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Jamil The King

Jamil the King and Youtube

Jamil the King, also known as Malik Curtis. Is a Youtube Personality from Baltimore, Maryland. Jamil has been making videos since late 2014. His videos are mainly about him complaining and bitching about how girls don't want him. When his loyal fan base tries to give him advice he simply calls them trolls and types in all caps LIKE THIS. Jamil also has a mustache that everyone tells him to shave off but he always says he can't do anything about it, which makes him sound retarded. Jamil is often known to make videos about anime and underground hip hop artists. Jamil can be found on his University Campus walking around recording videos. Lately he will stop mid sentence to look over at a girl and say things like "Damn she thick" or "Damn that Asian girls got a fine ass"

Jamil and his obsession with Filipina girls

Jamil has an unhealthy lust for Filipina girls or as he calls them "Filipino Girls". It's currently unknown why and when this behavior started occurring. The only thing he has said in his videos about why he likes them are they have "black features" and they have fat asses and likes their skin tone. Jamil is very hell bent on getting Asian girls. So much to the point where if he see's other Asian girls with black guys it gets him very angry. This is because as he says it, in his eyes, if Asian girls don't like him, Asians don't like black guys. Yes this is exactly what he said. Fucking moronic, right? Jamil has even gone as far to say that he wants to become a porn star so he can have Asian girls give him top while calling him "Daddy".


Jamil is an extremely homophobic. He does not tolerate homosexual activity of any kind. He has said on multiple occasions that he wants them dead or wants to severely hurt them. Jamil has mentioned this in videos where he stated that when guys were checking him out it made him feel disgusted. Or when he was on his site of choice to talk to Asian girls "Tagged.com" he would get Lady boys offering to suck him off. There is speculation Jamil might be gay. Thus we recommend him to play for the other team though he denies any of this and responds back with great hostility.


Tagged is a social media site that people haven't given a fuck about since 2007. Jamil for some reason uses this site to try and talk to Asian girls. He has tried Fillipina Cupid in the past and Facebook Groups but none have been as "successful" as Tagged. Many times Jamil says he is done with tagged due to the lack of responses from Women and the abundance of responses from lady boys. Perhaps the universe is trying to tell him something? Anyhow each time he says he's done he ends up making a video talking about how he is back on tagged. Guess he can't get enough of the Chicks with Dicks.

No fap

Jamil's latest scheme to get girls is to try his hand at no fap. He has researched this on Youtube and the internet and believes it will work. He thinks him busting too many nuts watching his Japanese Tentacle porn is why he's having girl problems. Cause that sounds totally fucking legit, right? he has stated he's been doing it for 2 weeks now and still has no results.

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