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    Jeremy Bernal

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    Would you - outside of this interview - use the word "furry" to describe your own art?

    Furry, only in the sense of visual art, yes, though I would not describe myself as one who is a 'furry'. I like the art, and I believe I am good at drawing it, but a furry I am not.



    Bernal in denial

    Jeremy Bernal is an egotistical asshole and trace artist who spends his free time sucking money out of the pockets of gullible basement-dwelling furries with his over-protected website, SexyFur.

    According to Sexyfur "all models are over 18", which is simple considering that he uses one model for EVERYTHING. That's right- every single abomination on that site is simply a trace of the same damned girl with a random animal head, some poorly-drawn muscles and some photoshop effects thrown on. Don't believe us? Check out the gallery. Apparently furries are too stupid to notice that every single picture is of the same girl(Actually you should already know that.).

    Making it worse, every drawing is actually a trace of a digital photograph previously taken with poorly-done shading and some photoshop effects tossed on to try to hide it. Yes, furries are paying for flat-faced, badly-drawn tracings of a real girl who probably isn't all that hot anymore considering how long Sexyfur has been gobbling money up.

    Catching on that Sexyfur is a total rippoff, Sibe, Shii, and Nathanr posted his pictures of Fine Furry Art for free, interrupting his supply of the furry equivalent of hookers and blow. But no, he was not content to just angst and whine like a normal furry when someone posted his poorly-drawn art without his permission! To protect his intellectual property, he issued DMCA notices to sites like WTFux, WTFur, 4chan, 7chan, and the The Russian LJ Abuse Conspiracy for posting his "copyrighted artwork".

    Bernal BAWWed about not making money off his poorly-made smut, and tried to turn most of Furrydom against those who spread his art for free. A few retards jumped on the bandwagon and began riding furiously, but most people don't give a fuck as free porn is always better than porn you have to pay for, especially when the quality is as shitty as Bernal's art is. To this day the rest of the internet sees Bernal as a whiny blowhard who really needs to learn how to shop better, or at least stop tracing the same girl over and over again, marking it as "new weekly art".

    Comments from better artist Cuprohastes

    "1.Ears do not grow from the back of the skull. They are concave, not solid cones.

    2.Horses do not have large oval cheek ruffs that extend out several inches from the face, yet also appear to be behind the mane, which on an equine, runs down the centre-line of the neck.

    3.Hair does not normally grow in a closed loop. A horse's mane also does not commonly grow out of one ear.

    4.This is a nicely drawn mouth for an anteater. Not so much for a horse.

    5.You seem to have drawn two necks and forgotten which one you’re using. Pro-tip, one head, one neck. Also someone seems to have broken this character’s neck and left it at an odd, dislocated angle. This may explain the expression of comatose slackness."

    The rebuttal gets rebutted

    Six months later, one of Bernal's fans decided to really be relevant and re-open the discussion by babbling incoherently in defense of the poorly rotoscoped porn.

    TL;DR edit from Bernal's fap-minion : "Bernal uses a model for his artwork, so even if he doesn't understand human anatomy, his "artwork" is technically anatomically correct, given that he's rotoscoping an image of an actual human being.

    Note: He's bashing Cuprohastes in defense of Bernal. Bernal is not only known for rotoscoping models badly, but also for stealing artwork from other authors and slapping the heads of his characters over theirs. Bernal is still the massive hack he's always been, but now he has a little fur-fag calling himself PsycopathUltimate to protect his reputation as a third rate furry pornmonger. This will end well.

    Of course the rebuttal from the fap-minion was rebutted some more...

    Your anatomy is traced wrong again! Can you spot all the errors?

    1: Your point is 'Apart from being completely wrong, (the ears) are fine' - Translation for the hard of thinking, you're an idiot.

    2: Your point here is 'Bernal can't draw, I have no idea what he's doing.' - So, essentially you're getting all whiny and... agreeing with me. I think you need to re-assess your argument here.

    3: Her hair may be groomed but that doesn't detract from the fact it's growing out of the wrong part of her head.

    4: Artistic license is not the same as 'doesn't know how to draw'.

    5: ...About that neck - No, it's just badly drawn. The angle of the skull relative to the chest and shoulders indicate it'd have to be connected to the spine just behind the left cheek. The section of neck on the left side of the image on the other hand indicates her spine is growing out of her right shoulder blade. The left and right sides of the neck don't match up in angle, and even if it was a trapezius (muscle), then I'd have to ask - Why has she only got one?

    Bernal's fap-minion later takes time out to explain why Bernal's dick tastes so succulent and how everyone should justifiably hate anyone who is disinclined to agree. Bonus passive-aggressive special sauce:

    "Before you got to this page, all that was here was Cuprohastes "corrections" with the absence of all the corrections to his dumbassery from almost everybody. Based on this fact, one can safely conclude that Cuprohastes wrote the whole article out of revenge because he was so shitty that even Jeremy Bernal rejected ass, warranting his own ED article. Unfortunately due to the admins and their inability to program an actual functioning image uploading system, we cannot because with the lack of images from his art we cannot induce proper lulz, so you're just gonna have to settle with this. If the Admins actually do fix the fucking problem, please create an article in Cuprohastes' name, wah wah sob plz help me get back at the nasty man."


    What the morons are paying for... About missing Pics
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