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Einsidler's take on the whole thing
Also Jacknstock
There once was an article that said written by (Power Word: IRL Name Ommitted) and gave aussieintn's email address as contact info and gave this picture as the editor's picture. When found, the article was only in google's cache, but the picture remained on the server. This man is a jerk and a tool.

Jacknstock (Real name: Jack Stock) was an ED admin at least 100 years ago. He has gone by many names on ED, somehow all gaining sysop powers and acting all in the same way.

The great conspiracy theory that most of ED's editors are one person

How each of Jacknstock's sock puppets earned sysop privileges, no one knows. Some argue that ED's search function got broken after he hacked in and made some new accounts. What is certain is that he wielded it like a black person with a taser, and spent all day deleting any article funnier than his bible length Games Workshop article. And being a fake editor and banning people like mad. This has led to a great decrease in the amount of editing done on ED from a year ago. He is believed to be hiding in a basement somewhere south of Kentucky, painting barbie dolls to look like warhammer transvestites.

Some argue that he and Aussieintn are in fact, the same person. Ausseintn started slightly after ED began and Jacknstock started a month after. Jacknstock worked up slowly with a few edits a month. Likely the person behind them made 1 sock puppet a month, all of them gaining admin status. This would mean 20 sockpuppets later, he would own a majority share in ED. His plan was perfect until one day where he went batshit and blocked Girlvinyl's husband. This led to a lollercaust and rainbow blinking LOL FIRED tags. Jacknstock later wrote about it in his livejournal.

But Aussieintn came at least 20 sock puppets prior to Jacknstock. Through that time, there have been many sock puppets of him being admin'd. Who is EdSysOp? Who is Anonadmin?

Uncyclopedia in their ED article claim Aussieintn is Banaan (who was an admin until mysteriously vanishing and being de-admined, and suddenly after Jacknstock's downfall is an admin again with no explanation of what happened) and links to half of ED's sysops, this is led to the great conspiracy theory that most of ED's editors are one person, possibly infiltrated by the furluminati. What we know is someone found Jacknstock's Power Word: IRL Name and his picture and then posted it to the talk page of wikipedia's ED article, and later on, someone at uncyclopedia got it and was displayed in uncylcopedia's ED article until they bal337ed it.


From here:

  • The story goes that you=aussieintn=me. So now I am having a conversation with myself and joining some pitiful community where the only members are me and me. My therapist will laugh his ass off.


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  • Miltopia Unbanned - As a result of banning drama. Beginning of the post-Jacknstock era.
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