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    Jact.com is a website that promises prizes on a point system for nothing more then game time. While rarely advertised when it was just starting, every tom, dick and harry somehow found out about it and downloaded the program to begin Jew points on the promise that there would be a black person. Yes, free. For nothing more then game time and nothing in return. With this kind of business model, what could possibly go wrong?

    The Prizes

    There is was basically four types of prizes:

    1. Raffle prizes that were valued low in points, but with the risk you might not won't win.
    2. Cheap crap like pet toys and cell phone covers that no one wanted. Understandably low in points like they were trying to throw it away but instead labeled them as prizes.
    3. Odds and ends of computer equipment that only someone who knew what they were doing could capitalize on. Fuck off expensive in points, but understandably so with decent video cards being some of the prizes.
    4. And then of course the bread and butter of what everyone really wanted: the games and consoles. Mostly garbage, but at least this garbage you could take to a pawn shop so you can cash in and save for actual prizes. Or for the people that were interested in the only prize that was viable considering how points are earned: gamecards.

    As it currently stands, they've pulled all decent prizes and the only thing available are shitty raffles. As for the people who managed to save up enough points before the real prizes were pulled, they're still waiting on the HUGE backlog of prizes that Jact promise will be sent to them.

    The Points

    The points are earned via a program called Eamonn, not to be confused with EA despite them both being shit for the gaming community at large(minus sports games if adding numbers to a title while barely changing the same game is justifiable to you). You simply opened an account, downloaded the software, checked off the games you played that were available, opened the program and let it run in the background. The only thing you really noticed was a small ticker that let you see how many points you were earning, but even this is an option you could disable. You could even earn about 200 points offline before it would ask "excuse me wtf r u doin?". It registers keyboard and mouse movement as a way to make sure people aren't just afking for points.

    However, the decent prizes were in the 10k-100k region and the points were slow to earn and unless you have no life, you earned about 100-200 points a day. To make matters even more confusing, different games have different rates of points rewarded. No one really knows what games have the higher point payout, but it was generally understood that pay to play games gave more points, current games gave you average points and third party mods/older games that were popular enough to be listed gave you low points.

    Of course none of these points have any purpose unless you can cash them in and unless your idea of a prize is a raffle ticket, why don't you just save your self the time and buy a lottery ticket. Oh, but that would cost you money and totally defeat the purpose now wouldn't it.

    The Events

    After a few months and riding the wave of new people interested in free stuff for doing something they'd do anyway, Jact announced a contest for more points involving world of warcraft where a prompt from Eamonn would ask you to answer a simple question correctly(to make sure you weren't botting) for additional points and the people who scored high enough would get some pretty decent prizes involving more play time and some decent swag. Since the first event, they've been doing events ever since, but considering the admitted backlog of prizes, why bother entering?

    Event Controversy

    Upon further reading of the event/s rules and regulations, it turns out the prompts and even the event points are relatively random. Even though the contest is advertised as time played = points earned, it turns out to be a contest of luck, meaning you're being annoyed by a prompt for hours and even if you play the most out of everyone there, you could be earning shit for points, making your efforts wasted. Understandably, this led to many players simply ignoring the contest on speculation that it was either a scam that played favorites or completely fictional winners winning fictional prizes.


    Eamonn is not spyware, but considering how long it took to earn the actual prizes if you calculated how long it would take to play and then suddenly when you go to cash in all the prizes get pulled at conveniently the same time for shitty raffles people were avoiding to save up in the first place(bait and switch) it begs the question why they wanted to make sure you were there all the time. Even now, they have multiple events running back to back with the only discernible payout being raffles. Considering how it constantly watches your every keystroke right down to the movement of your mouse tends to put you off. It's almost as if they were waiting until your hopes were at their highest before pulling the carpet out from under you.


    Most of Jact's advertisers were also scam sites, one being for "penny" auctions, with "penny" meaning "dollar" and with the auctions seemingly always being put over what it would cost if you just saved up and bought the damn thing instead of trying to get it for cheap. But there were a few real advertisement banners paying for all this free shit for some retarded reason thinking people who want free shit will purchase expensive computer equipment from them.

    Needless to say, they eventually realized themselves that this was retarded and pulled out of Jact like a hooker they didn't want calling them for child support.

    Playing The Victim

    Instead of owning up to the people on the backlog of prizes or at least admitting that the business model was doomed from the beginning, Jact's blog states that it puts the blame squarely on the economy and not themselves.

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