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    Jay Naylor

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    Inferior Asian heathens are easily conquered by Jay's mighty armpit odor
    Cock goes where?

    Jay Naylor alias "Fisk Black": another in the endless line of broken rightwing furries that includes such unfettered freethinkers as Cigarskunk, Drip, Duke Otterland, and RHJunior, though Naylor is more of an Objectivist/Lolbertarian. A former Kinkos assistant copyboy, Naylor quit his servitude to THE MAN to be a self-employed entrepreneur.

    Like the aforementioned, Naylor is an stern patriot, valiantly fighting the good fight with the 1st Armchair Assault Brigade in the ongoing Sitzkrieg against faggots, liebruls, Muslims, pacifists, socialists and the bagger at the supermarket who handles his groceries in a lewd and offensive manner. As is usual with wingnuts, he enjoys issuing innumerable stilted and poorly spelled proclamations on science, politics, economics and all kinds of other stuff, pulling opinions from his well-reamed ass with the greatest of ease, and never letting those pesky facts get in his way. He is also a huge Ayn Rand fan, and no doubt jerks himself senseless dreaming of the hideous Russian (and JEWISH! Don’t forget it was JEWISH!) shemale philosopher. He'll also decide to refuse to listen to any and all opinions that contradict hers ('cause he's totally not a tool) while "humbly" suggesting that you acquire a copy of her shit-tacular books-on-tape, which can put ANYONE to sleep regardless of the amount of decibels you're cranking out. An ex-girlfriend of his has recently informed the public that naylor has a circumcised dick - nothing that will surprise anyone considering naylors fascination with drawing HUGE COCKS with enourmous foreskins in all of his porn, but his ex informs that Naylor uses some kind of device to stretch out a new foreskin, and then cleans the thing by boiling it in the same pots and pans he uses for cooking. Dick juice, its whats for dinner.



    The Characters

    Fisk Black Lucy Black Elizabeth Tommy Secondary Characters

    Fisk Black

    The main protagonist of all the series. The fursona every other furry wanted to be. Having lost it's virginity by force at the age of 10. Dicks the hell out of his own sister (leaving her with severe issues) and gets off to the army to kill some SAND DOUBLE NIGGERS and get praised by doing so, after a while he gets his father's job as an super assassin. He is the one and only True american hero. Common habits go beyond the "Oh Balls" meme, including delivering wise phrases while drinking coffee in a mug.

    • Had sex with: Shanikwa, The 3rd Infantry, Lucy Black, Tommy, Beth, Lizbeth, Janie, Your father.
    Oh balls!


    —Fisk's catchphrase.

    Lucy Black

    Once her boyfriend tried to fuck her mother she started developing serious mental issues. Trying to help, her sick fuck of a brother had sex with her, making her doomed to be forever in love with him, she then becomes enraged when her best friend in the world, Lizbeth, kisses her brother and swears that, from that moment foward she would find someone as good as her brother. Saved Tommy from his slutty girlfriend, Rachel, using the mighty Faith-Killing-Blowjob and started going out with him because he is the only male that plays by heart, loves her unconditionally and has the guts to fuck her asshole. Consisting on a fragile personality she has, it would be of no surprise that she started craving her best friend's fuckbuddy, Aron. She fulfils the role of the troubled sibling, which our mighty hero Tommy must save from this world of loneliness. Fisk only sucked up to her so he could fuck her. Srsly.

    • Had sex with: Fisk Black, Randy Steelworth, Tommy.
    My frustrations are compounded with you being here [Fisk]. You know how I feel about you. I've been looking for you in the form of other guys.


    —It makes you want to cry.

    Elizabeth Black

    Fisk's Jewish slave. Was obligated to mate with him until the birth of their third child went wrong and they had to replace her with an Aryan clone to stop the Jew and spread The will of the Führer.

    • Had sex with: David, Fisk.
    It's Nazy Germany all over again!


    —Heil mein Führer.

    Thomas Black

    Nerdy rabbit. Only created to fufill the role of Fisk in Lucy's Heart. Former dater of Rachel, got really sad after discovering that she was a total whore. He's also part of the main characters' Randian Mary Sue hivemind in that he represents Naylor's way from Christfaggotry to Objectivism.

    We met at church when we were in high school. I don't think we're that different. I think people just judge her by how she dresses.


    —Tommy, failing to recognize a total slut.

    Janie Black Only on Original Life.

    Fisk & Lizbeth's oldest daughter. Slut-wannabe and member of the Sports Club. Possibly a future carpet muncher, Yum.

    • Had sex with: Breakfast, Dildo, Fisk.
    Hel-lo two-piece!


    —Starting up early.

    Thomas Black Only on Original Life.

    Fisk & Lizbeth's middle son. You may think that cooties talk is for young boys. But for this geezer is a lifestyle, hating on woman and having extreme affection towards men.

    • Had sex with: Hand.
    She's like the Terminator!


    —Thomas' frustration upon his stolen attention.

    Abigail Black Only on Original Life.

    Fisk & Lizbeth's youngest daughter. One night, Fisk and Lizbeth's experiment went wrong and this was the result. She is as philosophical as only Goethe could be.

    I'm going in. No Peekies.


    —Abigail's advanced schizophrenic hallucinations.

    Leo Only on Original Life.

    Lucy & Tommy's son. Cousin of the black person siblings. Surffag and an amateur Jock.

    • Had sex with: Hand.
    I can see how this can be an acquired taste.


    —Leo, substance abusing.


    Fisk's junkie cousin, gets wrapped up on the porn industry and must be saved by our True American hero. She is so delicious that even the gay neighbour fell for her.

    Don't worry! I'm NOTHING like you, mother.


    —Persia in self denial.


    Gay little geek that also only serves the role of Love above all and to all!

    Are you going to keep the money?


    —More like, "are you a retard?"


    The Emo-Gothic tormented character of the series, bitches about her dead boyfriend as a Drama Attraction Mechanism. Also is a total slut, differing from Rachel on the grounds that Rachel was a catholic, and therefore, is obviously a greater slut.

    • Had sex with: Jason, Fisk, Aron, Nicholas
    Well, I hate almost all people...


    —Beth's emo rant.


    Tommy's nerdy best friend, has a secret crush onto Lucy and for that, tries to slip by Beth at every opportunity he's got.

    • Had sex with: Beth.
    Aw, but Lucy's got such hot, big sweater hogans... And such a SWEET big juicy ass!


    —Aron, about to have his dick cut by Beth.

    Stacy Hardy Only on Original Life.

    Not much is known. Justin Hardy & Inez Wilson's daughter.

    • Had sex with: Her dildos, Justin's dildos, Inez's dildos.
    A total suburban slutcake.


    —Stacy's autoreflection.


    A good-hearted pooch with a brain the size of a nutsack. Her extremely gigantic breasts seems to make her the most adored character by the fans.

    • Had sex with: Robert.
    Love is about the little things, Lucy! You'll understand when you find "Mr. Right".


    —Jessica scowling over Lucy's hopes.


    Some mongrel that was created to fill the chauvinistic-slob role. Wait, wasn't that supposed to be Fisk?

    Maybe we can type things into our calculators that spell dirty words when turned upside down.


    —Robert, failing miserably.

    Annie Only on Original Life.

    Not much is known. It is supposed to be Jessica & Robert's daughter.

    • Had sex with: ?
    She was totally making eyes at my dad. It was SO gross.


    —Yeah, you see. Because she likes daddy all for herself.


    Total dipshit complete with fail. As if being a moralfag isn't enough, being a Christfag seems to be even worse. She's into voyeourism, selling her beliefs away. It has been pointed out that the solemn purpose of wich Amy was crated was to be a sign to all those God-Loving faggots that there is no supreme being, just pure and blatant instinctive acts wich we must obey in order to become greater moral bein.

    • Had sex with: Austin McElroy, God.
    I'm going to hell.


    —Recurring Christfagness on the comic.


    A minor character and a real good fapping material only made to reveal that Only the good shall prevail! Has a mental breakdown after her boyfriend dumps her and try really hard to seduce him again. Serves her right!

      • On May 4th, Naylor drew a picture of rachel's dead corpse covered in sperm on some kind of bathroom. Rachel's nose is seein bleeding and there are all sorts of drug apparatus lying on the floor (such as: cocaine, razors, a tube used to snort the coke, a syringe [probably with heroin], some rubber band to tie on the arm, the spoon used to "boil" the heroin) and a jar on top of the toiled wich is read "5$ for a Thrust.". The image caused a lot of BAWWWING from friends and also haters as they saw that rachel was the only character with a deep personality (even though that personality was a bad one). Naylor aknowledged the butthurt he has caused and the only thing he notes whas the 500 comments that he had recieved while performing this magic trick. One troll pointed out a theory that, Rachel was going to stop being all slutty once she'd married Tommy (that's why she didn't had sex with him, to keep him pure), but Lucy and her Faith-Killing-Blowjob destroyed all hope left on her heart, and that's when she gave up on trying to stop teh sexey.
    I learned, deep down, most men loved sex as much as I did. I could use sex to get things that I wanted from men.


    —Rachel, being clever.

    Sissy Swanson Only on Original Life.

    The slutty school teacher. Get gossiped a lot on her back, most of it seems to be true, due to the reliable source.

    So, he fucks you like an animal when he gets home. That's proof?


    —Sissy, manipulating Lizbeth's marriage down the river.

    Better Days The Epic Of Fisk, Wielder Of The Mighty Randian Godcock

    Naylor is both into bestiality and pedophilia. He is truly a sick fucker.

    Naylor is best known for his groundbreaking "Better Days" webcomic in which he bravely tackles the thorny subjects of incest and underage sex, or at least it would be groundbreaking if the characters weren't cats and hyenas and whatever else and if it didn't reek of wish fulfillment. The star of this magnum o'puss is his character Fisk Black, a cat from a single parent family who loses his virginity at age 10, bones his sister, joins the army, kills some Arabs, joins the Super Secret US Assassination Squad, and is basically the guy Naylor would like to be instead of a flaccid geek. After Fisk joined said Awesome Black Ops Corps, the comic became Metal Gear Solid copypasta and all of Naylor's fans told him to fuck off for drawing Fisk infiltrating a porn studio, killing all the thugs working there, throwing a grenade down some stairs and blowing up the big bad guy, and getting off completely scott-free without any trouble from the cops whatsoever. Every woman in the comic lusts after Fisk's objectivist, uncut Dunecock. The comic ends with the mighty aryan Fisk enslaving a jewish mouse.

    PS: The aforementioned porn studio arc sparked a meme (as seen left):

    New Worlds Tyranny-Fighting Freebooters Of The Caribbean

    Another comic project from our boy Jay is a tale of seafaring furry critters in a vaguely 18th century style fantasy world which exhibits covert Lolbertarianism and what traitorous Liebruls might call racism.[1] A pr0n comic of a bit character from this comic was made, but thankfully, that was it -- Naylor abandoned the comic in the middle of a chapter, and has stated he plans to eventually rework the story from the beginning to be less of a comic and more of an illustrated novel. Given how awful his writing is, this may be even worse than the comic.

    Hucklemary Horklefucky Ann

    Naylor is mad at work on his latest comic, HuckleMary Ann. Which is a disgusting furry ripoff of Huckleberry Finn of a loli getting fucked by huge horse and dog cock. This comic proves our point on Jay Naylor being a huge perverted faggot.

    Haukaiu The Hero Umaga The Objectivist Ottergod

    Another pornfolio series, comprised of 80% wall of text, 10% objectivist preaching, 9% long and curvy otter penis, and 1% porn. Haukaiu Umaga The retarded insert species here was kicked out of his tribe because of his knowledge over compasses and maps and because he fucked the chief's daughter, but he didn't need them, his free spirit would make him conquer that land. His mother also became insane after giving birth to him and became the sex-trainer of the tribe.

    Original Life Betterer Days

    Original Life preaches about objectivism from a loli and shota point of view and has shittier art than Better Days. The first story arc consists of Fisk's retarded son getting praised in his father's den for beating the living shit out of some other kid. It doesn't get better from there It is not good at all It's trash folks. DO NOT READ.


    I’m pretty good at not getting pulled over on the highway. I haven’t had a traffic citation in nine years. The last thing I need is to be pulled over and found with a bag containing: 1 firearm, 150 rounds of ammunition, the Critique of Pure Reason, the Communist Manifesto, and the Koran.



    I'm thankful for the ham in the fridge that will last me for days, and I'm thankful for Jesus who lets me eat the ham, while Jews cannot.



    He (Mark Steyn) gets very entertaining letters from men bent on establishing a caliphate administered empire from Morocco to Indonesia, and all I have are a bunch of self-hating furry virgins at CYD trying desperately to matter. His vocal enemies are the defenders of men who strap on explosives and murder women and children on purpose. That just outdoes having an enemy who hates you to the ends of the earth, but only shows it by calling you a Nazi while furiously masturbating to your comics.



    In other news, I've decided to resume my distance from engaging in argumentative confrontations, here. More and more, I'm finding there's one person who isn't really interesting in thinking about anything other than clinging to his own views.



    And even though my philosophy doesn't require anyone have anything taken from them against their will, I require nothing from anyone else that they don't willingly wish to trade me, I'm reviled and despised. :)


    [6]Because what's an artist without a persecution complex?

    Yes, Mat and I did have a relationship. We put our cocks in each other's mouths and that's it.


    —This is a quote from Naylor as told to an interviewer for a furry podcast after his interview was over.

    [One] Shouldn't hate Stephanie Meyer. She shows how far one can go on effort and passion, if not skill. How far can you go?


    —Is he a Twitard now? [7]

    Mat Sherer Drama

    Fellow furfag Mat Sherer was a former friend of Jay and has an own webcomic, called "Badly Drawn Kitties", which also features Fisk and Lucy. BDK is clearly superior to Better Days, but as Better Days belongs to Naylor and both comics are furry, that's not saying much. However, what many fucktards accusing BDK of being a rip-off fail to realize is that BDK has actually been around since long before Better Days. That's right, Mat owns the copyright to Lucy while Jay only owns Fisk. They initially decided to share their characters when they met in FurryMUCK and befriended each other.

    Naylor later disowned BDK, claiming that he couldn't stand other's opinions and Mat was being un-American. In reality, Naylor only was butthurt because Mat grew tired of sucking Jay's sandworm and left him in favor of some hot pussy. Naylor decided to steal Lucy saying that she belongs to him because he fucked up her personality so she isn't BDK's Lucy anymore. Mat in contrast took the only sensible option and killed off Fisk in his comic, something long overdue everyone waited for.

    In the remake of BDK Fisk was wisely retconned from existence.

    Examples from Badly Drawn Kitties:

    Separation E-Mail Incident

    After some time of the whole dramatic incident seen above, someone sent an e-mail to Jay Naylor which was CCed to Mat Sherer also, pointing out how stupid this little kiddie fight is. In Jay's own words it was so furry (he must be a fursecutor also). Naylor posted the said e-mail with his thoughs on the subject on his LiveJournal summoning some MOAR sad butthurt buddies. Some of the furries took Jay's side, others took Mat's side, while normal people didn't even care, just waiting for the butthurt, "I-hate-you-NO-I-HATE-YOU" fest come to an end. After reading Mat's below comment, Naylor quickly removed the e-mail; sneaky bastard. Mat took the break up pretty well, other than Naylor, who posted the e-mail with his rants; He jus't can't.

    Here's the Mail for your lulz:

    Dear sirs,

    I've been reading BDK and Better Days for about two or three months now. I've never posted on either webcomic's forums, I've never wrote to either of you before.However, after witnessing the apparent split in relations, I had to write and say that you are both acting like childish asses.You're both having what appears to be a falling out with each other, and it seems to be due to a right-wing/left-wing thing. And frankly, it sucks. It sucks /large./ (could it /b/?!)

    Flaming Mat's artistic skills was a very low blow - and an unnessessary one. To claim to be embaressed by his artistic skills as an excuse for no longer linking to him is like disowning a relative because they dress like a nerd. (Naylor denies saying so, is he repent on his own sins?!) It's called Badly Drawn Kitties, but it really is not. The character art is very simple, elegant in it's general line-art appearance. I will also note that this is the very same style of character art that has made Howard Taylor's Schlock Mercenary ( www.schlockmercenary.com ) one of the most popular webcomics /ever./ And okay, the backgrounds are badly drawn. That's part of the style, and frankly, I like it. And I'm willing to bet a lot of other people like it. (Even if Naylor is superior in art, BDK is overall far more superior than Better Days {even though they are both furry})

    And the apparent descision on Mat's part to simply steal Sheila Black and rename her, make a new character to contine - it's simply ludicrious and asinine. Frankly, I'd be surprised if there's a single BDK reader who is not also a Better Days reader. The two are as intertwined as Abbott and Costello.

    Frankly, you're both acting like asses, and it's us - the readers - who are going to suffer. It's craptacular horse manure is what this all is! You can't try and yank BDK away from Better Days anymore than you can yank the rotors from a helicoptor, the wings from an airplane, the hull from a ship or the chassis from a car. You've managed to create a dualistic webcomic that provides humor and funny insight on a daily basis, and a more deep venture mondays and friday.

    Except... Better Days isen't funny. And BDK is not deep in that it never makes you think. Yeah, you heard me. Better Days is not funny at all. And BDK is about as deep as a wading pool. Without each other, they'll fall apart as the readers become tired of the heavy-handed maturity, general lack of laughing, and frequent tiresome angst of Better Days, or of the fact that BDK is rarely challenging to the mind. It's good for some slapstick, and sure, we all love the sex scenes, but ultimately it will simply become an excersise in "yawn, Lucy's having sex with another girl again." And Better Days will become "how boring, Fisk's beating the crap out of someone again."

    Suck it up and make nice, or it's going to be the readers who suffer, and then ultimately divide into two camps. Then the members of those camps will just kind of drift away, bored.

    Naylor then starts throwing his second-grade "I-know-more-than-you" insults (wich can be seen sprouting in his LiveJournal and his FurAffinity accounts every day, responding to those idiotic fans who don't know how to talk to a gentleman properly). Because Naylor, as we all know him, just couldn't can't keep it in his pants, he had to attack Mat.

    I wasn't aware of that, but I don't visit BDK anymore. I'm sure the Mat Sherer version will be as interesting and meaningful a character as three day old toast.


    —Talk about maturity, alright.

    A friend of mine read this and stated: "If Better Days isn't funny, then what does that leave BDK? You have to come up with a completely new level of unfunny to describe BDK." The idea that I have to ballance my writing with Mat's was never the intent. There are zillions of webcomics that focus solely on humor. If you want to ballance my stories, there are plenty of tired old clones to choose from.


    —Actually, BDK has a lot superios plot AND humour than Better Days.

    What really got Mat angry was Naylor's disrespect toward his own fans (because trying to pull a Snapesnogger stunt just didn't work). He posted some few rants about it but didn't make the same amount of drama that Jay did:

    That same newspost mentions an angry email he got, and even goes so far as to post the guy's email address, as if inviting readers to flame him. That's low. That's real low. That's lower than I ever would have expected Jay Naylor to go, and it's sapped any respect I had left for him as a human being. I can no longer be satisfied to civilly ignore him, but must actively dislike him following this disgusting display. When you start fucking with your fans, you forfeit any right to respectful treatment.


    —Mat loses it.

    The event ended like it has started: filled with shit. Nothing changed for the Better Days comic as the character Lydia wasn't used by Jay anymore, the only thing that changed is Jay's claiming to own Lucy (claiming to own a character is sad itself, let alone a furry one). For BDK things took another turn, Matt was such a big baby that he killed Fisk in his comics and, when his fat excuse of a Girlfriend, Kat Smith, began to draw his BDK strips from scrap (trying to make a buyable comic book), she, being enforced by the male furfag (we mean Jay, because Mat can't be defined as a male, as seen here and because she also hates him, as can be seen here), changed Lucy's last name and Lucy's brother's name. As for the fandom, nothing changed, as expected; some sucked Naylor's foreskins and others fingerbanged Matt, but all in all, every furfag that once did read both comics still reads both comics.


    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    His Ultimate Fantasy, As Written By Himself

    tl;dr version: scroll down.

    Fisk looked up into the shower, closing his eyes. His prison sentence was well underway now. It was typical left-wing liberal bullshit. When he had burst into that den of drug-dealing slavers to save Persia, the two men he’d wasted turned out to be undercover cops. So what? If these cops were so good, why had they stood idly by while Persia turned into a drug-addicted porn star? Those cops were pathetic, spending months trying to build some bullshit case to put hyenas in jail, instead of just shooting them. Didn’t they know that some activist judge would just put them back out on the street anyway?

    It was the trial that sickened him the most, though. Try as he might to defend himself and explain his actions to the jury, that Jew mouse lawyer cunt just argued again and again that his little act of vigilanteism had cost the department it’s two finest undercover agents, not to mention the fact that he had brought an investigation to a screeching halt. So what if he killed a few cops while he was saving the woman he loved? Didn’t everyone understand that this was an honest mistake, and if the cops were so good that they wouldn’t have let this happen in the first place? As Fisk saw it, he was the only real hero here, the only one brave enough to take action. Anyone who happened to get caught up in the crossfire was just as pathetic and weak as those criminals.

    But it was all in the past now, he’d been given two consecutive life sentences with no chance for parole. All that was left was to wait it out, to survive in this hell with all those damn criminals. He looked idly at a small gang of hyenas showering on the far side of the showers, talking to one another in that hideous corruption of English that they called Ebonics. They disgusted him, their massive, sculpted bodies and large black cocks glistening with water from the shower. They didn’t know what was right and what was wrong, like he did. They hadn’t served their country, a country which had betrayed Fisk by being weak and coddling people like those hyenas. It made him sick. If he just had a gun, he knew he could drop each and every one of them before they knew what was happening. What was this country coming to, that they would betray and waste someone as superior as him?

    Fisk turned his face back to the shower, and heard footsteps behind him. He knew that the hyenas were coming closer, but he wasn’t afraid. He was superior. He could take them out easily if they were foolish enough to get near to him. And come nearer they did, continuing to talk in their hideous dialect, their words as empty as their minds.

    “Damn boy, is you that Fisk pussy?” said one of the hyenas. Fisk ignored the hyena. He was, after all, just out of reach. “Ain’t you that pussy who laid down them two cops?”

    “Shit, you know that we ain’t keen on someone without the propah respect fo’ authoritay,” said another one. “Don’t you know that we’s interested in contributin to the communitay?” Fisk’s blood began to boil. How DARE these inferior, drug-dealing punks challenge him? He could feel that they were just barely in range now. He’d show them. No need to talk when you could just kick a few asses.

    Fisk spun around rapidly on his foot, his leg coming up high and fast. Cracking a skull would get that asshole to shut up. He had misjudged, however, that the floor was quite slippery from soap and water, and that he would be unable to balance on his one foot. His kick went wild as his other leg lost all traction, and he came down hard on his knee, pain lancing up from the tile floor. He had to move fast, the hyenas were surrounding him, and he brought his other knee down as he prepared to pounce.

    The hyenas were wise to this, though, and grabbed him roughly on the shoulders, pinning him on all fours. He bucked against them, but years of working out in the prison exercise yard had given them powerful muscles and he was useless against him. He grunted, looking up at them with pure hatred, but they just smiled down at him. “Shit boy, if we’s known you just wanted to make amends, we’d have been nice,” said one of the hyenas.

    Without warning, the hyena in front of him began to piss on his face. It was disgusting, humiliating stuff, but he tried to keep strong. That massive black shaft, ten inches long even when it was as loose and floppy as a hotdog, meant nothing to him even as the hyenas laughed at his piss-coated face. “Open your mouth, bitch,” said the pissing hyena. When he refused, one of the others forced his mouth open, and though he tried to bite the hyena’s big, powerful hands, his resistance was futile. The hyena in front of him pissed in his mouth, and though he tried to spit it out, he had no choice but to swallow it or choke to death on it. And if he let himself die, how could he get revenge? He let it slide down his throat.

    “Ain’t nothin’ like the pussy of a pussy,” said one of the hyenas. He couldn’t see the monster, but he could feel fingers gently probing at his tailhole, coating it with soap and stretching it open. He renewed his struggle, gritting his teeth as he was penetrated, and desperately tried to whip his tail down over his hole. It was to no avail, one of the hyenas, probably the one probing him, grabbed it and pulled it tight. “Shit boy, I thought you wanted this,” said the hyena behind him. “Well, you’ll learn to love it.”

    Fisk refused to give them the pleasure of hearing him scream in pain as he was penetrated by inch after inch. The hyena was by no means small. If it was big as it felt, Fisk had never seen a cock near as big. It had to be a foot long, at least, and it was thick too. He kept his teeth gritted tight and his eyes closed as he felt the hyena begin to thrust, the big shaft slowly working more and more in. He refused to enjoy it, or show any emotion other than disgust as the gigantic black shaft worked his prostate gently. He had to be strong around these evil criminals.

    “Shit, this bitch is tiiiiiiiiteee…” said the hyena up his ass. “Damn, look at that little boner of his, bitch is enjoyin’ it.” He knew that the stimulation had gotten him aroused, but it was just an autonomic response he couldn’t control. They might think that he was enjoying it, but how could he possibly be enjoying this horrible humiliating action, perpetrated by criminal hyenas, no matter how handsome or well endowed they were? He wasn’t gay. These assholes were. The one in front of him tapped his nose gently with his enormous shaft, which was now hard as a rock. It was only the fact that he was pinned and surrounded on all sides that kept him from biting it. He would have to bide his time and wait for a chance at his revenge. If one of those guards would just leave his gun unattended for a few moments…

    “You best get suckin’,” said the hyena in front of him. “I know you love it, stick it in your mouth or I’ll let Andre here get wild on you with his razor.” Fisk scowled, but when he saw the glint of metal coming from the hyena on his right, he knew that he couldn’t refuse the request. He opened his mouth, letting the hyena jam in his massive shaft, which filled Fisk’s mouth with deep musky flavor. He tried to spit out the hyena’s precum, but all this served to do was move his tongue over the big shaft, making it slick. He gave up, letting the hyena slowly and gently fuck his mouth, teasing his gag reflex but going no further. “Damn, you’s right, pussies is da best pussies in da cage…”

    The hyena in up his tailhole soon picked up the pace, and then cried out in ecstasy as he finished up, leaving Fisk’s innards filled with warm semen. Fisk didn’t even have a chance to resist as the next one came into place, sliding in and stuffing Fisks’s ass even as he tried to squeeze and push back in resistance. The hyenas babbled to each other, swapping high fives and talking about how excited they were to have a new “pussy,” forcing Fisk to take them in his mouth, his ass, his hands. He never gave in, though, never letting them hear even the slightest moan of pleasure or the slightest indication he wasn’t going to escape as soon as they got off of him. When they finally grew tired, they had left five loads in his ass and three in his mouth, and all four of them had peed on him. His body was a disgusting mass of piss and semen , but he just continued to glower at them from the floor.

    Shit pussy, you’s got de best pussy I’s had in dis prison, said one of the hyenas. Fisk glowered, making sure that the hyena knew that Fisk would kill him the first chance he got. “Well, we’s fucked you, we’s pissed on you…I’d say you’s our new bitch. You’re comin’ with us.” They forced him to his feet, not pausing to wash him off as they dragged him naked from the showers. He grinned at them as they walked him into the hall. So they were going to take him back to their hang, eh? Try to humiliate them more? He would never submit. He would just bide his time, and the moment that they thought that they were safe around him, he would kill the lot of them. It couldn’t be hard, chiseled and built and hung though they all were, and even though the shortest one of them had a foot of height on him, he knew that he was the superior one. He was the one really in charge here. All he had to do was wait, and to never give in.

    Short version: He wants to meet Bubba and his friends in jail.

    Experts say that this in fact was not created by Naylor, because Fisk would never be caught, even if he raped his whole family after eating their organs while they were still screaming in agony, because he is The American Hero.

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