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Prof. Bernie P. "Jar Jar" Binks, BSc, PhD, CChem FRSC

Professor Bernie Binks, affectionately known as "Jar Jar", is a professor at the University of Hull in the UK. He is not gay, nor is he a Republican, although he is a 13 year old boy. In his long life, he has contributed significantly to the field of physical chemistry.

Current Projects

  1. Destroying the Empire (Winn Schwartau)
  2. Particle-stabilised foams (Dulce Braz)
  3. Particles in surfactant-stabilised emulsions (Alexandre Desforges)
  4. Emulsions stabilised by surfactant and particles (John Philip)
  5. Stimuli responsive particulate emulsifiers (Ryo Murakami)
  6. Enzymes and detergency (Rebecca Allen)
  7. Removal of particles from solid surfaces (Zhenggang Cui)
  8. Rheology of drilling fluids (Catherine Whitby)
  9. The Lotus effect-Engineering surfaces (Tommy Horozov)
  10. In situ preparation of Janus particles (Tim Lees)
  11. Corrosion inhibition (Jake Hicks)


Professor Binks is an avid Star Trek fan.

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