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    The original #Jadapose.
    This article is about some nameless darkie whore. If you're looking for the darkie whore that married Will Smith, you should go here.

    Jada is the alias of a girl who, while hanging out with a bunch of dudes, got "drugged" and "raped" and had a picture of her "rape" posted online and turned into a meme.

    You may have noticed the multiple quotation marks. Those are there because, in reality, Jada is certainly just a dumb, black ho who got wasted, sucked an entire buffet of dicks, and then several months later, after she found out her nasty pussy had been posted online, experienced slut's remorse and decided she had been drugged and raped. She actually accused the guy of drugging her Kool-aid at the party.

    In actuality, the only crime her "rapist" committed was catching a case of jungle fever.

    The "Criminal"

    Hood rich hustler Whiteboy Laflare.
    Rape rap pays, bitch!

    As you can see, our hero, a wigger known as "WhiteBoyLaflare" (Innel Yahia), not only laughs at the coverage, he's using it to continue trolling the black whore, become internet famous, and promote his extremely promising rap career.

    Not only that, but when some butthurt feminist told him on twitter that "You must have a really small dick if you feel the need to put down girls" Laflare unleashed his 8 inch monster dong and posted it to shut her up. Sadly we can't repost it here since he's 17, but take our word, it was the kind of dong that any feminist would be glad to be "raped" by.


    Events turned truly lulzy when, instead of sympathizing with the "rape" victim, people used her nudes to start a photo trend on twitter called Template:Hashtag. Only, unlike planking, owling, and all that other gay shit, this one is actually funny, like Trayvoning.

    Hit that Jada pose About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Butthurt feminists, likely the same cunts responsible for the Elliot Rodger hashtag Template:Hashtag, tried to offset this by jumping on the bandwagon with about ten different tags like Template:Hashtag, Template:Hashtag, Template:Hashtag, Template:Hashtag and even Jada herself decided to try and use this for attention by making a Template:Hashtag hashtag. However, all of that of course only made things more hilarious and drew more easy to troll crowds.

    Template:Embedded tweet ^LOL fag

    Anonymoose is also getting mentioned in the media buzz regarding the cyber-bullying of the incident and is expected to go the #OpRollRedRoll route of handling the alleged rapist. Deric Lostutter and WhiteboyLaflare will likely record rap disses about each other until Lil B comes in and buries them both.

    Jadapose Dance

    Not only did people make a meme out of this, they made a dance... well, actually some of these are just another dance that has something that looks like the Jadapose in it being reuploaded with a new title, but some are actually legit.

    It's only a matter of time before the Jadapose dance craze will sweep the nation like the next Gangnam Style.

    Hit that #JadaPose

    Rape 'em, rape them hoes

    Hit that #JadaPose

    Rape 'em, rape them hoes

    Even white boys can do it

    Girls too

    Rape is always funny

    Video Proving the Bitch Be Crazy

    Unbeknown to Jada, the "rapist" recorded one of her conversations with him after the "rape" and sent a copy to some homo nigger vlogger. The butthurt moralfags are pretending it doesn't prove anything, but you can clearly hear her having a friendly conversation with her alleged abuser, where her friend is heard in the background verifying that he never touched her and that she threw herself at some other dude, before vowing revenge for posting her noodz.

    Russian Bootleg Version

    Of course the Russians attempted to emulate the Americans with this trend. Unlike Jada, the girl in these photos is of age, and at least she's white in this case.

    See Also

    HD version.

    External Links

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