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    questionable taste in style.
    we can't make this shit up.
    the ugly is piercing.

    File:Deviantart-favicon.png Iyami-ame is a bitch of an American tartlet who tries to get away with her complete cuntwhoring by calling it "free speech". You can often find her whining about the economy, abortion, and politics--the implications of which she hasn't the slightest understanding. She claims to be Korean, despite her webcam photo being a honky cunt. She also claims to be Cherokee, a friend of the Cherokee, and the daughter of a world renowned jewel crafter whose crafting skills are matched only by his ability to produce fuckwitted offspring.

    She is extremely knowledgeable in art, since she studied it in primary school. There she learned such in-depth artistic and critical theory as Da Vinci's "Red + Blue = Purple" Theory, and the Law of "Anime + DA = Popularity", as popularized by every fucking wapanese cunt on DA. If you don't see things the same way she does, say by not understanding what the fuck she's going on about, you are not worth talking to. Only people who like her art can talk to her about art, because that way she doesn't have to defend herself. Be sure to look for inward feet in most all her art.

    Hilariously, she prides herself on being a rebellious intellectual when she apparently can't even figure out the difference between "your" and "you're."

    im sorry australian scientists, but your not using common sense in this study and your taking a HUGE leap when you come to this ridiculous conclusion.



    She makes jewelery so her dad won't beat her anymore. He still does. She likes to think her jewelery is beautiful because of how much pain she endures. It is not.


    Update: She has DELETED FUCKING EVERYTHING and left.



    • She is Korean.
    • She is Cherokee and Korean.
    • No, nevermind, now she's FULL Cherokee and she was ADOPTED by Koreans!
      • Fact: Asians never adopt fatty white chicks. Ever.
    • She has a REAL job making comics. That she is PAID FOR!
      • Therefore, she is the EXPERT on comics of any kind and you, NOT having A JOB IN COMICS, may never challenge her and her vast artistic knowledge.
      • Feel free to look for said comic. It does not exist.
    • She has a fiancee.
    • Her name is "Raen Tala" (lol wut) Funny, that doesn't sound Korean.
    • Her TEACHERS are to blame for the fact that she sucks in school. THEY'RE ALL JEALOUS OF HER REBELLIOUS INTELLECT!!
    • She's 18.
    • Countless daily new diseases, including dyslexia, assburgers, and "feral child syndrome."

    No evidence to support these facts.

    Conclusion: Bullshit.


    I wrote Wapanese characters, but actually it's KOREAN. CUNT IT OUT YOUR ASS.
    NO GUYS, REALLY I AM KOREAN AND THIS IS KOREAN. even though I just wrote in Japanese again.

    Even though it is. She seems to have difficulty understanding that just because one can't cook shit doesn't mean that one doesn't know that shit on a plate tastes fucking awful.

    How Do I Shot Art?

    Iyami has some interesting perspectives on art. In particular, she is absolutely in love with gimmicky photography--what she calls 'art photography':

    [00:54] <iyami> im talkingabout pretty girls in weird outfits and matching settings.

    She is talking about pretty girls in weird outfits and matching settings.

    [00:51] <iyami> aw, but i am a nerd.
    [00:51] <BURK> when not laughing at retards on the internet i spend my free time pursuing the arts and photography
    [00:52] <iyami> just think, burk, while your shooting dead bodies, ill bee shooting models.
    [00:52] <BURK> with what
    [00:52] <iyami> a camera. or a gun.
    [00:52] <BURK> you want to talk cameras?
    [00:52] <BURK> because you picked the wrong guy to bullshit about cameras if you do
    [00:53] <iyami> i was reffering to subjects actually
    [00:53] <BURK> and model photography is pretty bland i mean its a model on the runway
    [00:53] <BURK> i prefer urban landscapes
    [00:53] <BURK> i recently got back from france where i did a lot of those
    *[00:53] <iyami> i prefer art photography
    [00:54] <BURK> photography is art
    [00:54] <iyami> really funky conceptual images
    [00:54] <BURK> thats abstract
    [00:54] <iyami> no it isnt
    *[00:54] <iyami> im talkingabout pretty girls in weird outfits and matching settings.
    [00:54] <BURK> thats just normal portraiture then in an odd setting
    [00:54] <BURK> me i prefer a little bit of the old dodge and burn to put in torsos and ghosts
    [00:55] <BURK> and of course no one has ever done the pretty girls in odd outfits and settings ever
    [00:55] <BURK> or animu
    [00:55] <BURK> scuse me
    [00:55] <BURK> animation
    [00:55] <ifw> I'm sick of seeing gimmicky photographs that can't go anywhere as a genre of artistric expression.
    [00:55] <AbsentStar> "OH GOD BEAR IS DRIVING" animation?
    [00:56] <iyami> im not interested in gimmics
    [00:56] <BURK> thats from clerks isnt it?
    [00:56] <AbsentStar> indeed
    [00:56] <ifw> iyami, what you described is a gimmick.
    [00:56] <AbsentStar> and I wasnt aware that gentics dictated artistic style
    [00:56] <iyami> then i described it wrong
    [00:56] <ifw> try again with less fail.
    [00:56] <iyami> not interested.
    [00:57] <iyami> i dont talk to non-artists about art.

    Stuck. Up. Bitch. Someone would have cunt her a lesson in humility a long time ago, but she is protected from internets by her powerlifting fiancée.

    [00:45] <iyami> but see my fiance, hes a powerlifter. i have no reason to be afraid of hacking my information

    Apparently she has developed a technology that turns meat into personal security. Patent is pending, commercial release is expected in Q3 '09. Analysts are predicting the release of the 'Meat Security Suite' will put the Hugbox corporation on its proverbial hands and knees.


    When the bitch found this article, she immediately made a beautiful picture starring her wish fullfillment NIHONGO DESU skinny, pretty animu "self" (which is extremely ugly in the first place) saying "Is that all you got?" (BALEETED, LULZ)

    Answer: No.

    In the comments, she stated that this article is full of LIES AND SLANDER of her good name. The lulz continues as this article was mainly unedited screenshots of her own faggotry and shit throwing.

    You're Canadian? Oh, You Can't Have an Opinion of America Then.

    Not only is she a cunt, she's also racist against Canadia!

    Gallery of Bullshit

    Warning: Massive amounts of retarded TL;DR bullshit ahead.

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