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    A face not even a mother could love. That must be why she beats her.

    Jasper (Kim in reality) is a fat fugly bitch with no friends IRL. To compensate for her hideousness and utter unlovability, she makes up shit on the internet, like being beaten by her parents and having a dead brother, to get people to pity her. But because the pity she gets from that isn't enough, she has multiple personalities to make sure her ass-kissing quota is filled every day. It isn't, but Goddamn it's not from lack of trying. She kept the charade up for several years, before finally being exposed by one of her angry ex-girlfriends (tl;dr link is here) because she was too fucking stupid to know how to cover her tracks. Even after exposure, though, she still tries to rename and pretend it never happened.

    NEWSFLASH: SHE HAS RENAMED TO File:Lj-favicon.png splattercombo because that is what should be done to her hideous face.

    Humble Beginnings

    Too cool for hygiene

    Jasper started out as Kim (her real name) on the journal File:Lj-favicon.png impasse, but had almost no internets friends. This echoed her sad existence IRL, so she began her path to fantasyland by roleplaying. Amazingly, people liked her shitty roleplay, at least enough to validate her existence, even if only slightly, so she added more characters to her list, mercilessly butchering each and every one.

    Because she, like most 16 year old girls, was obsessed with Kingdom Hearts, she wanted to play the entire cast at one game. That kind of thing is usually banned in most RPs, though. Enter Shadow on File:Lj-favicon.png rationalise (deleted) and eventually Jasper, who changed and renamed journals several times from File:Lj-favicon.png yahs_girl to File:Lj-favicon.png enables to File:Lj-favicon.png disbar, and now File:Lj-favicon.png splattercombo, among others. Jasper eventually became her most prominent personality and is the one most people know her by today. Using these three names, she ended up playing 90% of the Kingdom Hearts cast, shittily.

    Holy shit this bitch is crazy

    Kimsper, not content with ass-patting for her shitty RP, needed to find a new way to get attention and pity from people. In conversations with her friends from the game she played at, as Jasper, she would casually mention pertinent tidbits about her life, like her parents abusing (once with the charming anecdote that she saw her mother at a wedding and her mother threw her down and broke her wrist) and stalking her, and the fact that she dropped out of school at 16 and moved out of her parents' house. This claim was obviously bullshit, because being the whiny, lazy, entitled bitch she is, she never held down a job very long and wasted her money on action figures and LiveJournal rename tokens.

    Accurate representation of Shadow

    Kim's online identity was more true to what Kim's life is actually like. She has a sister (Ashleigh/File:Lj-favicon.png charmalicious) and a brother. Their brother is younger, probably around 11 or 12. Kim finished high school and went on to college, according her her LiveJournal profile, becoming a true weeaboo and majoring in Japanese. Ashleigh played along with Kim's identities, and even had a second one of her own so she could help destroy the Kingdom Hearts cast further. Kim's parents are divorced, which is not as good a sob story as claiming your dad died of a stoke after molesting you.

    Shadow met a similar fate to Jasper. Kim used a mental form of cutting by pitting the poor imaginary girl into similar terrible situations, like getting into a car crash and ending up in the hospital. Naturally, Jasper was normally the bearer of bad news, posting updates in her journal about how close she was to death. She later posted again on Shadow's behalf saying Shadow was awake and asking after her LJ friends. Soon after, Shadow's mom died (wow she really hates her parents, doesn't she?) and she had to go to Australia. She kept saying she'd be home soon and then disappeared off the face of the internet. When she came back, she revealed it was because her dad was controlling and like to beat her. Those Daddy Issues just keep on comin'. After that, she deleted her journal.

    Shooped vendetta

    After Shadow deleted her LJ and said she wouldn't return to the internet, a secret showed up on File:Lj-favicon.png roleplaysecrets. It was a screencap of a post on an RP community, with an edit button visible. The edit button indicated that the secret was made by either the original poster (and since the secret was a slam on them, it was unlikely), or a mod of the community. When people started suspecting mods of making the secret, "Shadow" suddenly appeared, claiming to be the original poster of the secret. People jumped on her, and she deleted the original comment. Others jumped in with caps of her comment, and others capped File:Lj-favicon.png traitorousfire's profile, showing Shadow did indeed own that journal. It has since been deleted.

    Flies in the web

    Jasper's horrific life caused her to gain many ass-patters who offered sympathy, and later, booty. She somehow managed to get several girlfriends and a boyfriend, most of them concurrently. The poor bastards had no idea, because she was dating them with separate personalities, so they thought they were dating different people. Her relationships tended to be very controlling and manipulative (no surprise), and if any of her lovers tried to break up with her, she would pretend to attempt suicide.

    One of "Jasper's" girlfriends actually thought it was a good idea to fly all the way to New Zealand to visit her, and while she was there, the pieces of the sick puzzle started falling into place. Why did everyone call her "Kim"? Why wasn't Kim, supposedly Jasper's roommate, there? Why was Kim's mother spending the week in Jasper's house?

    Eventually, after suffering through more bullshit (namely the death of Kim's grandmother and Jasper's dad), the chick figured it out, and began her manifesto. She asked for proof that Jasper and Kim were separate people. "Jasper" couldn't give it to her, or promised and never delivered. Below is the "evidence" she collected.

    Holy shit the internet is retarded

    Jasper's ex went public with the info to "spare others a similar fate". While she and other exes got some sympathy, a far greater and more disturbing number of people commented with lol internet and other equally touching sentiments. Jasper was mostly allowed to get away with her batshit, as her whiteknights were too focused on her sweet booty to actually have human emotions and empathy. Thanks to all this e-validation, it's pretty obvious she's not sorry for what she did.

    The ex spoke to Jasper again, though Jasper would not IM her directly and chose to speak to her in a chat with Jasper's new girlfriend. She confessed to being both Kim and Jasper, but denied being Shadow, even in the face of the evidence presented in the post and further testimonies in the comments. When asked to prove that she was not Shadow, she said she could not, and all people would have is her word, which, as you might surmise, is not worth all that much.

    But wait! There's moar!

    When the post went up Jasper was dating yet another RP partner. The post also drew Jasper's boyfriend out of hiding. He was kept secret at Jasper's request and it was revealed that she told her friends he was a creep that was coming on to her whenever she was asked about their relationship. When he came forward Jasper claimed to never have been dating him and that he was confused about their relationship status. He broke up with her after that. The girl stayed a while longer, but they finally broke up in the summer after she realized just how insane this whole thing really was.

    Unfortunately Jasper and the girl played a couple in an RP and naturally that led to wank on RPS. It's secret 12. Jasper's little whiteknights went around the comments defending her while others pointed out what a crazy lying bitch she is. Rumors of her ex doing horrible things and cheating on Jasper were thrown around, but when asked for details about these obviously bullshit claims, anons were unresponsive. Jasper felt the need to make an even bigger douche out of herself by agreeing with the secret.

    Jasper has been called out on the RP Anon Meme numerous times for her bullshit but there are still some people defending her there.

    Somehow, despite all this, she still does the same shit to a new set of people and they refuse to catch on. She renames continuously, trying to throw people off her trail, but she's fucking retard so it doesn't work. If you happen to see this bitch rolling around the streets of New Zealand bawwwing about how someone said her shitty RP was shitty, do us all a favor and smack the cunt into last Thursday.

    A summation of JasKimDow's life so far

    I love all the people going "OMG BUT DANI DID-" when it's pretty obvious she didn't do anything. And they refuse to confront her. It really drives the point home.

    Jasper is a fucking poisonous liar who could give less than a damn about people around her. If you're not practically crawling up her ass then she'll have no qualms about maligning you whenever she gets the chance, turning people against you, and generally stirring up shit. This is what people mean by her showing no remorse for her actions, because the drama she causes is fucking ongoing. Everyone was, inexplicably, welling to let it lie after the initial drama bomb went off. But Jasper has consistently refused to take responsibility for what she's done in the past and what she continues to do because--

    Say it with me now!




    She never was sorry (you don't keep that kind of thing going for months and months while having regrets. You just don't.), she will never be sorry, and she will keep doing the same thing over and over again because she gets some kind of thrill out of fucking people around. Her squad of asspatters are either too stupid to realize this or Jasper's saccharine, mouse-like behavior has sucked them in and now they feel a completely irrational need to defend her against everything, even though EVERY SINGLE ONE of her issues are of her own making because she refuses to leave people the fuck alone.

    And there are people willing to leave it alone (or at least they say they are, because frankly, a couple of them are known for their love of RP drama as well, but I'm not. Several others are not. And we have no reason to since Jasper/Kim/Shadow/whatthefuckever is still an ongoing problem. Yes, I'm still hurting. Yes, it infuriates me to see her do the same thing with a different set of people who refuse to acknowledge the truth. I'm both angry with them and afraid for them. For the record, you can't let things lie that haven't been put to rest, so until she does, I - definitely - will not.


    —Anon on RPS, telling it like it is

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