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    Jenny Grant

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    Lose an iPod?

    This page contains an hero.

    Knowing that she's dead just makes her photos more fappable
    If you were her for a day, you'd go overboard with the sex toys and not kill yourself, amirite?

    Jenny Grant was a Britfag Page 3 girl who became an hero, ending her short life as a young, 19-year-old prostitute slave to that dirty old man, Rupert Murdoch and his tabloid, The Sun, which she regularly appeared near-naked in. She was also a university student, but due to constant harassment from the male student populace, she had to seek solace in her friends, but even they thought she was a dirty whore and she an heroed after an argument with them, last Thursday.

    Since the newspaper owned by Murdoch's evil empire didn't want to face up that they'd exploited this girl and indirectly caused her death, they put up a couple of articles such as this and this where retards gave the usual 'nevar 4get!!!111111111oneoneone' bullshit whilst fapping to her pics after she was the winrar of a shitty competition for the whores in The Sun. Her local newspaper was moar sympathetic to the extent that her bawwwwwings just before her an heroism could have been extinguished by the kind people there. The Daily Fail was also somewhat sympathetic, with many moralfag comments by anonymous users.

    Some argue however that she had deep personal problems beneath the cool facade, and that she was actually on drugs or some such shit. Her bf is currently afraid to leave his hugbox after his world was torn apart by this traumatic event.



    This tragedy only goes to prove that the Western world's obsession with womens' physical appearance and slimness is utter nonsense. This poor girl's beautiful face and figure did not make her happy. Real happiness, peace of mind and self esteem comes from within. May she rest in peace.


    —A fatty

    Women under 21 should not be exploited in photos. They do not know they are being exploited because they are not mature enough and for the money they get for it, they will always regret doing it and that means for the rest of their life ahead.


    —A moralfag

    More articles should be publicised to preach this to men especially.


    —A fag

    I would seriously rape the shit out of her corpse, just get me some hot water bottles to warm her inanimate ass up with. DAMN!



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