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    It's Not My Fault I'm Not Popular

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    Police.gif >tfw no unwashed anti-social gf

    If you ever met a Tomoko in real life you would be disgusted by her lack of hygiene and, in any case, you both would be too scared to introduce yourselves to each other.


    —A message to all Tomokofags

    It's Not My Fault I'm Not Popular or Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! in moonspeak, or WataMote to save yourself from repeating a title longer than 5 syllables, is a manga following the life of protagonist Tomoko Kuroki, who essentially embodies any given Anon in the form of a lolita. While portrayed as unattractive and socially abnormal, Tomoko is adored by hoards of like-minded greasy 4channers, particularly /a/nons who simply wish to liberate this young girl from their computer screens and make her their own. Because this cannot be physically accomplished, plan B entails of perpetually spamming Tomoko threads on all boards describing how one would treat this "delicate flower".


    The manga is, essentially, about Tomoko who thought she was so cool that when she entered high school she would become a huge slut. Tomoko believed she had untapped popularity waiting for her because she played a bunch of video games and watched a lot of high school anime. Two months later, she learns she was just a shut in with poor hygiene and only one friend. Her friend went on to a different high school leaving Tomoko with no one at her new school. Tomoko, suffering from USI, looks down on her NORP classmates yet still seeks out attention and popularity, only to suffer from perpetual failure. Such humdrum plot devices have left internet cultural experts astonished at the rise of such mediocre entertainment.


    File:Tomoko and NORPs.jpg
    /a/ fell in love

    Tomoko’s hatred of NORPs, cynical personality, awkward social graces, and love of anime and manga, led her to being loved by /a/. Her awkward social interactions led to her being nicknamed Spaghetti-tan, after the GameStop copypasta.

    Threads about the series usually derail into My Blog by:

    1. Thread about the newest chapter is made
    2. Tomoko experiences something an /a/non has too
    3. Blogs, mfw, tfw
    4.  ???
    5. PROFIT!!!

    Japan barely gave a shit about Tomoko and her misadventures, however 4chan loved her so much when the volumes came out they bought a shit load of them to the point that sales let it get green lighted for an anime. The author brought up 4chan for why it was so successful. Now /a/ eagerly awaits the anime, arguing over the possibilities.


    File:Stop posting god damn it.gif
    Be careful what what you wish for.

    The anime was decently animated and and actually followed the manga closely, and so /a/ let out a sigh of relief. However, as expected, it brought hordes of undesirable scumbags to /a/ from the likes of /v/, /jp/, /co/, and newfags. It also brought again to light anime ONLY faggots. All of them flooding /a/ with typical shit like:

    • Who is this girl?
    • Sauce?
    • Where can I read this?
    • I bet this will happen next! (Despite there being a fucking manga telling you what was going to happen next.)

    All of which led /a/ on the always reoccurring crusade to land-blast new from its shores with GTFO, google faggot, and Boku No Pico. /a/ still feels the effects as Tomoko threads show up almost daily and fags asking when a season two will be made, would you a Tomoko?, and you know if Tomoko existed you would x. It also didn’t help that 4chan got new banners that year with at least two featuring her, leading to more making a pilgrimage to /a/ to ask who she was, leading to the cycle starting all over again.


    Comparable to other modern classics
    /a/ can only wish
    File:Tomoko dub.jpg
    I just want to tie her up and rape her even more now that I know she's into that.


    >implying I don't have a fetish for stinky feet

    >implying her lack of hygiene isn't therefore a turn-on

    I bet she almost never changes her socks and they smell like vinegar, cheese, corn chips and burnt popcorn.


    >implying her poor hygiene isn't a turn-on

    >implying that the ancient, primal, human drive to give chase and procreate with her wouldn't spur me into a moment of resplendent alphaness upon seeing her shyness supersede mine

    It'll happen someday I just know it;_;


    Sexualizing Tomoko leaves me confused, saddened, and aroused at the same time.





    Does 2chan like the thought of Tomoko Incest like we do?



    Notable panels and some creepy shit made by fans About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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