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    Your desperation doesn't stop me from being popular and successful.


    —Jasonafex, Pretty much proving to you what exactly is going to be entailed in this article about another ego-filled furfag whose definition of popular is getting fucked anally by other furfags.

    A picture perfectly summarizing Jason. He photoshopped his fursona on a pornstar's body because he's insecure about his penis not being anywhere near as fat as his ego.
    The real man behind the stupidity.

    Well, we've decided that after a long while without any articles coming out concerning loser furfags that hail from that beautiful country of Ausfailia that we should cover a special case who's been an extremely popular topic as of late, especially on 8chan's furry boards and on quite a number of post sites.

    So ladies and gentleman, we give you a lump of cunt discharge that symbolizes everything that is wrong with modern society: Jasonafex.

    Jason Grant (Affectionate Nicknames Include: Jigglebones, Jewson, and several variations of the word cuck) is a narcissistic aussie furfag who originally made furry's cum-stained eyes turn by being able to date a well-known artist Kabier after he commissioned her tonguefucking his shitbox. Other than that, he's known for his quality animations he sells to furries at absurdly high prices because furfags will suck the shit right out of the asshole of any artist that can make their OC wobble. His other self-proclaimed successes include living in a shed with his underage girlfriend, being a failure of a game developer, starting up four Patreons at once for each game, and then spending said Patreon money on expensive dogs to satisfy his girlfriend's needs while he watches.

    Drama started back in 2011 or so where he was b& from TF2chan for tracing macro art for all the cool autistic kids. Rather than admit imperfection, Jason took the high road and demanded respect from mods for all the hard work he's contributed. As of 2016 his FurAffinity journals still show the same amount of narcissistic red flags as ever before. Not to be outdone, he would then spend the next few years learning from a 20 minute YouTube video the art of doing the absolute minimum amount of work to produce animated bodies. Due to his inability to learn the entirety of the human anatomy until his 20s, his signature animation style consisted of making sure every bone in the subjects body moved in different directions than the ones it connected to. At some point he encountered a 16 year old girl drawing porn and decided she wasn't strong enough to break free or fast enough to outrun him, thus starting his current relationship. With pisspoor planning he flew out across the world and moved into his girlfriends' parent's house, only to be kicked out within a week and be forced to set up their shitshow in the shed 20 feet away. They were now living the perfect life of sleeping on concrete floors and stealing internet from the parents.

    Be sure to check the Links near the end of this article, there's plenty of direct screencaps that can showcase how full of shit he is more than we ever could.

    An Anal Stretching Beginning

    It turns out there's quite a lot to Jason than meets the eye. Currently, he's mainly been getting both shit and attention from fellow dungeoneers for how well established he is in the furry fandom. Thankfully, thanks to the anons that frequent some furry boards, they were able to dig up a few interesting pre-furfag aspects of his past that are kind of entertaining. They don't really add to the drama, but damn does it show how fucking odd he's been since the beginning of all this.

    Team Whoretress 2: Tracing and Womanizing

    Jason's queer interests in animal dicks arose when he first joined FurAffinity in 2010. He apparently has been into animating for awhile since the earliest dated animation he has is from at least four years ago, so it's safe to say his fascination with fucking disgusting knot penetration has been alive in his mind for longer than anybody knows. Although, it seems some very amusing content actually does exist from before his furry assimilation. Apparently, when he first began his internet escapades he was a little obsessed with Gmod and TF2 like most hipfags. It turns out though, he's a little too interested in TF2. People were able to find an old TF2 modding profile that Jason once owned and there's two very interesting bits that were scouted out while people were analyzing his TF2 days.

    For one, he was more than obsessed with gigantic tits. We're not just talking about yolked-up bozangas, we're talking about titties that would crush your head like a grape if they swung right for your head. He would draw and create his own little mods that would make Pyros into physically impossibly busty women that have nipples that stick out like fucking silo missiles. Now, that's not what's really pathetic about this.

    A comparison picture somebody posted exposing how completely fake those tits truly are.

    What's truly funny about this, was people were able to uncover that he's a fucking loser who traces all of his Pyro poses from other pictures. Needless to say, people rode his ass about this. Especially since it's one thing to be a basement dweller whose obsessed with unrealistic tits since he has zero possibility of ever feeling some lumps. It's another thing to be a loser who can't even be original with his perverted fantasies and has to borderline steal shit from other perverts to justify his own sexual desires.

    People brought this to his attention on some chan boards as they demanded answers for what Jason had to say on this clear case of plagiarism. The only thing he could muster out his musty rectum was "I have too much requests and attention to keep track of. I won't put up with these accusations." As if getting attention actually fucking means anything. So, of course in typical egohead fashion, he flatout left all the threads and refused to acknowledge any of the shit people were whipping his ass to own up to, so eventually people just forgot about it and everybody went their own merry way in life. Despite all that, his modding profile is still alive and accessible so here it is for anybody curious about his strange modding habits.

    Romance of the Pedo Kingdoms

    It's not exactly known when him and his current girlfriend first came into contact with each other, but it's pretty much well-known that this relationship didn't start off on the most wholesome of principles. Apparently, at the time they started interacting with each other his girlfriend was a bit below the age radar. We'd say she was around 16 or so? Yeah, so it's pretty obvious that Jason has some pedophilic interests since at the time he was at least 21-22 when they started hanging out with each other. They officially united together in 2013, but honestly who knows how long their "love" has been transpiring. What's even more insane is somehow he managed to scramble enough money to fully migrate over to Canada to live with his online girlfriend. This happened at least two years ago, so at the very least she was around 17-18 at the time since she's around 20 currently. Which really begs the question since we highly doubt she was already living on her own by that point:

    Were her parents aware of this relationship and openly gave consent to have her online boyfriend come visit?

    This is truly a question worth pondering, because it brings into question two things. For one, how and why the fuck was she willing to bring her online boyfriend who's older than her to come to Canada all the way from Australia to visit. Secondly, if her parents were present in this matter and agreed to this, it brings into question if Canada is truly as much of a land of degenerates as we think. Either way, there's some creepy context to all of this shit. Eventually, Jason did manage to find a way to stay in Canada. So for all intents and purposes, he's a full on Canadian and has left his ancestral land of british convicts. He's probably the descendent of a childfucker so that would explain why he was interested in the first place.

    He Likes His Girls How He Likes His Animations: In Tweens

    You're a Jasonafex animation, 'Arry.

    Jason especially gets a lot of shit for his "animation". That's if you even call taking limbs and making them shake a little while they try to give off that fake as fuck illusion of movement. You would think that somebody who's been involved in animation as long as him would improve, but it's no exaggeration when you compare every single one of his animations that there's literally almost no fucking differences whatsoever. Every single one looks the fucking same. Since usually most fags care more about pre-soaked dicks than actual integrity, most people don't give enough of a fuck to ask him why he doesn't do much different with his "skills." Usually when one such faggot comes and confronts him, his Unwarranted Self-Importance shines as he asks "Then why am I so popular?" Maybe it's because nobody gives a fuck about you yourself, Jason. There's a difference between people loving you for you and loving you for helping get their genitals wet. What a fucking star. Australia seems to birth out the best of the human race, eh?

    The STD of Furry "Fame"

    So, if you've read up to this point you're probably thinking "He is quite the faggot, but he's no different from some pedophiles on DeviantArt. What's the deal?" Well, I'll tell you what exactly the deal is.

    He's such a prostitute in the purest essence of the word's definition, he takes advantage of people's blissful stupidity. Obviously, we all know that furries don't give a fuck about anything in the real world except for genital play. This statement is proven more than true with Jason especially since he has four fucking patreons dedicated to him and his projects. The craziest fucking part of this is that there's plenty of mentally disabled cock pistoners that are willing to give him shitton of money on each of his patreons. Oh, and his patreons are quite the delicacies in it of themselves. Honestly, there's just so much fucking retarded shit this stupid nigger has done we're just gonna start here. So let's get to the biggest one and work our way down, just like how Jason does his blowjobs.

    Amwhorous Patreon - $4004 per month

    So, when you're a worthless cumdumpster who's swimming in both seed and cash, what is the next step? Well, to make a furry dating sim game of course! Better yet, let's get our girlfriend to draw all the art for it and create a patreon program for it even though we have no idea how hard it actually is to code a game. Or how to code one at all, for that matter.

    So comes in Amorous, a game that Kabier is pretty much drawing most of the assets for while Jason outsources and finds other programmers to help make his shithole of a game that only the loneliest of basement dwellers would spend even a fraction of their time on. In typical fashion though, they were more than happy to take their smeg-stained hands and throw their crinkled money at Jason just for a lame attempt at satisfying some sick desire. In the most surprising twist of events though, the programmers were jumping ship left and right and the game wasn't getting many consistent updates. In a worse business move, he wasn't keeping up with patreon's TOS by providing the applicable perks to the people who were paying for them. So here's this specific gem that arose out of this:

    It says things that he's not even reliable when his expertise is being a worthless slut and providing content to his fanbase. Now, we could talk night and day about how fucking retarded this is that he's fucking his own fans, and he's so fucking stupid to keeping it subtle that it's all right there out in the open. The main thing to worry about here though is that this kind of announcement is fucking illegal. It's so fucking deplorable that on top of this law-breaking behavior, he still has stupid fucking furfags that more than likely have potatoes for brains. Now he's become a massive shaft ruler as he rules on high from his throne, his throne being his girlfriend as he sits on her back and breaks it because he takes advantage of her more than a rape victim. So honestly, the question is do we blame him or his fans?

    Somebody actually standing up and telling Jason he's breaking the fucking law.

    His ego has corrupted him into a power hungry bitch who thinks he isn't at risk of losing anything. Seeing how too many sycophants will defend him so they continue to jack off to his shitty tweens, it's only going to get worse. Most of the furry fandom are beta children who will let anyone slide, and not just into their anuses. They'd let a dirty terrorist right into their own gates and then not even get shifty when he blows himself up. "Oh well that won't happen again, right?" These kind of people are very out of touch with reality. So when you threaten their favorite artwork they will become guard dogs. Which is perfectly fine with Jason seeing as he has no qualms with fucking animals.

    Oh look, one of the guard dogs off-duty.

    Anyway, the point is the project has come to a screeching halt as more and more people start to realize how completely unorganized and ignorant Jason actually is since he also couldn't keep paying the work they were there to do in the first damn place. Despite the fact that he was basically not giving any fucks about giving the loser who actually paid money for their proper benefits, he just decided to just sell the benefits that were already meant for other people and anally fuck the people who paid for that shit in the first place. We can only hope some of these people actually go through with contacting some form of law about this, because even a master of manipulating subhumans who have the IQ of a cum-glazed donut shouldn't be exempt from the consequences.

    To tip off this section, here's a video that some forgettable gaming site interviewed him on. Pay attention to how he makes it all about himself and talks about nothing but vidya games for his inspiration. For the sake of not repeating the word, we'll just say he probably has "artism".

    Jason's Amorous Interview

    I'm very against propeterring my own pet projects.


    Jason - Who legitimately is lying right to your fucking face.

    Bare Backstreets Patreon $222 per update

    On top of all the Polyamorous or whatever bullshit, he announced another fucking game he was working on called Bare Backstreets. Which is some weird fucking mix of Streets of Rage and one of those really shitty porno videos you can find littering Redtube.

    Already throwing in the cumrag this early, Jason?

    Unfortunately, there isn't much to Bare Backstreets that's unique to it aside from the fact that it also has its own fucking patreon because there's nothing but dollar signs in Jason's eyes. He's also halted development on this little speck of dust so we're gonna have to wait until further development.

    In the meanwhile, have this fucking glorious treat of a video in which one of his cum-guzzling fans plays the beta. Listen to this faggot as he speaks and gives such honorable mentions to Jason and his character throughout the video. It's fucking disgusting that people can act like this over things that aren't real. Also take note of the animation that's also of Jason's work and how not fluent the movements are and everything looks stiffer than a black cock.

    Bare Backstreets "Gameplay"



    Neckbearded cunt who voiced this video.

    Furfag Creator Patreon - $481 per patch

    Remember when we just discussed Amwhorous back there? Well, it doesn't end there. He also made a patreon program for the fucking character creator that's used in the game. That's right. He technically has two patreons for the same fucking game. You'd think, you know, there'd be a fucking rule against making multiple patreons for the same product? But, if you've been reading up to this point you already know what he's all about. Thank god Jason has an extra chromosome, otherwise he'd actually make it challenging to find all of the evidence against him. This guy's almost too retarded to be made fun of...naaaaaaaaaaah.

    Jigglebones's own Patreon - $599 per animation


    Yes, this fuckboy has his own standalone patreon for his god awful animation. What's hilarious is fake patrons keep flocking to his benefits and Jason has taken note to whine about it as chronicled in the thumbnail to the right. Take note to how firmly wedged his cranium is inside his ass. It must be easy to get it up there with all the ejaculate and saliva from all his fans keeping it nice and slicked.

    It should also be noted the pledge benefits are fucking retarded. Would you believe me if I said that one of the benefits is to have your name on a dildo in the background of his animations? Clearly, we have an artist connoisseur on our hands because it's clear that he's not just pulling perks out of his ass and not showing any sincere consideration for his own fanbase.

    So, the grand total for all the money he gets is around $5306 fucking dollars regularly from all the accumulated patreons and pet projects he does. Yet, they still live in a shed and beg for more money. Does anybody get the fucking idea yet of what is really happening? OF COURSE, THIS ACCUMULATED INCOME IS NOT FUCKING ENOUGH APPARENTLY.

    The Juicy Main Course

    So, now that we got the basics down of what Jason truly is in his heart, and here's an illustration for those of you who don't get the fucking clue:

    Now, it's time to get balls deep into this, and I'm not talking about his train tunnel of an asshole.

    GoFundMeAndMyExpensiveDog Situation

    As was noted at the beginning of this article, the shitstain and his girlfriend were forced out of the house by her parents and now live in a fucking greenshed 20 feet outside the house. You'd think Jason would actually take off the fuckboi panties and get his big boy pants on and actually get a job to help fix this situation they're in, right? If you were expecting a twist and expected us to say he actually did that, your Quaalude trip must not be over yet.

    Clearly, the next step in his rise to the true glory(hole) that he deserves, is to create a GoFundMe and get the fucking ignorant furfags to pay them out of this jam that they're in. The GoFundMe story described how they got into the situation they're in and probably were lying out of their ass for most of the story where they basically painted themselves as the true heroes and how her parents are evil and abusive towards him. Well, I'd be abusive towards my daughter's boyfriend too if he had a comic made of my daughter's fictionalized dad fucking him.

    Here's a gallery of the sobstory from the GoFundMe:

    So, since furries are fucking retarded and can't tell when a con artist is whipping a dick into their eyes, they were more than eager to fund his crocodile tear-filled ass and successfully met the donation fund. So, that's the end of the story right? They got the money they needed to fix up their cuckshack into a more comfortable living space.

    No, they in fact did not.

    Instead of being responsible adults and spending the money on what the original purpose, they bought a fucking dog.

    And not just any dog. No, a purebred shiba inu. That's $2000 right there, out of the $3000 the fucking GoFundMe was. THAT'S not suspicious at all. And another pretty GLARING issue was the fact that they needed to get some doggy stairs so the puppy could get up on the bed. ...The bed that is, according to their "boo hoo us" GoFundMe a fucking mattress on the floor.

    Needless to say, people got incredibly suspicious (surprisingly) about where exactly the money for the GoFundMe circlejerk went in the first place. Immediately people started riding Jason's ass about where the fuck the money exactly went since they put up such a fuss about living in such poor conditions. Of course, as we've come to expect of him, Jason handled it in the most mature and responsible way he could possibly handle it: Call everybody trolls and say he's too popular and his reputation isn't worth this shit. Aside from the fact that, y'know, spending money on a dog instead of responsiblities you have as an adult is actually something worth being called out for.

    But of course during all of this shit Jason just can't seem to stop shooting himself in the foot. Because while all this shit was going down he was starting his Twitch channel to provide more "hilarious and original" stuff for people while all the while whining about how shit the internet is even though he's not the one paying for it most likely.

    File:But can't afford good internet.PNG
    My internet that isn't even mine sucks ;'(

    The e621 Shitfest

    While dealing with the all the hate he was recieving about how suspicious the GoFundMe payment was, Jason just couldn't stop digging his own grave by flocking to e621 and fight for his marvelous madam by defending her artstyle and shitting his panties over people saying his animation sucks on the comments of the various submissions containing his material. It might not sound exciting, but this screencap on the right is rather lulz-worthy considering the fact that this cuntpaste is sitting here defending his "animation" and throwing shit everywhere while claiming that he's not mad in any way, shape, or form. Despite the fact that he himself is whining about shit nobody cares about.

    For the sake of the page's length, we'll keep it thumbnailed so as to not take up space, but it's more than worth a read just to laugh at how pitiful he is.

    Oh look, an aspie in its natural habitat.

    So, you might be wondering what the e621 moderator staff thought of this situation as it was unfolding. Here, we have a popular faggot starting up a shitstorm because his head is so full of animal seed he thinks he can get away with just not taking the high road and letting stuff just slide like anybody with half a fucking brain would do. Since the e621 staff is a fine batch of gentleman who clearly aren't biased towards highly reknowned cocks and give equal treatment to all, they censored all the comments opposing Jason and let him get away with acting like a child. You'd think a site solely dedicated to porn of animal people fucking that it wouldn't be a site for hugboxing, but needless to say that's what happened.

    What we really learned from this is Jason is on the level of a Tartlet with how he must secretly have a vagina hidden under his tic-tac sized uncut dick and he must secretly be 13 years old since it's obvious that he can't take a single fucking ounce of criticism and calls any single person that even so much as dares to step outside the boundaries and call him out trolls.

    But, unfortunately, the autism is strong within this one...


    ON TOP OF THAT, he also decided to throw a free raffle and he would do a drawing to choose one lucky winner and would take their picture and give it his "Parkinson's Wobble" animation style. Eventually, he chose a winner for the raffle and requested him to send a picture he wants to have animated. The winner sent the submission they wanted animated, and in a surprising turn of events the picture was actually not porn affiliated and was rather clean. It's almost like there actually does exist furries that indulge in getting clean, innocent content.

    Obviously, this goes against Jason's policy of nothing but dicks and vagoos because that's what the cool kids want. So it only makes sense that he denied the raffle winner and did a re-draw.

    Now, not only is this incredibly shitty especially coming from a dick-hopping waste of space, but thankfully people were turning their heads at the conniving bullshit he was pulling and finally started giving him shit for being a fucking dickweed with a SERIOUS case of Unwarranted Self-Importance.

    You should re-edit this journal to say, "He wasn't familiar with the fact that I only animate porn because I only care about becoming a master cuckold. So fuck you and this "clean artwork" nonsense. I'm here to further the furfag stereotype."

    Thankfully, people started jumping onto the USS Yiff battleship and prepared for a fight against Jason for the two-faced faggotry he was showing. You'd think with all this shit we've just written about happening simultaneously would help him get the fucking idea that he's doing something wrong, but of course this train just doesn't stop. Even other well-known furry artists have come out of the woodworks to bring the hammer down on Jason, but even all this starpower behind the Anti-Jason wagon didn't keep the FA mods from getting involved as they demonstrated what e621 did and stopped everybody in the comments while allowing Jason to walk away scot-free. Again, just further putting out the truth that furries only care about nice penises to fantasize about riding. Then, keeping this mentality for 60 years before they finally realize in their deathbed how meaningless their wasteful lives are before life leaves their bodies. The FA moderators are no different.

    The Dwellers Strike Back

    The cultivation of all this shit that's spiraling around Jason finally got a furry movement going that revolve purely around bringing down Jason. Some might call it too little too late, but late resistance is better than no resistance. The most amusing part of this resistance against Jason's idiocy is another well-known furry animator saw the way Jason mistreated the original raffle prize winner, and decided to actually be a good man and animate the picture himself out of respect for the raffle winner.

    Now, usually we don't give praise to faggots that make a living off of animal people, but it was a nice gesture to make up for some of the bullshit Jason was doing. What's hilarious is Jason caught wind of this and left his own passive aggressive comment:


    Notice how he took the time to try his hardest to hide the sand trapped inside his clitoris and still tried to take note with the static that's in the animation that he's purely pulling out of his ass. It's clear that he's mad that an animator is taking the limelight from him from actually being a decent chap. He's just super fucking salty that somebody did a much better job than his wobbly ass could ever muster together, that or the fact that a clean animation would expose how blurry and uninspired his kindergarten level animation is. Be sure to read through the comments and replies to Jason's comment as the string goes on for awhile, but look at the thumbnail with some pretty intriguing conjectures from it.

    Aside from this, the Jasonafex cocksuckers can't seem to refrain from jumping to their King's honor and defending his holy land. This includes the FA moderators getting involved when the initial response journal the raffle winner posted voicing his complaints came out, and keep in mind this was after Jason himself announced the situation and came to the journal to "discuss" what was going on. Of course, when anything is involved with somebody "popular", or at least a furry's definitions of popular, the FA mods jumped to his majesty's aid and silenced the winner's journal. Even though, Jason himself was the one who was looking to start shit in the first place but god fucking forbid if these introverted failed abortions actually contain a sense of integrity and actually do the right thing. Be sure to check the external links if you want the full lulz soup.

    Somebody pointing out how much karma is gonna be an evil bitch for these shitsuckers.

    Oh yeah, and by the way, try harder next time when you lie through your smeg-encrusted teeth, Jason.

    Karma's a bitch, Jason. So you better be ready for the incoming storm the Dweller Hurricane is going to rain on you.

    Aside from that, he's become quite a Hot Topic on the furry 8chan boards. They're quite entertaining to skim through especially for the dirt people have managed to dig up on him. Here's one such thread. There's numerous ones, so try and find those too if you're looking for a laugh or just skip to the links section.

    Various Cases of Sickfuckery

    As mentioned before, Jason is truly a cuck in the purest definition of the word. He is more than keen on the idea of his girlfriend fucking other fictional people, while in turn enjoying the idea of him getting fucked by other people. Apparently, this strange obsession goes beyond just fucking the regular cases of big black men. To the point that a comic exists of Jason cuckin' it up with is girlfriend's own fictional furry dad. Whether or not this is channeling an actual fucking insane fantasy of him causing a huge cuckfest with his girlfriend's family, it's still fucking strange. It's probably the reason why their parents kicked them out of the house and made them live in the nearby shed for misbehaving like bad pets. Here it is if you wanna see the cuckoldry for yourself.

    What's REALLY goin' on in that shed...

    One thing that's also worth noting is all the animalfucker jokes people are throwing his way because recently, his girlfriend was drawing a comic that contained bestiality in which furries fucked their pet dog. So this begged the question of whether or not that puppy they bought would be used for nefarious needs. Not that that's surprising in the slightest though, since usually if you're an animal person fucking other animal people it'd make sense you'd move on to actual animals. The coincidence is indeed pretty staggering. Again, here it is for those of you that have a deathwish.

    What we have here is a "man" who dated an underage girl at the time, didn't have time to think ahead and just instantly moved over to Canada without any actual career endeavors because he relies on the money of other mouth breathing closeted dikes. There's only so long that strategy can work though before people that have actual brain cells start to point out the douchebag that's hidden inside your anus.

    So, the story here is of a cuckfag thinking he's above his own faggot nature, only to be crushed in on himself.

    Bottom line: Jason deserves to live in a shack, because tools only belong in the shed.

    We doubt this drama circulating around him is far from over, so without a doubt the article will be updated as more shit surfaces out of the cum pool of his gaping rectum.

    A Dish Best Served Kabier

    So his boy look-alike girlfriend exploded on twitter on the 11th of February. She was really fucking triggered when a tattoo artist fucked her over. This isn't really Jason himself in all his glory, but it's still hilarious nonetheless. Instead of posting a picture of her tweets, it's better to link to the FuckAffinity journalshe posted about it instead since there are apologetic furfaggots in the comments. She's his fucktoy and slave pretty much, so it makes total sense that she's triggered even easier than he is. Do feel free to go look at her Twitter if you really wanna see it. It's comedy in its purest form because like every typical girl with no brain she expected some decency, instead of a slap on the face. It's very ironic, Kabafex put out shit content, and everybody's okay, but give the shit to them and they don't like it. Fucking disgrace. The even sweeter part about it, though, is that she agreed to give the artist her money, but didn't do much else. Didn't ask for a contract, nothing like that, and then acts all triggered when she gets scammed. Brainless, cockguzzling whore.


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