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    James M. Hardiman

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    The artist in the flesh.

    James M. Hardiman (AKA Jim Hardiman AKA Desire Lee) was a furry artist from the early 90s who couldn't seem to get with the times.

    Once upon a time

    Hardiman was once a popular furry artist. He had it all. Constant fan mail, asspats, his own web site, tons of fans. He specialized in the Loony Toons style and was a furry enthusiast. Unfortunately for him, the furry population began to grow, and more and more artists came into the picture, leaving Hardiman without any attention. Since these new kids with their inferior art styles started stealing all his art from the internet, he's been severely upset. In retaliation, he released a portfolio of some stupid lizard chick raging in huge walls of texts at pirates, pedophiles, video gamers, nerds, and internet tough guys.

    Hardiman used to go under the alias of Desire Lee. Hardiman claimed Desire Lee was a friend of his, and a fellow furry artist. The problem here is there is no information anywhere on Desire Lee outside of her supposed cooperation with Hardiman, and their identical styles. Interestingly, after his death from complications of Type 2 Diabetes, new art continues to be cranked out, leaving to question whether he left reams and reams of underage yiff for his family to discover upon clearing his belongings, or if a bland rip-off art style is really that imitable.

    Why don't you have a seat


    Hardiman was once known for portraying underge cartoon characters engaging in sexual activities in his art while under his alias of Desire Lee. In later years, he released various images and portfolios against such content, probably to cover his own ass from being labled a full-fledged child molester.


    Hardiman has released several portfolios. Most of them are just him bitching about newfangled trends, pedophiles, and piracy.


    Jim Hardiman died from complications of Type 2 Diabetes on August 29, 2014.

    The furry community mourning their dead without a stitch of irony or dignity, as per usual.

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