusations.

    Shortly after, another web political services group calling itself Plus Three also refused Leeberman's money.

    Private Healthcare Supporter (where he gets his Jew Gold)

    In an effort to Jew everyone in America out of a government supported health care system, Leeberman has stated time and time again that he is against any bill that supports socialized medince. For added bonus, since the Senate needs 60 votes in order to pass any legislation, Leeberman is the one Jew willing enough to screw everyone over.

    In other words, if you are dying of cancer and reading this (which you probably are), YOU'VE JUST BEEN JEWED OUT OF HAVING YOUR LIFE SAVED!

    The reason for this is that the alot of Jew Private Healthcare Companies paid him a kings ransom in Jew gold.

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