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    Jai Maharaj

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    Jai Maharaj is really Yogesh Swarup

    Jai Maharaj IS undisputedly the biggest troll/trollspammer in the universe! SERIOUSLY! Consider this:

    • He has at least 100,000 posts on Usenet
    • He just won't die
    • He's been literally living on Usenet ever since it came into existence
    • All of his posts are copypasta of articles advancing his point of view; none of his posts have any moral, spiritual or commercial value
    • Considered to be a major factor contributing to the downfall of Usenet

    Added October 8th, 2011

        • His REAL Identity is YOGESH SWARUP pictured here with JOAN MILLER See link:


        • He has a history of kidnapping his offspring and threatening to take them to India, this article is about his second offense in this type of behavior:


        • He is listed as related to Joan E. Miller as seen in the 6th listing here:


        • Joan Miller is listed on Jai Maharj's site:

    Domain Name: MANTRA.COM

    Administrative Contact: Maharaj, Jai [email protected] Mantra Corporation ATTN MANTRA.COM care of Network Solutions PO Box 459 Drums, PA 18222 US 570-708-8780

    Technical Contact: Miller, Joan [email protected] Mantra Corporation ATTN MANTRA.COM care of Network Solutions PO Box 459 Drums, PA 18222 US 570-708-8780

    Usenet Abuse and Crossposting Faggotry

    What makes Jai Maharaj the biggest pest on usenet is his crossposting all over usenet with daily news articles suggesting a vicious anti-christian and anti-muslim slant….and vegetarianism. (Vegetarianism was invented by high caste Hindoos to exterminate the lower caste ones by starvation). Jai claims to have been around since the predecessor to the Internet, ARPANET was started. But again, all he did was hijack it as a tool for his bullshit astrology and Hinduism. As of now, there are 100,0000 [Update: 110,000 and climbing] of his rubbish postings dumped all over usenet, clogging newsgroups and modem speed. All his posts contain a signature with links to his site. As one user noticed, his postings tend to attract a certain idiotic fringe of superstitious Hindoos who then find the link to his website at the end of the post.

    Jai Maharaj Likes... Jai Maharaj Dislikes...
    Asstrology Scientists

    Vegetarianism Meat-eaters
    Hindu caste system (he's high caste) Members of Hindu low castes acting uppity on Usenet...even if they are second generation Americans!
    Living in USA USA
    Trolling and stalking Being trolled and stalked
    Homo porn Hindu porn

    Hindu high caste Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindu lower castes

    Being Anonymous Being trolled by Anonymous
    Hinduism Any other ism

    Does Jai Maharaj ever write on his own? If he could, he wouldn’t be spamming across usenet like a nut, he would be a writer. His usual response never goes beyond 4 lines and only consists of a screaming outburst against “xtians” and “muslims” and anyone who disagrees with him. But he compensates for this lack of expression by digging up IP addresses and obtaining locations, real names and phone numbers of his enemies, which he posts online for his devoted Hindoo pimps to harass….or in the case of Sidharth, he notifies the authorities alleging “child abuse”. Its no surprise that Jai is the most despised entity on Usenet and the entire Usenet community eagerly awaits the day he will post his last.

    The Mahabully, the best psychological compilation on Jai Maharaj ever. Written by [email protected] and can be found here. It details his attacks on several Usenet posters, his masturbation confessions and his IRA sympathies. To quote :

    “The Mahabully lusts for the prestige and fear that an Ascendent Hindustan would inspire, and prefers that this is realised at the expense of his race enemies. His own voice is mean-spirited, immature and violent. The Mahabully, like other bullies, forms the nucleus of a coterie of bullies and wanna-be bullies. His kangaroo courts attract a cabal of marginal, schizoid personalities. The Mahabully may pursue a vindictive vendetta against anyone who dares to hold them accountable, perhaps using others' resources and contemptuous of the damage caused to other people and organisations in pursuance of the vendetta. The Mhabully 'is greedy, selfish, a parasite and an emotional vampire'. The Mahabully imposes on others a self-aggrandising falsehood, a living lie, which is constantly buttressed by additional distortion and lies. The Mahabully is quick to conjure with injurious terms like 'terrorist', yet it is he himself, Jay Stevens aka Jai Maharaj, who might fairly be accused of terrorism IMO. For example, he has advertised a terrorist training video on Usenet.

    More Resources

    • Jai Maharaj's bullshit on Usenet.
    • R Johnson has the second best compilation on Jai which can be found here.
    • A FAQ on Jai Maharaj.
    • Dr. Jose Mariachi’s Compiled Killfile on Jai
    • Jerry Guzzman’s description of jai whom he claimed to have met Jai Maharaj. According to him, Jai derives some sado-masochist psychotic pleasure from people paying attention to him, whether positive or negative.(Proof that jyotshi/Brahmin Hinduism adversely affects mental capacity?)


    Jai Maharaj preys on ignorant Hindu fools who don’t even know the internet is on computers….and to whom a message posted in English to usenet is the equivalent of India test firing another ex-russian junk missile. Jai has his pimps in India fleece these ignorant fools of their money by offering them bullshit jyotshi predictions. In addition, Jai Maharaj seeks to push the rest of the jyotshi scammers off his turf by copyrighting catch phrases like “prediction registry”, “holistic jyotshi” and “mantra”! His bullshit jyotshi atrology can be seen at work at his websites, such as:

    How the scam works is that some idiot Hindu who cant type or comprehend stumbles upon his usenet posts and follows the above links embedded in his signature…….and voila! Meet jai, the predictor of their future happiness and well being. Since hardcore materialism, hate and penis worship wash away the remaining intellect of his adherents, they are more than willing to part away with their money for a little guidance from a cyber-jyotshi …….and what is there to say when the bullshit jyotshi boasts clients (unnamed of course….ahem) among all the rich and powerful running this planet? Even the whitehouse is said to havee declared war on timing outlined by Jai! Don't believe me? Read him right here.

    Jai’s jyotshi scam simply consists of juggling various assumptions and screaming glory when any one of them work out. Whats worse, Jai isn’t even putting up a realistic Nostradamus like fooling game……instead he is lousy enough to let his anti-christian and anti-muslim bias leak into his predictionsas well. Again, one has to subscribe by contributing to his PayPal account to get access to his bullshit predictions on future events.

    Real Identity

    This is the only known photograph of Jai Maharaj. It appeared on an asstrollogy website. The following information also appeared: "Jai Maharaj, P.O. Box 1919, Waianae, HI 96792-6919, USA, Tel: 1-808-521-8808, Email: [email protected] (Synthetics - NO, Uparatnas - YES, Flawed gems - NO) - SERVICE: I both choose gems and also supply gems loose or set in jewelry"

    Jai Maharaj's own website has a very brief but pompous bio that runs as follows:

    Jai Maharaj, who lives in Hawaii, USA, was born and raised in Varanasi and later in other northern cities. He has been active in campaigns for both the conservation of time-tested wisdom and the progress of Bharat. His education and life experience include spirituality, health and medicine, architecture and engineering, law and business, and activism in several areas. He has also battled the enemy as a soldier in the armed forces at the border in Kashmir. Jai Maharaj is a consultant for a think tank with the government, organizations and individuals as clients. He is an ordained Vedic-Hindu priest. He hosts a popular, comprehensive and well maintained news website News Plus . He monitors news worldwide concerning India and also participates actively in many discussion forums.

    According to Mike ([email protected]):

    Jay Stevens hung out on Hawaii's GT Power BBS network in the late 80's early 90's. I'm talking like 89-90, in that area. While my memories of him specifically are vary vague, they do carry a general feeling of chronic irritation. One can be very confident to add IBM compatibles as his platform of choice, as Hawaii's BBS scene in that period was heavily platform segregated, and GT Power was a very pro-PC environment, and had a large military subculture. Nothing I remember indicates that he was in the military, however.

    He is also described as being in his 60s.

    In addition, several addresses have been posted on Usenet purportedly belonging to him. They are of course, yet to be verified, but anyway here they are:

    4086, GLENCOE AVE, MARINA DEL RAY, CA 90292 Tel: 310-823-3461
    3940, LUTHERAN CIR, SACRAMENTO, CA 95826 ... right near the Sacramento burb of Manlove
    3168 BRAND ST, IRVINE, CA 92606 Tel: 310-375-8510; DOB: May 1940; AGE: 63; E-Mail:[email protected]; ISPs: FLEX NET

    A Whois search of Jai’s Mantra.com reveals the following:

    Registrant:Mantra Corporation (MANTRA-DOM),P. O. Box 1919, Honolulu, HI 96792-6919 US
    Administrative Contact:Maharaj, Jai (JM225) [email protected]
    Mantra Corporation
    P. O. Box 1919
    Waianae, HI 96792-6919 US
    (808) 581-8808 fax: 999 999 9999
    Technical Contact:Wong, Del (DW403) [email protected]
    P.O.Box 22481
    HONOLULU, HI 96822-2481 US
    (808) 539-3790 fax: (808) 539-3793

    In the early days of the Internet, Shyamasundara Dasa had an ugly business dealing with Jai, whichallowed him these personal tidbits:

           				Date of birth: Oct 7, 1946, 9:15AM
           				Place of birth: New Delhi, India
           				Real name: Jai Mathura (but was using Jai Stevens)
           				Address: as given above
           				Phone: 808-948-4357
           				FAX: 808-696-3217

    Usenet user Reginald Perrin managed to dig up the incorporation papers of Mantra.com. He managed to come up with information that Jay Stevens (Jai Mirage, Jai Maharaj) is one of the founding officers (the other being Joan Miller) of Mantra Corporation, which was incorporated in Hawaii on November 30, 1990 issued 1000 shares. It's an astrology scam masquerading as a business consulting and marketing outfit, with 2 shareholders.

    From a Hawaii state web site:
    DATE-INC: 11/30/1990
    ADDRESS: P. O. BOX 1919 WAIANAE HI 96792 6919
    OFFICERS AS OF 11/30/1990
    STOCK AS OF 11/30/1990

    As you can see, mantra.com is incorporated in the name of JAY R. STEVENS and we can safely assume its his real name. Joan Miller may either be Jai's Indian wife with a changed name, or a a chickin.

    Dell Wong

    As you can see in the technical contact of Mantra.com, a certain Dell Wong is listed. Dell Wong can be several things:

    1.An employee/frontman of Jay Stevens
    2.A business partner of Jay Stevens
    3.A legal alias of Jay Stevens. (under law, it is possible to have a legal alias provided its listed with the authorities)
    4. A completely non-related entity who has become guilty by association with flex.com, which hosts mantra.com and appears to be complacent towards Jai's trolling activities.

    It has been assumed that Del Wong is nothing but Jay Stevens’ frontman, whom Jay uses in his real legal and business affairs. Del Wong has been ruled out as being an alias of Jai since his photodoes not resemble a desi. He may be local Hawaiian or Chinese.

    Or who knows? It could be Jai. Well anyway, the contact info of of Mr . Wong from a Hawaii government tax site is as follows:

    Agent Name DEL WONG
    Agent Address 2800 WOOD LAWN DR STE 254
    HONOLULU Hawaii 96822
    United States of America
    Business Entity Name FLEXNET, INC.
    Record Type Master Name for a Domestic Profit Corporation
    File Number 99105 D1
    Status Active
    Place Incorporated Hawaii UNITED STATES (Same as mantra.com)
    Incorporation Date 03/13/1995
    Mailing Address P O BOX 22481 HONOLULU Hawaii 96823-2481
    United States of America
    Xref Name 1 FLEX NET
    Term PER

    Some Theories and Answers to the puzzle

    The great mystery regarding jay Stevens is why his ISP, FLEX.COM has never kicked him off than take the trouble and complaints, especially since he pays a measly $9.95/ month to stay online. The most plausible answer is that Jay Stevens owns Flex.com through Dell Wong! It seems Jay originally sneaked into the United States disguised as one of the thousands of mass produced computer coolies. In his initial years, his computer coolie skills blossomed but once he managed to escape the work gang and apply for permanent residence, he reverted back to being the bullshit jyotshi hatemonger he always was. However, before his computer skills waned, his computer coolie skills helped him set up Hawaii’s first ISP, Flex.com and once the cash started flowing, jay discovered there was plenty of time to spend on his vedic jyotshi asstrollogy as well as pursuing his hates.

    Many have wondered how Jay manages to stay online 24/7 and yet retain his humanity. The answer is that when he is not cross posting hate, he is managing Flex.com. In other words he is half robot half demon.

    A WHOIS of Flex.com reveals the following:

    flexnet inc.
    p.o.box 22481
    honolulu, Hawaii 96823-2481 United States
    Registered through: GoDaddy.com
    Created on: 24-Sep-91
    Admin. Contact:
    wong, del [email protected]
    flexnet inc.
    p.o.box 22481
    honolulu, Hawaii 96823-2481 United States
    (808) 539-3790 Fax --
    Technical Contact:
    wong, del [email protected]
    flexnet inc.
    p.o.box 22481
    honolulu, Hawaii 96823-2481 United States
    (808) 539-3790 Fax –

    Del Wong (or Jai Stevens?) is the founder-owner of Flex.com.

    Theory and Timeline based on the above facts

    Jai Maharaj/Jay Stevens sneaked into the United States as an average grade mass-produced computer coolie. Here are some facts derived from an online interview between Caroline Wright and ‘Dell Wong’, who happens to sound more like Jai:

    • Studied at University of Hawaii at Manoa(might be a good idea to ask them)
    • ran a bbs for eight years prior to that
    • got kicked out by U.H., got his sister in-law in trouble by abusing her internet access privileges.
    • Then started ISP service in July 12th 1994 under several different names, such as Flex.com (of which he indicates had its first employee named Kristin Paulo who started Hula.net)
    • He was also involved in the setup of several local Hawai ISPs
    • Did Web programming with Jeff Tupa who became webmaster and system administrator for Flex.com. *Tupa is said to have left on 12/29/03.
    • Had a partner by the name Del Wong

    Though the respondent in this interview is referred to as Dell Wong, it sounds exactly like Jai. And since it was conducted via email, it is more than probable that Jai was on the other end. For example, this interview is located on the Flex.com website in the "who are we" tab. Rather than give a brief info on the company and its history, we find an online interview with Caroline Wright entitled "Curiousity Killed the cat." Further, there are too many arrogant and vague comments made through the interview which sound more like Jai. This interview was conducted in January 2000, but don’t be surprised if Jai removed or edited it.

    Consider these arrogant and nonchalant comments in the interview which are a trademark of Jai.

    Lots of prospects get put off by our/my "attitude", but heck, FlexNet is Del Wong.
    I don't bother anymore reading the dang thing. As I said before our present modem situation is crappy. But again, by the time this article comes out, we will again rock in that department. No worry.
    (Caroline Wright asks)Who is the staff of FlexNet? Are you a one-man band? Is Missus Wong still helping you out? Is Flex your only business, or do you have other irons in the fire? What are they?
    (Jai/Wong answers)Everything is secret. Don't Tell, Don't Ask.

    The question of Jai owning Flex.com has surfaced before on Usenet.As usual, Jai brings forth his sockpuppets to dissuade people from further pursuing the topic. Take this thread,

    Siva K Sundaram wrote:Dr. Jai Maharaj (supposed) real name is Jay Stevens (based on Net info,one can't know for sure if that's his actual real name). His web site's domain name, mantra.com, identified as belonging to Mantra Corporation,has an IP address ( matching the domain for the Hawaiian ISP flex.com, which Mr. Stevens (probably) owns and runs.

    To this, a sockpuppet of Jai responds:

    Jay Stevens doesn't own or run shit! He's a mercenary for the VHP, paid by a well-known Indian doctor who "operates" from Houston. I say he's a mercenary, because he does not live what he purports to preach, and because he is paid for the propaganda and recruitment efforts. Flex.com is *not* owned or operated by Jay, but they do host some services for him, for a fee, of course. His spamming, discerning readers will note, stems not from flex.com(which has a stern policy in that regard), but from a no-holds-barred Usenet provider called Altopia:

    A more intelligent Usenet user writes:

    Right, that's discernible from examining the source of his posts, that he uses Altopia for his NNTP services.

    However, I can't buy the claim that flex.com merely hosts services for Mr.Stevens. The domain names flex.com and mantra.com map to the same IP address.If flex.com merely hosted services for mantra.com, then mantra.com would have to map to a different IP address.(Note that Jai may have corrected this)So Mr. Stevens' (if that's his real name) relationship with flex.com is clearly More than just being a customer.

    And there's evidence that Mr. Stevens is trying to hide that fact. He has a web Page at http://www.flex.com/~jai which suggests that he's a customer of that ISP. He also has a separate page for his "organization", http://www.mantra.com (address, which also suggests a pure customer relationship, since The address apparently is on the flex.com subnet.

    However, the following is unusual. Since mantra.com has the same IP address as Flex.com, one should expect to reach the flex.com web site by entering Mantra.com as a URL in a browser, but this does not happen! Rather, the HTTP Server "magically" recognizes the mantra.com name and redirects the request to, to www.mantra.com! Further evidence that Mr. Stevens is trying To hide his more intimate relationship with flex.com.

    More Research

    Please contact Anonymous and request more research.

    How to Annoy Jai Maharaj

    • Respond to his Usenet posts with a copypasta of this article.
    • Accuse him of murdering rival asstrollogers
    • Create an online game in which vegetables have to escape from being eaten by him
    • Call him Pakistani
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