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    Jana Shearer

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    don't eat boobs plz.
    File:People eater.jpg
    Black (Wannabe) Hannibal.
    PETA attempts lulz?

    Jana Shearer was a Texan white woman who was butchered and eaten alive by her black person boyfriend in January 2008. The whole event was recorded as a snuff film.

    Her boyfriend, Christopher Lee McCuin, allegedly kidnapped her, clubbed her over the head, diced her up and started cooking. It's unclear whether tasty treats ensued, but police say they walked in to find one of her ears boiling in a pot. McCuin claims that "God made me do it". DID HE???

    After killing Jana, McCuin drove over to his ex-wife's house and stabbed her boyfriend. It's unclear if he also intended to eat him.


    This has caused epic lulz in internet communities, especially far right ones. The story has also been a great source of seeing white women who love white cock and will defend it to the death speak out against the Jewish conspiracy that exists in the United States to destroy the white race through MTV and the cultural appropriation of rap music by white people. For example:

    When I first saw this story I almost threw up! This just pisses me off even more that these “cotton pickers” think they would get away with stuff like this. OH I know there have been white girls that go for black men etc but idamn straight there are plenty of white men out there that like niggers too so… I am proud to say I have never..will NEVER be with a niggger. I married a Scandinavian. Can’t get more pure than that :-) PS. Arggg if this Obama wins and goes on to be president..I hope he gets shot! Friggin sickens me to see someone like that anywhere near the Govt. P.S.S. God, I dig your posts.


    Comment from NordicGirl 1/8/2008, 1:41 pm

    I am completely disgusted by this article, but as disgusted as I am, I am entirely not surprised. It makes me so sick that beautiful white woman continue to lower their standards and amount to such filth. I say this as a white woman, I am proud of my race. I know the WHITE race is superior. I would be an embarrassment to my ancestors if I denied that fact. The poor girl got what she deserved. There is no doubt in my mind. She knew what she was getting into when she started to date that nigger. I could only dream of a world where people weren’t so ignorant. I can’t place all the blame on the degenerate Niggers though. It’s the jews that make sure news stories like this, and many others, do not hit the main stream media. They will do anything to protect those monkeys and make us look like insane, trash. It makes me utterly ill. GOD. It makes me so sick. They are slowely leading us to our demise, and what are most people doing about it? Nothing! I guess it’s just so politically incorrect to not want your fucking race to perish. All these people need to be fucking whiped off the planet. Maybe next time there will actually be a “holocaust”. I’m waiting for that race war to come. I know who will prevail. Once all these Nigger lovers start to see a world with the niggers true colors showing. They will regret not fighting. Well, I got a little off topic but I get a little heated when I think about my beautiful race slowly being destroyed. Anyway the point is, the whore got what she deserved, and Niggers will never change.


    Comment from IchLiebe1488 1/8/2008, 7:06 pm

    I bet the parents now wished they had raised their daughter better. Maybe instead of allowing her to cloud her own mind with the disturbing lie that “everyone is created equal,” she would still be breathing today. But, I can’t say it is completely all her parent’s fault. She was at age to make her own decisions. I suppose that is the saddest factor of it all. What a bloody waste. I do not think I will ever understand how these white men and women find these dysfunctional shit units attractive…Even with Media, music, etc. influences included, the concept will never add up to me. I was aware of these television shows, the music and such yet, I didn’t turn to the “dark side” of the racial spectrum. When or where does this mental glitch originate? I refuse to believe the whole “I’m a byproduct of my Environment” scape-goat."


    Comment from Lauren 1/9/2008, 3:52 am

    PETA Pipes In

    Shortly after his imprisonment, the animal rights organisation PETA posted a letter to McCuin's Texas prison, requesting that McCuin be placed on a vegetarian diet to quench his desire to eat tender lady meat. PETA Vice President Bruce Friedrich said:

    "Only in a culture where people routinely kill and eat living, feeling beings — corpses — would anybody think to kill and either eat or pretend to eat a human corpse"


    —PETA Vice President

    Texan Sherriff J.B. Smith responded with a rather polite "get fucked". Is PETA attempting lulz???



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