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This page is about an attempted an hero.

Jeffree Moon is a self professed "JStarling" and tranny faggot who tried too hard to be Jeffree Star.

After almost becoming an hero because of its chronic depression, Jeffree Moon found hope in Jeffree Star's music. While it may seem to be a typical internets tranny whore, Jeffree Moon is on a quest to have Encyclopedia Dramatica's article on Jeffree Star removed.

JMoon's sole purpose in life is to do anything humanly possible to stop "JSTAR-persecution". In other words, JMoon will scour JStar's page by constantly refreshing for a chance of even the slightest derogatory comment popping up.

Jmoon will stop at nothing to seek "retribution"; pretty much Jmoon will just constantly whine "your jus jelouz of jstar, cauze he so Kawaii" hoping that the attacker will find themselves so overcome with guilt that they kill themselves.

After, Jmoon celebrates by bragging about "Making the world a better place, one STAR hater at a time." When, really, most people don't even give two shits about the fugly man-whore until they can't stand to hear anymore about how 16-year-old-girls wish they were as original and pretty as he is.

Typically their blog entries are only read by about ten people. Anyone with enough time on their hands to do something like this needs to find a better hobby than defending an egotistical, holier-than-thou make-up laden tranny.

Jmoon seems to have an obsession with "pwning" people, But only ends up looking like a spacker that's loose in a library reading books out loud like this "DER WOZ UNC A FARRRGOORRRRTTTTTTTTT CALLED JHEFFARYYYYYY TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR WHOOO GORTTTTT BUMMMEDDD BY A UNEYECHORN!", Spastic twat. fucking retard.


In a feeble attempt to justify their existence, JMoon is trying to encourage Jeffree to help all the depraved and dying people in Darfur. Jeffree, however, will never express any interest in this movement unless it involves the grinding up of refugee's corpses to make more makeup for him. Their touching letter to him that he ignored because he's too busy clubbin' in LA with artfags is as follows:

Dear Jeffree,

We all know what a wonderful caring person you are. Always there standing up for somebody who isn't perfect. People picked on, thrown out of society, on the verge of suicide. And your always there. Either with a cheerful song to pick up the day, a bulletin to get our minds off, or for the luckyest of us a comment to make our day.

Just one of these three simple things can do just that to save the dieing of darfur. Either with a song, a bulletin, a blog........ even a comment to one person could help the youth get aware at whats happening.

I always remember hearing other fans say , "Jeffree told me i only have one life, and i should be and do whatever i want and not waste it"

Jeffree these poor people do in fact have only one life. Sadly all of them will never live it. Never becoming the true person they were born to be. Think of all the future artists, musicians, teachers, doctors, lawyers etc. lost before they could give their gift to the world; as you have given us all. Time and Time again...


—JMoon, whining

The letter than goes into a shameful poem that utilizes basic HTML to look more artsy. And you thought it couldn't get any worse.


'If you can bear to look at the CSS filter long enough, you can see JMoon's member who died of AIDS.'

JMoon recently lost one of their friends after a long battle with AIDS, and his death alone now justifies their existence, as they state in this quote:

"But the most important reason we keep running this profile, isn't for fame or anything. IT IS FOR OUR DEAD FRIEND SCARLETT. Who happened to be a big fan of jstar, but sadly never got to meet him. He also was an aspiring keyboardist, who sadly never got to record more than the songs available here. So we hope you will appreciate this profile for what it is, a way to keep our dear friend SCARLETT's dream alive..."


—JMoon, mourning Scarlet


Jeffree Moon tries to make shitty punk music after its hero Jeffree Star. Music so shameful, so hideous to human ears that Rick Astley and Tay Zonday become appealing. Quite possibly the most disturbing music available on MySpace. Once again following in the foot steps of his lord and savior, Moon fails it.

Like any MySpace friendwhore, Moon's attempts at shameless self promotion earned it only around at least 100 moar friends. Moon, due to its retardation, did not notice. Moon continued writing shitty lyrics about nearly becoming an hero:

I want to be your star

I used hate myself until i found you I used to hate myself until i found you

Jeffreeeeeeeeeeeee staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

I want to be your star I want to be your star


Jeffree Moon and the Lulz

Jeffree Moon hates lulz. Its MySpace profile says this:

I am Jeffree Moon, champion of justice! On behalf of JSTAR, I will right wrongs and triumph over evil, and that means you! BRING ON THE LULZ....GET READY TO BE PWNED!


—Jmoon blog

What this faggot fails to understand is that it pwns itself on a daily basis and has done so since last Thursday. However, whenever an aspiring troll came in contact with it, they were banned by the MySpace police, and Moon remains an arrogant faggot.

Jeffree Moon and Encyclopedia Dramatica

Jeffree Moon fails at vandalizing ED.

What Moon haets moar than the lulz is Encyclopedia Dramatica, an awesome website that makes the lulz accessible in an easy-to-read, educational format.

Moon's MySpace profile discusses how to vandalize Encyclopedia Dramatica's Jeffree Star article. However, Moon fails it yet again because it only takes a couple clicks to revert an article. Here's the actual text:

J-STARlings unite! End the JSTAR_Persecution fight! BRING DOWN ENCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA!!! EVERYONE create an account and REMOVE their jstar page!(if you don't know how, we have a step by step guide w/ PICTURES in a blog)



Moon says its journey as that "character" has ended, but some argue that it will return as soon as it sees this article.

Moon's Blog

This is where this lol-cow is able to be milked the most. Below are some quotes from Moon's blogs.

LOL, I've seen allot of trolls... BUT NEVER such a desperate ATTENTION whore such as yourself.... OK I'd understand if you we're a bunch of involuntary virgins who gang together, to bitch about jstar..... BUT ITS SO OBVIOUS

and to think u befriend jstar; just to PUBIC ALLY (awkward typo) BASH HIM?! so sad...

Honey read this.....

get some good tips to make up for your lack of PWNage

and yes as some1 pointed out... your not asian... YOUR WAPANESE.... the lamest of all races! some1 who wishes to be japanese SOO much they only list anime and manga on their myspace interests.... then list themselves as asian...



Oh noes... an internet tough guy! Oh wait... it isn't a guy.

Good News

Jeffree Moon claims its career is over after making one shitty CD.

As things stand, We believe this will be our last album for sometime, and defiantly the last jmoon album to appear on myspace. Considering JMOON dies at the end of the album and fades away.

Putting up our own new songs would just be exploiting jstars fame for our own. Which is something we are dead set against.(The last song up is simply an ode to a deceased friend)

we plan to branch out with our producer viking quest, for future releases which will be held on different websites, which we will post links to in time. THE JMOON character, has served his purpose as the metaphor we so desired... JMOON is now gone, and finished...



Translation: Is it can be an hero tiem now plz??

The profile supposedly remains active because Moon's friend Scarlett (allegedly male) became an hero, so Moon keeps it up in Scarlett's memory, not to be an attention whore. However, the profile's headline, ""BIGGEST JSTARfanclub! OFFICIALLY 2k starlings strong!"" suggests otherwise.


The faggot band are back, And possibly making a new song, best get to trolling these fucking tranny ass raiders. Piss taking of said dead friend wins one free internet.


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