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Jerry Peet
Given Name(s) Jerry Peet (real name), Lily Peet, Bhaalspawn, Tara Callie, Alchorative
Nationality Canada
Born May 30, 1992
Classification Pedophile, brony, "writer", youtuber, lolcow Tumblrista
Residence Nova Scotia
Youtube YouTube Favicon.png Bhalspawn

Jerry "Lily" Peet/Bhaalspawn/Helrazr/Tara Callie/Alchorative (Jerry William Leo Peet), "known" for his "In A Minute" and "Glass of Water" videos, is a transgender brony feminist with a past that makes even Nick Bate and Sarah Nyberg look on with disgust. Originally thought to be the result of a horrible fusion experiment involving the DNA of Moviebob, Doug Walker and MysteriousMrEnter, that all quickly changed after his history of hebephillia and insanity was uncovered. One hand, a lot of these antics were hilarious. On the other hand, they're also fucking horrifying.

Buckle up, children. This is gonna get messy.

In The Beginning: RVI, Edgy Family Guy Fanfiction and Pokephillia

Around 2008, Jerry first appeared on the internet with his "Rather Vocalized Illusion" series, which was essentially a ripoff of Zero Punctuation. However, instead of talking about video games, Jerry would instead discuss topics like feminism, or incest. His most popular work at this time was a video on the Lavender Town suicides, as well as his videos on bronies.

However, Jerry claims to have also wrote a series of pokemon bestiality fanfiction called "Animal Magnetism", as well as "Whispering illusion", a series of edgy and dramatic Family Guy fanfictions (which is what we all needed!)

The Laptop Incident


Thumb ltd a189.gif
This faggot has child porn on his computer and/or knows where to find it.
You can help by contacting Federal Authorities.

What do you get when you let Jerry borrow a laptop from a /b/tard? Why, a master plan to frame said /b/tard, of course! Sometime during 2011, Jerry asked someone for their laptop, the reason being that his was confiscated by the police after he bought it from someone who stole it, and he was also banned from using the computers in the library after managing to get the conficker virus onto them. A few days later, Jerry comes back to anon to whine about all the lulzy images he had. The laptop also gained several new images whilst Jerry had it, like a screencap from the Disney movie Tangled.... and child pornography.

Jerry Peet and The Escapist

Being such a fan of the source material he was flagrantly ripping off, Jerry also had an account on The Escapist. On it, he made high quality posts that existed almost purely to be contrarian.

Jerry's solution to fixing the internet: Banning everything that isn't made by EA and getting rid of privacy

After Bioware managed to fuck up twice with both Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2, Jerry sought to come to the rescue. While it was already known that Jerry was an EA fanboy, these controversies in particular caused Peet to make a video about gaming controversy, which aside from white knighting Jennifer Hepler and anita sarkeesian, suggested that "if you complain about anything, you're entitled".

On his final post that managed to get him banned from The Escapist, he suggesting that EA should follow in the steps of George Lucas and "start jabbing them with the poker just to drink the delicious tears". Said ban was because he called Jim Sterling fat, which is one of the few times Jerry has ever told the truth

Tara Callie

Around this time, in an effort to prove he wasn't dying alone, Jerry created Tara Callie. Tara was a pedophile who was in a relationship with her young sister, and eventually ran away from her abusive parents to move in near to Jerry over in Canada. The "sister", however, died in the snow along the way. According to one of Jerry's ex-friends, Brittany, she also raped a small girl to prove that homosexuals aren't pedophiles. Jerry did nothing about this and still remained in love with someone he knew was an alleged repeated child rapist.

Jerry's own dad called bullshit on Tara's existence, as despite living very close to Jerry and being the producer of his shit content for a while he had never seen her in his life. Jerry and Tara both claimed it was a result of camera-shyness, and that he was being a conspiracy theorist.

In an act of retaliation that can only be described as epic win, Jerry's father vandalized his son's Wikia pages.

Around the time that the allegations escalated, Tara Callie also mysteriously died in mid-2013, came back to life a day later and then eventually disappeared when she was V& in 2014 for possession of child pornography.

Jerry has never mentioned her since then.

RPG Maker Games

Jerry had also made several RPG maker games about his notably shitty fanfictions, which were apparently "too extreme" for Steam and PSN... except for the fact that Jerry hated steam around the time one of these games was "published" onto it. One particular game, "Doomsday Ascending", received a heavily scathing 2/10 review on some brony game review site. Criticism stemmed from how hilariously buggy the game was, the fact that Jerry was too lazy to even edit the sprites, and a "breaking" mechanic wherein killing characters in the game rewarded you with pony porn. Jerry responded by telling his fans that the reviewers took it "way too seriously". Additionally, Jerry has stated that killing Derpy Hooves for her porn is canon because Jerry has an irrational hatred of her, even making a video where he kills her with a lightsaber

But it gets better- Jerry positively advertised his games as Tara Callie on both Derpibooru and the "mlpfanart wiki" (under the alias Pegasisterclop), while pretending to be neutral about it.

The Male-Stripping Incidents

Jerry was once upon a time friends with BombasticBlake. Around this time, Jerry was having issues on what to do next in regards of how to get money. Tara was supposedly being a camwhore, and Jerry for whatever reason decided to follow in her footsteps in order to steal Blake's shekels. So, while they were talking over Skype, Jerry actually attempted to strip in front of Blake, but, fortunately for Blake, Jerry never got past his shirt before someone came home.

Unfortunately, the bromance came to an end when Blake decided that being a feminist wasn't that great. Jerry tried to bring him back by insulting him and threatening to beat his wife, to seemingly no avail.

Jerry, making perfect use of his sockpuppet

Blake did an entire video outlining his feelings about Jerry. Last Thursday It was also discovered that Blake wasn't the only person he did this to. He did it to another ex-girlfriend of his named Brittany.

I was horrified when you said they coerced you into watching them strip…they did the same thing to me. They justified it under the guise of trying to help me get over my trauma in regards to males. I hung up before it got too far.


Brittany - on how Jerry tried to make her get over her abusive ex by almost showing his cock to her repeatedly

The TemplarGamer Debate

In July 2013, Jerry had a debate with a /v/ user known as Templargamer. While this "debate", save for a moment where Jerry gets offended by Templar making an >IMPLYING joke, was a 6 hour waste of everyone's time, something else had occurred behind the scenes. Ethan, one of Jerry's few friends, was originally meant to be hosting the debate on Skype. However, his Grandfather was slowly succumbing to dementia. This forced Ethan to refuse hosting the debate at the last second. Rather than accepting the unfortunate circumstances like any decent human being would, Jerry had removed any references to him working with him, and subsequently blocked him on Facebook.

Down With Molestia and the Derpibooru Incident

When Down With Molestia started, Jerry decided to hop aboard the bandwagon. However, the try-hard and anti-feminist Jerry of old was replaced by a heavily pro-feminist Jerry, who would constantly sing the praises of Anita Sarkeesian. This eventually lead to heated discussion about feminism, and one ask in particular that would forever render Jerry as a laughing stock to the My Little Pony community.

The ask in particular was a claim that there was no good feminist in the brony community, to which Jerry responded with an image of Lauren Faust. This response would be insignificant to most people, but apparently Jerry thought it was so good he had to upload it to Derpibooru, eventually starting a flamewar on the page's comments section about feminism, while somehow managing to white knight for Pinkiepony and Anita Sarkeesian in the process. There was a notable amount of people defending Jerry, including none other than Tara Callie. Surprising nobody, it turned out that Jerry had been a samefag.

After getting exposed, Jerry tries to demote the admin for the same reason. Bravo, you genius.

"Harassment, Cyberbullying, and Stalking"

In May 2014, Jerry decided to tackle head on some of the many people that were against Pinkiepony and Feminist Frequency in an incredibly misinformed video. In it, Jerry accuses Tenaflyviper (a woman), Thunderf00t, Internetaristocrat and Instig8vejournalism of trying to "slander" both of these oppressed womyn into suicide, as well as profiteering in the process. To the contrary of Jerry's claim, not all of the above people monetize their works (and as a matter of fact, the supposed "advertisements" on Tena and Jims accounts were due to adware and copyright claims) Jerry himself, however, does. In the video, he also encourages people to file privacy complaints if people use images of them or their content without permission, while doing exactly that with a picture of Templargamer. He eventually deleted the video.


We're so used to being lit on fire, that we're confused when someone objects to being lit on fire


Jerry Peet - displaying his intelligence by comparing criticizing Pinkiepony to being the same as setting her on fire

The Stockholm Saga

Months passed without any particular lulz, but that all changed when people became aware of one of Jerry's other projects, known as Stockholm. Stockholm was a series of pornographic my little pony fanfictions. While initially believed to be nothing more than mere furfaggotry, there was a notable difference: many of the characters from the show are written be sexual deviants. In particular, the first "Stockholm" revolves around Rainbow Dash's sexual fetish for [pedophile|young teenage girls]]. Also, she has a penis for some reason. For someone who claims to be heavily anti-pedophile, Jerry sure has a thing for writing 14 year old girls having sex with people from their early 30's to late 40's in heavy detail, especially in a country where doing that is illegal. When it eventually spread around, Jerry announced the cancellation of the entire series, and deleted the stories from his FiMfiction account in the process. His NSFW blog was also eventually password locked, and his twitter was set to private. Jerry has also encouraged his readers and fans to change their settings so it doesn't show that they follow him.

The fanfiction also had an "official" wikia for it, which contained lore and worldbuilding. Notable highlights include the "evil" country having a green and purple flag and being heavily military based due to his hatred of Gamergate and America, and Equestria being considered the best country in the fanfictions universe for having an age of consent of 14, because God forbid wanting to fuck minors is illegal in the fake world AND the real world too! Jerry also had references to criticism over child sexualization conveniently removed from the wiki.

Jerrypeet stockholm wikia edited.png

The above efforts to hide how much of a sick fuck he is was all for nothing though, as he ended up giving copies of the fanfictions away to whomever requested them, and has announced he will continue the series again.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Stockholms page on TVTropes also added a defense for the child molestation, stating that "she was killed in the end, so it's okay".

If people have found out you're a terrible human being, the best way to respond is to call them liars and invoke Godwin's Law (and then delete the wikia page for your child molestation fanfics)

What Jerry failed to realize however was that checking a pages history is incredibly easy and leads to a user named "Alchorative", who not only edits pages about Peet exclusively, but also seems to know things about him that we don't. (In fact, Alchorative STILL seems to be active on TVTropes, still editing articles exclusively about Jerry and some of his friends.) Googling this name not only leads to an Okcupid profile of a 23 year old Nova Scotian man (who was last online just a day after Jerry's 23rd birthday), but also to a fanfiction account that not only was listed as being the same age Jerry was in 2011 and having the exact same interests he has, but also wrote one fanfiction only: a 9 year old being raped by her adoptive mother.

As of December 3rd, 2015, the Stockholm Wikia is deleted. Conveniently, this was the same day he accused critics of being Nazis, just like everyone else that hates him.

You see, despite what mean trolls and slander blogs say, Jerry isn't a pedophile! ....He just really loves writing children getting molested, makes up pedophile girlfriends, and then hides any evidence in the process.

Jerry has continued to write Stockholm, but instead of making his humanized ponies fuck little kids, he's decided to resort to political soapboxing. Tara/Alchorative also has deleted "her" account and hasn't been active on TVTropes since "her" accounts were discovered in mid 2016. How is a convicted and jailed child molester able to access the internet, I wonder...?

The World of Warcraft incident

No stranger to ending relationships for the most petty and retarded of reasons, Jerry ended his friendship and date with Brittany in August 2015. According to her, Jerry repeatedly annoyed her to try and play World of Warcraft with him. For various reasons, such as a shitty laptop and wanting to experience the game by herself, she rejected his offer. This eventually descending into Jerry threatening her to play the game, saying that "if you pull this bullshit one more time, our friendship is over." Brittany went offline for her own sake, but that only made Jerry more aggressive. He made on his word and ended their friendship. All because someone didn't want to play a shitty dead MMO.

A Friendship Deader Than The Game Itself! About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Jerry Comes Out

While this could be argued as TITS, Jerry came out as a transsexual in late July of 2015. However, Captain Obvious knew this prior: Jerry had previously admitted he wished he was a woman, had purchased several accessories from his OC and also had a rather aggressive policy on drawing his OC as a male.

Something to note is that Jerry came out shortly after people found out Tara Callie was a fraud, and then immediately found himself a girlfriend (who, surprisingly, is real) to be "lesbians" with. In other words, the exact same plan Chris Chan had in mind to get a girlfriend. Except, y'know, it worked this time.

As of November, Jerry changed his Internet Alias to "Lily Peet" and gets pissy if you refuse to call him Lily. Please do not do that you insensitive fuck.

Now, he and his girlfriend are engaged after about 6 months of being together.

Cameron Dopler

A photo of our beloved hero overlooking the city he's saved

Cameron Dopler may be the closest thing to god that Canada will ever see. Besides surviving the near impossible task of having to live 23 years of his life with Jerry as his younger brother, he also tried to run away to a better country to join the army and pwn some terrorists. When it didn't work, he simply settled for the navy until they didn't approve of his tactics to get ladies. Cameron now runs a security training company instead.

Of course, growing up with someone who also happens to be one of the worst horsefuckers, and one one of the worst people, in the world, one can't blame him for eventually getting tired of his shit. Eventually Cameron let the world bear witness to one of the greatest comebacks in human history:


Jerry couldn't contain his butthurt from being absolutely destroyed like this, and wished for Cameron to die in the navy.

Jerry vs. Joshscorcher

One day, Joshscorcher, a Christian and a pretty cool guy, made a post saying that he 'broke off his relationship with his abuser'. When asked who it was, Josh didn't give an answer, but Jerry apologetically said it was him. Literally three days later, to show off his butthurt, the faggot starts shit-talking him, calling him a Neo-Nazi (a term he's used so often, it's lost meaning), genocidal, misogynistic, and whatever other tumblr buzzword he's gotten from the dead horse he's been beating fucking. He even asked his followers to create porn of one of Josh's good friends, Ink Rose, and send it to her. After Jerry created an entire video devoted to mocking him, Josh got sick of Jerry's shitty attitude and released a 30 minute video casually and calmly explaining why Jerry was full of shit, while citing literally everything he says in the video.

So what did Jerry do about this?

He called Josh a liar for everything that he said in the video, despite claiming that he hasn't seen the video. What's more, his followers decided to engage full-on hugbox mode and coddle Jerry for the next few days, essentially making his tumblr a safe space while his subscriber count steadily dropped (which he didn't care about, as he's been trying to drive his subscribers away to avoid being triggered. I'm not joking.)



Once upon a time, Jerry made a post about how a couple of brave "neo-reactionaries" decided to SWAT him. We completely believe him. Despite the fact that a SWAT team would never wait at the door politely if there was a hostage situation going on.

Jerry did mention in that particular post that he let them copy his hard drive, so it's likely that they were tipped off about Stockholm and all the Pony CP that he likely has on there. V& when?

OMG HE WAS SWATTED... I think.png

Jerry's Hypocrisy on Display

An absolutely shocking fact about Jerry is that he is a massive hypocrite.

One day, a tranny named Charlotte decided to speak the truth about his supposed "gender-identity", while referring to him as his actual name. Jerry, out of sheer butthurt, decided to put his idiocy and hypocrisy on display while attempting to sound like the smarter person.

Spoiler alert: It didn't work, and he likely ended up blocking her.

A Fine Display of His Intelligence About missing Pics
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Think These Photos Are EDited?

And, believe it or not, this isn't the only time he's put his hypocrisy on display for the whole internet to see (see below). The problem is, the people who DO see it practically worship him and believe that he can do no wrong, so long has he attempts to justify everything that he has said.

A Slanderous Gallery

This gallery has been monetized About missing Pics
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Fanart. (Edit them into males for lulz) About missing Pics
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