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    Jdforrester traveling to Wikimania 2014 using his WMF funded jet-pack
    File:Jdforrester small.png
    What, you thought we were kidding?

    Jdforrester, aka James Forrester, aka "Herbie the Fat Fury", aka fuck that giant asshole. Apart for being a morbidly-obese cartoon character, Herbie is an admin and bureaucratic fuck on the English Wikipedia. As of 2012 he became a high-ranked employee at the Wikimedia Foundation, in "product development". No one sucks Jimbo ass harder and deeper than Forrester. And you can thank him for his arrogant and incompetent work on major MediaWiki upgrades, such as "Flow" and "Visual Editor". He is like Raul654, having swallowed eleven magical bowling balls, but is more "high-born" than Raul. Like all great Englishmen, he's petty and backstabby and can't seem to write actual working computer code, because it interferes with the important work of molesting little boys and fisting sheep. "Gentlemen do not dirty their hands". Except with jaffa cakes, apparently.

    He went to either "Westminster City School" or "Westminster School", two very different institutions. The former is just an ordinary high end school, the "Westminster School" is a deeply posh and snob-ridden private institution with a colorful 800-year history. Herbie's Livejournal used to say he went to City School, and when challenged about it in 2012, he edited it out and screamed at people "I did not go to City School!!!" [1][2] As soon as he could, Fat Fury destroyed his LJ completely.

    The big dance of blobs

    He was a very early Wikipedia "cabalnik". Erik Möller made brown-nosed Herbie into an administrator in 2003, before anyone was permitted to vote on it. So he is a "part of the Wiki-landscape" and unlike other WP super-friends, Herbie cannot be removed from his post, because Jimbo will scream murder. So, he doesn't do much work on the content of Wikipedia, just throws his bowling-balls around the office, and acting as "enforcer" for Wales The Questionable.

    The community can bump heads all they like as long as I get my check

    And as soon as Arbcom was set up, Jimbo demanded that Herbie the Fat Fury had to be installed thereon, in December 2004. He left early and served another Arbcom term from 2005 to 2008. One more attempt to run for arbitrator in December 2008 was a gigantic turd, with 55 voting "yes" and 213 voting "no". Whine, little Herbie! And don't forget all the hatred he heaped onto Giano. "You're all idiots" And you are not Spartacus, Herbie. Wave your magic lolly at us!

    The Fury also got checkuser and oversight in 2006, so when a Wiki-Friend wanted something "disappered" and covered up, Herbie was a principal go-to guy. Or blob. He probably oversighted thousands of diffs from WP's database. Yes, lollipop suckers, Wikipedia is censored, end of discussion.

    Abusers on WP have always got a friend with the Fat Fury. His old Livejournal friends list was a litany of Wikipedia insiders: David Gerard, Kat Walsh, Abigail Brady, Caroline Ford, Brion Vibber, Lisa Carter, and others. Having an editwar with someone who knows more than you do? Just sic the Fat Fury on them. [3]


    When the first talk of setting up Wikimedia's UK chapter began, Herbie was put forward as "secretary", and that version of WMUK collapsed in 2008.

    Jdforrester astride the Jimborocket

    Quote by Kelly Martin:

    Wikimedia UK has been a giant boondoggle; they've been "organizing" now for four years I think without doing anything even remotely resembling acting as a charitable organization. I'm surprised that whatever Crown entity regulates these things hasn't shown up asking questions. It was November last year, I think, that James Forrester was trying to convince me to get involved in starting a Wikimedia US chapter. He said it would be "easy" to do, and that someone should just get off their ass and do it. Ironic, given his utter inability to do the same in the UK. Between him and his demonstrated incompetence in a leadership role (c.f. the ongoing clusterfuck of the IRC channels) and David Gerard's constant dramaqueening, it's little surprise they've wallowed.


    Jdforrester, stealing clothes to support his Twinkie habit

    He's friendly with UK government spooks

    Jimbo got him a job: [4] "We were also very fortunate that James Forrester from the Digital Engagement team of the Cabinet Office was able to join the panel discussion at short notice. James explained that he is half of this team and that they were working closely with government departments to help them publish their data via data.gov.uk"

    He spent a LOT of time on IRC

    For several years, apparently from 2006 until 2011, Herbie was one of the principal sysops of Wikipedia's precious IRC channel space. He made it suck, remaining logged in continuously for months at a time. See Wikipedia IRC Bouncers. Fatty was never listed as the "official sysop", but he certainly had a hand in bouncing hundreds, perhaps thousands, of IRC users. No one is permitted to critique Wikipedia or its butt-suckers, especially in IRC. In this 2008 idiot screamfest, Giano complained about people defaming him on IRC, and Forrester tried like hell to silence him.

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