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    Jeff Gannon

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    Jeff Gannon (aka James Guckert, aka Bulldog, aka McClellan's Butt Boy) is both a media whore and a real whore. He is one of the greatest fake reporters not on The Daily Show.

    It all started one day when lil' Jeffy was skipping along after meeting with some of his friends. As he walked through the Enchanted Forest, he met a fairy who in no way represented Karl Rove or any of his staff. This fairy gave him a magical White House press pass. With this press pass, he could enter any White House press conference and a spell would be cast to make people think he was a real reporter. So lil' Jeffy used this pass, and met the mighty King George II. The king was so impressed with Jeffy's bravery (which some say is 8 inches cut), he immediately married him. Jeffy now became queen.

    Unfortunately, some liberals complained that he wasn't fit to be Queen. They dug into his past, and found that he had a page advertising his bravery to other men. They called him a whore, just because he had sex for money, and even said he wasn't as brave as he said he was. This hurt lil' Jeffy's feelings, so he ran away and vowed to never talk again unless he felt like it.

    The Johnny Gosch connection

    PROTIP: warning, for advanced users only. If one would choose to blow their minds, check out Jeff Ganon's connections to The Franklin Cover-Up, and Johnny Gosch.

    • In 2005, Gosch was the subject of a conspiracy theory centering around conservative journalist Jeff Gannon. In the 1990s, Gannon ran a homosexual escort service under his real name, James Guckert. Gannon/Guckert's escort service reportedly serviced Washington, D.C. political clients, and paid visits to the White House. The first public speculation linking the two cases occurred on February 26, 2005, on The Democratic Underground, a liberal political website.
      • Skeptics of the Gannon connection point out that no DNA evidence has ever been tendered, the ages of Gosch and Gannon do not match, nor do they resemble one another. Gannon himself does not lend any credence to the theory and flatly denies that he is Johnny Gosch. Conspiracy theorists counter that Gannon may be unaware he is Gosch, all memory of his past life perhaps obliterated by MK-Ultra, Project Monarch, or complicity with the conspiracy.
      • On July 8, 2005 Jeff Gannon called into the radio program A Closer Look hosted by Michael Corbin and agreed to take a DNA test to prove he was not the missing boy. As of June 2006 Gannon has not taken the test even though the offer remains open with Johnny's mom Noreen Gosch. On May 10, 2006 occult author William H. Kennedy was a guest on "A Closer Look" and renewed the offer for Gannon to take the DNA test with Norren Gosch.

    The Photograph Scandal

    Those that have brought into the conspiracy theory in the previous section may be aware that Johnny Gosch was working as a paperboy when he was kidnapped. That's where he caught the attention of a rich pedobear with connections to CIA/Jews/Mossad/MONGO. It is no surprise that Johnny would later resurface as Jeff Gannon, in the vicinity of Bush's genitals.

    Around 2005, Anonymous dropped a brown package on the doorstep of Johnny Gosch's mother. The photos showed a slightly older Johnny being bound and raped. There were others in the photo as well, but they remain unidentified. Welcome to America!

    The photos can be found on the website of Johnny's mother.Scroll all the way down plz

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