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    JWZ file photo. Circa:gay.
    JWZ file photo. Circa:furry.

    Initials and internet moniker for ex-AOL employee Jamie Zawinski.

    JWZ is, by Internet standards, a Rock Star. Well known for his work in establishing and creating what's now called AOL, he used the funds from his old GeoCities stock to establish what is a fairly well known and large venue for furries and other godless perverts, the DNA Lounge. He still produces "software" (once a shitty LISP faggot, always a shitty LISP faggot), and has done quite a bit for San Francisco's gay and tranny nightlife, or semblance thereof. He also has branched out into selling gourmet pizzas [1].

    Of course, the "software" is the kind of ASCII animation shit that nobody wants. This led JWZ to publicly declare an effeminate and ineffectual jihad against Palm. Not that it mattered, Palm went bankrupt and whored itself out to HP anyway. It was like two tranny queens fighting for the same street corner.

    He's now a proud participant of the virtual pride parade that is the iPhone app store.

    Of course, with his newfound fame from his entry in the National Sex Offender Registry and loss of a fortune from the young boys he kidnapped, he now hides inside of a shelter for abused, transgendered women, hidden forever by piles of bills and receipts for bribes, booze, hormone treatment, and debauchery.

    JWZ is "living" proof that cancer can get AIDS.

    Many people think JWZ is a dick. Others just think he is arrogant and egotistical.

    During his final days at America Online, JWZ's screensaver included a countdown that indicated the amount of time left until his Pets.com stock options matured and he could get the hell out of the company.

    Whenever people accuse LiveJournal of having no redeeming content apart from 16 year old girls the defenders of LJ could always point to JWZ. They can't anymore (HA). But nowadays, even LJ is too douchy for His Jimness - he self-hosts his blog now. Not that it matters - his blog is simply a collection of links and pictures he finds interesting, not particularly noteworthy. Most of them are ganked from Boing Boing.

    JWZ is the only known person who is known to boast that he can give head to huge, hairy cock-monsters in log(N). (Refuses to prove with pix.)

    It is rumored that he's in a bottom relationship with a noted furry named Dave McCusker, someone he's been flirting with for years, after McCusker impressed him with the design of the Mork database.