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    Does anyone else hear the tune from The Omen?
    The farm where she lives. Looks like a third world country.

    Five and a half year old Rylie Dale and two year old Ronin Michael have given me the privilege of being called Mama, and I am proud to claim the following political labels for myself: activist, atheist, pro-choice, feminist, anti-adoption, pacifist, unAmerican, liberal, radical, hippie, environmentalist. I am far less proud of this, but I must also claim a Political Science degree which admittedly cost way more in dollars than it cost in both time and effort.


    —We at ED have many pages she may like.

    Jessy1019’s claim to internet fame is being FOR abortion but AGAINST adoption. Her philosophy can be summed up by saying, "I can breed, but no one else can." In 2007, she caused a shitstorm on LJ that makes CF_Hardcore look rational and moderate.

    The Lady Herself

    A Wonderful Mommy . . .

    You'd think she'd stop once the kid grew some teeth.

    In New Jersey, public breastfeeding is protected by law, so when Jessy1019 was asked to stop feeding her darling bundle of joy, she quickly became very pissed off. For anybody who sympathizes with women exposing their milk bags this is understandable, until a quick look at the photograph on the left reveals that maybe her kiddie shouldn’t have been sucking his mommy’s tit in the first place:

    Normally for a kid this age it might be a tiny bit embarrassing but no worries – her kiddies are homeschooled:

    My goals for them do not match up with the goals of our local school board. While I sometimes wish they would “question authority but not [their] mother,” our home is not an obedience school. Rather, it is a place where my children can be guided by their interests, learning in meaningful, rather than artificial ways. We don’t block out hours of our day for learning, for work, and for play. Instead, we seek out opportunities to find the educational value in all that we do. My children are not being prepped for the so-called real world in which drudgery is accepted as a fact of life.


    —Don’t worry ma’am, they’ll thank you when they’re older.

    So, Jessy1019 is preparing her kids for the real world by letting them breastfeed (possibly well into their twenties), giving them no official education and letting toddlers watch R-rated horror movies. Rumour has it she will top it all off by paying a visit to 4Chan.

    And a Patriotic Americunt

    Clearly the most offensive thing she has ever come across.

    Like most all atheists, Jessy1019 is offended by the fact that the pledge of allegiance ends with “Under God”. She is not a patriot, although she is quite happy to exploit her country’s healthcare by spitting out baby after baby.

    Unsurprisingly, she voted for Obama.

    Why Anti-Adoption?

    Jessy’s goal is to educate people on the BSE (Baby-Scoop-Era). which occurred between 1945 – 1972. She argues that nice white women were forced to churn out babies to sell to couples who couldn’t conceive. Others say that this could not be right because:

    • The best breeders are usually 16 year old girls who couldn’t give a shit about the squealing spawn that fall out of their pussies.
    • Most 16 year old breeders are niggers. And no one wants black person babies.
    Some aspects of the story regarding the conception of baby Jesus are a bit far fetched, I agree. The virgin impregnation, angels singing, heavenly lights - it does sound more like a hallucinogenic, strobe flashback from an eighties disco, but if Joseph - a pretty decent chap from all accounts, who spent years teaching his step-son the carpentry trade - was willing to go along with such a fabulous charade, then who are we to judge Mary’s reasons for the obvious deception?. Fertility control has always been fraught with difficulty and Mary had limited choices available to her, regarding this unplanned pregnancy. Perhaps she and Joseph had inadvertently eaten suspect mushrooms found by the side of the road during their long and arduous journey, seeking a place where Mary would be tolerated while she gave birth to her illegitimate son. Suffice it to say that had there been an alternative, acceptable explanation for her fall from grace, Mary would have said so. She was in-between a rock and a hard place. She wanted to keep her child. If she practiced a whopping deception to achieve that, who can blame her?


    —Her buddy Joss Shawyer on why Mary was a no good, lying, cheating whore.

    The Alternative

    As an alternative, the anti-adoption movement endorses permanent legal guardianship for children who cannot be raised by their natural parents. Legal guardians can be extended family members like grandparents, older siblings, aunts, and uncles. They can also be strangers or family friends, appointed by the child's parent or by the courts.


    —What’s the difference?

    The Alternative V2

    Adoption can be traumatic for mother and baby. Surely there must be less painful solution for a young women who simply cannot be mothers? Abortion is always an option.

    The joy of being both anti-adoption and pro-choice is that you can keep the pretty ones for your own amusment.

    The Drama

    Add scrncpzplzthnx to Jessy1019

    This article about Jessy1019 needs more screencaps.
    Plz to be adding some kthnx. Consult the image selection process for help, or just google up some scrncpz.
    Plz remove this notice once there are plenty of scrncpz.

    The screaming and BAAAWWWWs which followed were mostly along the lines of "WTF do you think you're doing bitch! I'm the son of a $2 crack whore and I KNOW what I'm talking about!!!"

    [-+]Jessy1019: Whore

    After a brief rant about how she's a complete fucktard for thinking adoption is a bad thing but abortion isn't, comments usually followed with "I hope you don't fuck up your kids." In response, Jessy1019 revealed herself to be a Cock Trapper and a whore:







    To summarize: it's perfectly OK for any woman to have sex with any man she wants and expect her 'lefi partner' to look after someone else's spawn - but if you're a rape victim or a hooker who accidentally got knocked-up, abortion is the only option. No one wants your ugly little shit anyways.

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