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Jailhouse Gay (aka situational homosexuality or nerdgay) is a sad and amusing phenomenon where "straight" males are so desperate for sex they fuck each other because they can't get a woman. The reason they can't hook up with chicks is usually because they're locked up in jail (hence the popular name) or because they're just too fucking fat and fugly and lazy (e.g. furries). An acronym for this is GURD: gay until release date.

According to edumacated sources, most of the gay in the furry fandom is of the jailhouse variety. Of course the fact that all the women in the fandom are either insane, fat, insane and fat, or transsexuals doesn't help.

We adduce as evidence this LJ post by furry faggot Lj-favicon.png roland-b:

I'm just eternally reminded why I ended up dating guys. I'm too much of a wuss/pussy/lazy bastard to go through the complex dance ritual involved in duping a woman into my pants. The only guys who get to pick up women at bars and parties are the ones assenine enough to lie to them and dupe their friends into thinking they're not actual human beings. That, or the women are sluts, who sleep with anyone who will help them increase their social status.

At least with guys, when I want to have sex, I can admit it, and if they're interested the sex will actually happen.

I can't help but think it would be the same way with women if I could hack my way through all the social bullshit.



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